Sig Stats: First Downs & Touchdowns Per Route Run — TEs

In the third look at tight end first down / touchdown conversions, the numbers are taken against the number of routes run.

| 4 years ago

Sig Stats: First Downs & Touchdowns Per Route Run — TEs

We collect a lot of data at Pro Football Focus — so much so that we’re continually working to put it together and bring you all the unique Signature Stats out there.

But fear not because we’re getting our collective heads around them now, and with that in mind we’re bringing you a new collection that deals with the quality of catches — you know, those that go for either a first down or touchdown.

You’ve seen the list of 2012 tight ends and who had the most combined first downs and touchdowns and which had the most as a percentage of their targets. Below you’ll see which converted the most as a percentage of the routes they ran.

First Downs & Touchdowns Per Route Run

RankName1DRoutes Run1D per route
1Rob Gronkowski4632414.20%
2Tony Gonzalez6556811.44%
3Scott Chandler374298.62%
4Dustin Keller182148.41%
5Tony Moeaki244035.96%
6Logan Paulsen172506.80%
7Heath Miller444559.67%
8Dwayne Allen303688.15%
9Vernon Davis264236.15%
10Garrett Graham162267.08%
11Craig Stevens142126.60%
12Jimmy Graham5952011.35%
13Greg Olsen424639.07%
14Zach J. Miller203316.04%
15Lance Kendricks243846.25%
16Martellus Bennett364228.53%
17Brandon Myers414798.56%
18Kyle Rudolph344317.89%
19Antonio Gates305235.74%
20Brent Celek323978.06%
21Jason Witten566298.90%
22Delanie Walker142435.76%
23Owen Daniels374388.45%
24Ben Watson273767.18%
25Jermichael Finley314407.05%
26Jacob Tamme292949.86%
27Jermaine Gresham334866.79%
28Jared Cook243626.63%
29Brandon Pettigrew334796.89%
30Jeff Cumberland182766.52%
31Aaron Hernandez273178.52%
32Tony Scheffler284236.62%
33Marcedes Lewis253906.41%
34Dallas Clark233826.02%
35Joel Dreessen192886.60%
36Ed Dickson102014.98%
37Dennis Pitta293977.30%
38Coby Fleener142525.56%
39Anthony Fasano183874.65%
40Rob Housler173914.35%
41Kellen Davis113623.04%

  • Ben McCloskey

    FYI: The per-route run table shows targets instead of routes run