Seven Must-Know Stats for Fantasy Football Owners

Whether you're closing in on draft day or scouring your post-draft waiver wire, Mike Clay gets you ahead of the competition with seven must-know statistics.

| 4 years ago

Seven Must-Know Stats for Fantasy Football Owners

ryan-tannehill-PFF1. RB C.J. Spiller (Available in Round 1)


Consider that Spiller has a career 6.2 yards-per-carry mark on attempts between the tackles. That’s not a typo. I said between the tackles. Couple that with a 4.7 YPC on carries to the outside and you have elite production.

Oh, and one more thing. Spiller is commonly listed with a red flag (or at least a yellow) to account for injury risk. Spiller has appeared in 32 of 32 possible games for Buffalo over the last two seasons. There’s no justification for downgrading him related to inside running or fear of injury. He’s a strong early first-round pick.

2. WR Lance Moore (Available in Round 10)


After putting up no better than a 12.1 yards-per-reception mark during his first six seasons in the NFL, Moore’s YPR skyrocketed to 16.0 in 2012. Those skeptical of Moore are pointing to this as evidence of impending regression back to where he’s been the last half decade.

Not so fast.

Consider that Moore’s 2012 post-catch production was actually the lowest it’s been in five years. The reason for Moore’s YPR boost was more down-field usage. His average depth of target (aDOT) increased to a career-high 14.1 in 2012, which was up from 10.7 in 2011. It’s also worth noting that Moore averaged 8.6 touchdowns-per-season during his previous three full seasons heading into 2012. He scored “only” six times last year. With Moore’s role shaping up to be the same as it was one year ago, he’s a value pick in Round 10.

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  • deep pockets

    ok you have raised your price on every new message..whats the final price to get all you know ? does it ever stop…

    • JB

      They’re trying to make money. It’s simple, if you don’t like paying, or their services, use another. There are numerous online publications (paid and/or free), that are very good FF resources.

  • baitandswitch

    Weak-ass email, article and strategy.

  • Logical

    Spiller’s a bust no he hasn’t played in 32 of 32 games, he’s fumble prone, and will still share carries with Jackson, add in the fact they have no QB and he will be running against 9 defenders a good part of the time, makes me want to keep my money in my pocket. Lame ass attempt at prying for my wallet

    • Solomon Grundy

      Every team has a backup, CJs is FJax. It’s not a time share, nothing to see here.

      Last season, in a split share with Jackson for the bulk of it, Spiller managed to put up RB1 stats even in spite of not being “the starting back”. In spite of having Fitzpatrick behind center and no passing threat to speak of.

      Spiller has more guaranteed upside as a big-play running back than Jamaal Charles (who is going earlier than he is). He’s going to get the ball more often than Doug Martin. In PPR Spiller is an even bigger standout choice. If you’re not 1 (AP), 2 (Foster), or 3 (Rice) then the choices between the second group of RB1 candidates, IMO, starts with spiller, then charles, martin, and so on.

      Lance Moore is a really solid sleeper pick, with huge upside if a boring standard.

    • Neal

      He didn’t share carries with Jackson last year what makes you think he will this year.Fumble prone? Where are you getting this?

  • Truth hurts

    Spiller? No really??

    Lance Moore? Ummm no.

    Not worth any $$ if that’s your big reveal.

  • Ashley Pourciau

    You are dreaming about Moore. His numbers will be down in 2013. Stills will cut into Moore’s numbers.

  • Ashley Pourciau

    Sorry, but, I don’t see any information worth buying. If the above info is your best info to lure customers you better lower your price by at least $20.00 or more.

  • JoeyG

    CJ Spiller is going in the first round of almost all drafts. If he falls to you you draft him, if your first pick you draft AP. Want some real news?
    CJ Spillers grandfather just murdered 4 people in a town called Lake Butler (where CJ is from) and then killed himself. google it, union county mass murder.