Seahawks: The elusive Mr. Lynch

| 2 years ago

Seahawks: The elusive Mr. Lynch

PFF-headlinesThe media have made much about Marshawn Lynch and his public persona in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl XLIX. What we should be talking about though, is his astounding performance on the field for the Seahawks this season.

In just two post-season games Lynch has forced a staggering 21 missed tackles while rushing the ball. This isn’t new though, in the regular season Lynch led all backs by forcing 101 missed tackles (88 rushing). To put that in context, DeMarco Murray, who enjoyed a fabulous season with the Cowboys, was second in the league with a total of 85 forced missed tackles. Lynch’s 94.3 Elusive Rating was the best mark among starting running backs, and the second-highest recorded by a qualifying back since our records began in 2007.

The Patriots linebackers face a tough task in trying to stop Lynch. Chandler Jones (6), Rob Ninkovich (10) and Jamie Collins (8), while widely respected, have all missed a significant number of tackles against the run and cannot afford to make any such mistakes against the Seahawks. If they do, Lynch will look to take full advantage, and build upon his play so far in the playoffs. Doing so would certainly set the platform for the Seahawks to claim another Super Bowl victory.

  • Chad

    Its true. we’ve seen Lynch do it for so long now, breaking a sick amount of tackles. But somehow I still cant believe it. When I watch the dude, nothing about him looks or seems powerful. He looks like one of the weaker bodies at running back. You watch people try to tackle him and it looks more like a planned skit then anything. Look at some of his crazy, famous runs. Does it really look like what we see when other backs are running the ball, and other people are trying to tackle them?? Theres something strange there. But the dude gets it done and I just don’t get it.

    • Brandon

      Breaking tackles doesnt mean you physical break the defender off of you. Slipping through their arms is a broken tackle.

      But lynch is still one of the more powerful backs in the league. He moves the pile. Its all about balance. Staying upright is the most important thing. Throwing a defender off you helps, but that is useless if you fall down.

      • Chad

        I see what your saying. But do you ever see guys and feel like there not trying? Lynch and JJ Watt are two dudes that actually seem like they really try. With Ball handlers, you watch so many of them and it seems as though they say, oh you got your arms around me.. Ok now I go down. With linemen, I know its a little more complicated with gap responsibilities.. But so many seem to say, oh well, you blocked me. Watt seems to say, no dude check this out. Lynch does not seem any more powerful. Its just that he seems to say, no, I aint done yet. I hope someone responds to this.. Because this has bugged me as long as Ive watched the game.

        • Johan

          Watt is a monster in a category of he’s own but Lynch is master of making something out of nothing. In superbowl I saw many times him being tackled at scrimmage or behind it and he was still able to get a couple of yards out of it. I can’t fathom what he could do with a good o-line that doesn’t make him do all the work. I think he has extreme balance and lower body strenght. I love my cowboys and DeMarco but I would take Lynch any day over him. Imagine Lynch with that o-line.

    • Will Durham

      I completely get what you’re saying; he doesn’t exude power and deliver blows like a Campbell or Csonka. The things he’s got are extreme lateral movement, balance and impressive strength with arms. Not the same as power; people bounce off of him frequently, because the lateral movement and the balance make him hard to get a clear shot at, and his moves confuse defenders to a remarkable degree. You look and wonder how he does it, why aren’t they wrapping him up but the truth is that in most games he confounds them with the off-kilt moves, and they can’t keep up with the lateral moves and balance. Some are comparing him now to Campbell, which is high praise, and I suspect most understand that there are similarities yet some real differences. Not as powerful or as fast going forward, but he has a unique style I’d call bow-legged crab…rare talent with the speed of his lateral movement; the only back in recent years with that is Sproles, who was a steal last year. Lynch has actually caught up with Adian Peterson in people’s minds, even though he doesn’t have much speed in comparison, and it will stay that way unless Peterson comes back and plays like before.

  • Brown

    great runner … but a jerk

  • Vysehrad

    And they still wouldn’t give it to him on the 1…