Secret Superstars: 2013 In Review

Gordon McGuinness recaps the Secret Superstars of 2013 for each team in the NFL.

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Secret Superstars: 2013 In Review

SSreview-2013On Monday we will roll out our Secret Superstars to watch out for in the 2014 season for each of the 32 teams in the league. The series highlights one player from each team who we feel performed better than the credit he was given, or a player who looks poised to impress further this year with a bigger role.

With that in mind, and with three years of the series under our belts, we thought it would be a good idea to look back on our picks from each year and see how we did. As you will have seen from previous recaps of our 2011 session and 2012 series there have been some impressive hits, and some wild misses, and that continues as we look at 2013.

Arizona Cardinals – Bobbie Massie, OT – MISS

A frustrating one for us because, while we felt Massie was ready for big things in 2013 after a strong second half to 2012, the Cardinals disagreed. With Eric Winston favored over him at right tackle, he saw just 57 snaps in 2013. Hopefully he gets his chance to shine again, but that only comes if the Cardinals believe he can replicate that late 2012 form.

Atlanta Falcons – Robert McClain, CB – MISS

McClain impressed with a +9.7 coverage grade in the 2012 season in his role as the Falcons slot corner but, like most of the Atlanta roster, failed to live up to his billing in 2013. It wasn’t that he was terrible, but there was a marked drop off from his 2012 level of play.

Baltimore Ravens – Bernard Pierce, HB – MISS

A victim of circumstance? Perhaps and, like all of these selections, there’s plenty of time for Pierce to prove us right going forward. Still, behind a terrible Ravens offensive line and dealing with niggling injuries throughout the year, Pierce just never got going in 2013. His Elusive Rating was better than his teammate Ray Rice, but it fell from 75.7 in 2012, to just 23.4 in 2013.

Buffalo Bills – Alex Carrington, DL – MISS

Carrington flashed some big games as an interior pass rusher in 2012, leading to us hoping he could excel there going forward. His 2013 season didn’t start well however, as he saw time as a starter and generated just two total pressures through three games. His season was cut short to injury at that point, so we never got to see if he could improve as the year wore on.

Carolina Panthers – Captain Munnerlyn, CB – HIT

Back in 2012, Munnerlyn caught our eye with some impressive showings for the Panthers and as a result had the starting job in 2013. Munnerlyn improved even further in 2013 as he showed more consistency and finished the year with just five games with a negative grade.

Chicago Bears – Nate Collins, DT – MISS

More of an incomplete than a miss, Collins looked solid early in 2013, but went down with a season ending injury in Week 5. He was the only member of the Chicago defensive line to finish the season with a positive grade, so there is hope that this will eventually be a hit.

Cincinnati Bengals – Adam Jones, CB – HIT

After reinventing his career in Cincinnati with an impressive 2012 season, Jones had another solid year in 2013. His coverage grade dropped, but then with a player his age we weren’t necessarily expecting him to break out, just remain a solid player, and he did just that.

Cleveland Browns – John Greco, G – HIT

Taking over as a starter midway through the 2012 season, Greco impressed us with his play as a run blocker, while his play in pass protection was pretty average. He improved slightly as a pass blocker in 2013 and, while his run blocking dipped, he showed he can be a solid starter in the league.

Dallas Cowboys – Bruce Carter, LB – MISS

We saw Carter as the perfect fit for Monte Kiffin’s defense but, while he had a good final three quarters of the year in coverage, he failed to offer much, if anything, against the run. He’s still young enough to turn it around, but he’ll need to improve rapidly to make that happen.

Denver Broncos – Rahim Moore, S – HIT

Though his second season was highlighted by a high profile mistake against the Ravens in the playoffs, Moore’s 2012 season was actually pretty good and he was solid in coverage again in 2013. He had our 8th highest coverage grade among safeties when he went down injured in Week 11, something he’ll hope to build on once healthy again.

Detroit Lions – Joique Bell, HB – HIT

Anyone who has read anything about the Lions on PFF over the past two years will know exactly how we feel about Bell. Tough to bring down, and an excellent weapon in the passing game, you wonder just what sort of numbers he could put up as a feature back. Nonetheless, he’s an excellent partner to Reggie Bush, and we expect to be impressed again in 2014.

Green Bay Packers – Brad Jones, LB – MISS

After a strong 2012 season, Jones began 2013 in much the same way, making us look smart over the first month of the season before it all went downhill. He finished the regular season with a grade of -6.7, struggling both in coverage and against the run.

Houston Texans – Kareem Jackson, CB – MISS

After a rough first couple of seasons in the league, Jackson turned it around with an impressive 2012 season that made us confident that he had turned the corner. That wasn’t to be the case however, as he finished the season with the 83rd highest coverage grade among the 110 cornerbacks with enough snaps to qualify.

Indianapolis Colts – Dwayne Allen, TE – MISS

A miss purely because he missed pretty much the full 2013 season through injury, we fully expect him to follow up his impressive rookie campaign when he gets back on the field. A rarity in today’s game, he looks good blocking and receiving, and was our second highest graded tight end in his rookie year.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Cecil Shorts, WR – HIT

It was a bit brave to opt for Shorts as the Jaguars’ Secret Superstar, given that he suffered a knee injury late in the 2012 season, but we’re happy enough with what he did on the field in 2013 to call this a hit. Bothered by a groin injury for much of the year, Shorts still managed to rack up 777 receiving yards and the team announced their intentions to extend his contract recently.

Kansas City Chiefs – Jon Asamoah, OG – HIT

Though the Chiefs won’t be reaping the benefits of this hit, with Asamoah moving to Atlanta as a free agent this year, they still got his help reaching the playoffs with some solid play in 2013. Not quite as impressive as a run blocker as he was in 2012, he has shown himself to be a more than capable starter on the offensive line.


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