Rookies in Focus: Offensive Tackles

Steve Palazzolo breaks down the rookie-season performances of offensive tackles selected in the 2013 NFL draft.

| 3 years ago

Rookies in Focus: Offensive Tackles

rookie-OTOur offseason rookie breakdown started with the first round edge rushers and now it’s time to take a look at the other side of the line. Offensive tackles came off the board at a furious rate, with the 2013 draft perhaps as unique as any in recent history.

Despite left tackles generally getting most of the love on draft day, all five first round offensive tackles started their respective careers on the right side, perhaps keeping up with the trends in the NFL. While some will move back to the left side at some point, teams allocating resources to create a balanced offensive line is a good step in the right direction.

Here’s a look at the first round offensive tackles, with a couple other mid-round starters and even an undrafted free agent mixed in. This is by no means a definitive draft grade on any of these players, just a one-year look at their role and production, and perhaps a look forward to how they might improve.

Click the links below for deeper looks at the rookie tackles. We start with Eric Fisher, Luke Joeckel, and Lane Johnson and more will be posted later today and tomorrow.

[click to: comparison graphics | Eric Fisher | Luke Joeckel | Lane Johnson |
D.J. Fluker | Justin Pugh | David Bakhtiari | Jordan Mills | LaAdrian Waddle]



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  • Elly

    You should add Michael Bowie! I’d be interested to see how he compares.

  • Alex

    Funny that of all the tackles, the best graded one was an undrafted Waddle!

  • Raag

    Isn’t the point of the Bears/Saints Kromer scheme to have tackles give up outside pressure but maintain the inside so the QB can step up. Obviously Mills gave up too much inside pressure too but I feel like when I watch games, a lot of that outside pressure just doesn’t matter. Cutler/McCown is already planning on stepping away from it when the play begins…

  • cameronmm

    I wonder how much better Fluker would have graded out if he didn’t have to play out of position at LT for 4 games. Dude is a beast.