Ryan Mallett isn’t an upgrade over Brian Hoyer

Ryan Mallett is the Texans' new starting QB -- but he isn't any better than old starter Brian Hoyer.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Patric Schneider)

(AP Photo/Patric Schneider)

Ryan Mallett isn’t an upgrade over Brian Hoyer

The Texans brought in QB Brian Hoyer in the offseason to compete for the starting quarterback spot, and it looks as if his reign — for now — will end after just one game, with Ryan Mallett reportedly named the starter for Week 2.

The news doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, as Hoyer has done little to secure the job. It was an average performance by Hoyer on Sunday against the Chiefs, as he earned a -0.4 overall grade. He did well on intermediate range throws, completing 10 of 13 for 179 yards, but he struggled under pressure and was directly responsible for two turnovers on Sunday against the Chiefs.

Mallett performed slightly better when he came in midway through the fourth quarter (+0.8), but he still hasn’t proven to be notably better, or even different, than Hoyer. Both ranked in the bottom-third for accuracy percentage in Week 1, with Hoyer just edging out Mallett 68 percent to 62 percent. This comes after lackluster performances from both QBs in the preseason (+0.9 grade for Hoyer, -1.5 grade for Mallett).

The change at quarterback is not a big difference in our eyes. Mallett may have the “bigger” arm, but he has completed just one regular-season pass in his career that was targeted 20-plus yards downfield. What the Texans need most right now is someone who can be consistent and protect the football — something neither quarterback has proven thus far, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see this competition continue as the season progresses.

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  • Jim Winslow

    His arm is a million times stronger, he will get punished less on poor decisions than hoyer.

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  • Hizzoner

    He completed the preseason and the last six minutes of the first game without turning over the football. In fact, I believe his only turnovers resulted from him trying to play through a torn pectoral muscle last year. Sweet baby Jesus! How did you get to the conclusion that Mallet can’t be consistent or protect the football? Facts? Can you share them?

    • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

      your “facts” listed are irrelevant. he doesn’t have much tape out, and what little there is isn’t good. did u read the article or just comment first? lol. their point is he’s unproven, they never said he can’t or won’t be good

      • Hizzoner

        I did, in fact, read the article before commenting. Also, I comprehended it just fine. Their point was in fact that he wasn’t an upgrade to Hoyer. My point was, like yours, that there isn’t enough information to make that judgment. The headline should have been “Mallet May Not Be an Upgrade Over Hoyer.” However, based upon the limited information we have, he likely will be an improvement. Matt Schaub would be an upgrade over Hoyer.

        • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

          lol, schaub, ouch. agreed tho

  • Blyake Price

    Mallet came in and started off well. There was a drive where I watched him throw 3 bad passes in a row though. Pretty disappointing end to that game

  • Anon98353

    Didn’t PFF have an article earlier in the year after Hoyer was named starter saying the opposite? Could have sworn they said the Texans would be making a mistake by putting Hoyer in instead of Mallet.

  • Mark Crowe

    I’m one of the few Texans fans that feels bad for Hoyer after week one. First off, the first game of the season is always wacky, especially for a QB on a new team. (Here’s where you ignore Mariota’s performance against the Bucs.) Secondly, the refs were atrocious, to put it kindly, in the first half of that game. Thirdly, the Texans offense was going against the Chiefs defense that held All-World Peyton Manning to a -2.3 on Thursday night (almost a point worse than Hoyer’s -1.5).

    I think Mallet has some upside, but he has plenty of downside. I agree with Mr. Claassen that this move is a bit of a push. It’ll all come down to how OC George Godsey manages Mallet during the game. Here’s hoping the coaching staff can mask Mallet’s shortcomings better than they did Hoyer’s. Go Texans.