Seahawks talk tackling, don’t walk the walk

| 3 years ago

Seahawks talk tackling, don’t walk the walk

PFF-headlinesThe Seahawks talked a lot about tackling during training camp but then put up their worst performance in that area since the 2012 divisional playoff against the Falcons. They missed 12 total tackles on defense (which could be 13 depending on whether you feel Bryon Maxwell fell off the tackle with Eddie Lacy at 14:21 in the fourth or was pulled off by Josh Sitton) more than doubling their season average of 5.3 a game during the Super Bowl winning campaign of 2013.

The rugby style which they advocated (including “eyes through the thighs” and wrapping) wasn’t always in evidence as they went too high on four of the 12 and made no attempt to wrap on a further couple. The biggest issue though came in technique before contact was even made with over pursuit accounting for five of the misses.

The worst culprit was Kam Chancellor who missed three himself after totaling only nine in 19 games last season.

SEA missed Tackles

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  • birdofprey

    Things like this is reason why most that follow closely takes shots at PFF. Check the All-22 and you will see why Packer WRs got next to no YAC. Excellent Seahawk tackling. I am listening to former players right now praising the defensive performance they watched.

    Eddie Lacy made a bunch of Hawks miss tackles but with the game in hand I could see they switched to trying to get the ball out rather than get him to the ground.

    • Hannah Hayes

      12 missed tackles says otherwise. Played a good defensive game, but they weren’t consistently tackling well.

      • [email protected]

        I just watched the game, i only saw one legit missed tackle. Even on the Starks run you had two defenders collide trying to make the tackle, if you know anything about football you know that things like that are going to happen sometimes. It had nothing to do with technique.

        • Hannah Hayes

          “I think Neil just made them up.”

          This is further proof that many times homerism trumps reason. Even Pete Carroll said they didn’t tackle well.

          • [email protected]

            Yes those 34 yards that Eddie Lacy gained were devastating. Its his job to find things they can improve on.

          • Wyzel

            Starks averaged 5 yds a carry, so not all missed were on lacy, i would say 2-4 missed on the concussion run(without rewatching it). Avg per carry doesnt mean no tackles were missed.

          • [email protected]

            The article is saying that the Seahawks had 12 “missed tackles” therefore they didnt walk the walk in being a fundamentally good tackling team. On the Starks run two guys collided with each other trying to wrap him up, you can call that two missed tackles but there was no bad tackling there. Defensive players are going run into each other sometimes, especially on a defense that is flying to the ball (a good defense)

          • Hannah Hayes

            “If the Seahawks had 12 missed tackles, then every other team has 50 in every game.”

            There goes that uber rational homerism.

    • Ben

      That’s rediculous going for a strip with a significant lead. Even if it were true, it would mean Pete Carroll values blowing a team out over preserving the win & also mean most of Seattles team stats are over inflated as a result.

      • Hannah Hayes

        Which would be completely out of character for Carroll.

      • [email protected]

        Why cant you go for a strip with a big lead? Are you obligated to let the other team back into the game? Pete likes turnovers.

    • Brian Bigger

      Pete Carroll did not agree with your “excellent Seahawk tackling” view. He commented they needed “much” better tackling execution. He commented the defensive guys will not be happy with their tackling when they look at the film. They did not tackle according to the plan.

      • [email protected]

        He said they could tackle better, but it was no big deal. Its his job to find things they can improve on.

    • CalmDownBro

      Its completely possible to play a great team defense game and miss tackles. There is a reason people rave about the Seahawks defense. When you have 11 people pursuing the ball its possible to miss the first tackle and then instantly get the 2nd tackle before they even gain another yard.

      Don’t take it personal. Just because the Hawks missed tackles doesn’t mean it was a bad defensive performance.

  • brett987654321

    How many of the missed tackles did Eddie Lacy account for? That guy is pretty tough. But I do think the Seahawks miss more tackles in attempts to knock the ball out than the average team. Guys are always punching at the ball.

  • nogoodnamesleft90210

    A few thoughts:
    1) I think about 4 of those missed tackles came on one play (James Starks’ 4th quarter run).
    2) Maybe Green Bay is just really good at breaking tackles? It’s difficult to put much weight in the raw numbers without knowing how good the opponent is. Starks broke a few tackles and as pointed out in the preview, Lacy is one of the best in the league at it I’d really like to see PFF do something for opponent adjustments. This is where Football Outsiders shines.
    3) Simply counting the raw # of missed tackles seems to penalize players who have the speed/range to get to the ball carrier but not necessarily the leverage to make the tackle. But if the defender is able to slow down or alter the player’s course, I believe they should still be given SOME credit for it. In other words, how many safeties would have even been in a position to make those 3 extra tackles that Chancellor missed? And how many more yards did the MT account for? He still had 8 tackles and 4 stops. He seemed to be everywhere.

    • eYeDEF

      I don’t think there’s any way to excuse Kam’s 3 missed tackles when he had 9 all of last year.

      • [email protected]

        If you want to give Kam a missed tackle for knocking Eddie Lacy backwards and giving him a concussion thats your business. But there is nothing to excuse he played great.

        • Hannah Hayes

          That was a missed tackle for Kam and a broken tackle for Lacy. No other way to put it. Your excuses are thin.

          • [email protected]

            Fine it was a missed tackle, still like it. Thats how i want Kam Chancellor to play.

  • paulsuh89

    Okay. I’m a Seahawks fan but I don’t get why we’re trying to give excuses here.. Coach Pete said himself that he wasn’t happy with how we tackled although he did mention that the Seahawks held Eddie Lacy to 30 or so yards rushing..
    First game of the season against a tough opponent..the Seahawks will figure it out.

    • [email protected]

      Whats to excuse? They held a dynamic offense down all night. I did not see all these missed tackles there were supposed to be.

    • asdf

      I’ve rewatched the game 2 times in addition to the initial broadcast and i counted 5 then 7 missed tackles so idk

  • lb

    Lot’s of credit to GB in this area, they have the best QB and the RB’s ran physically. We’ll take the result and get better at making that first tackle count. Pete loves to coach defensive technique. We did knock out their starting RB, and held them to 16 points. Ten days to prepare for SD, can’t wait to see the improvement. GO HAWKS!

  • [email protected]

    I just re-watched this game. If you think the Seahawks had 12 missed tackles you know nothing about football. This article is total garbage. There was really only one, and it was Kam Chancellor the play after he had the huge collision with Eddie Lacy.

  • Football Rob

    Clinton Ha Ha Dix probably had more missed tackles than the entire Seahawks D combined.

  • xtase

    Neil is a Packers fan and doesn’t want to see his teams Madden ratings drop this week. So he drummed this up……..

  • Brandon

    It’s not debatable. When I was watching the game I thinking the same thing. To many missed tackles. I would say half of the missed tackles came in the first quarter. Seattle has so many guys around the ball a miss tackle may not hurt them as much as other teams because they have a team there to clean up any missed tackles.