Rookie Impact: 2014 OTs

Ben Stockwell digs into the grades to show how the 2014 rookie offensive tackles stacked up.

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Rookie Impact: 2014 OTs

rookie-impact-otThe offensive tackle spot has for some time been considered a plug-and-play position and a “safe” selection at the top of the first round with solid performances assured from early on. In the last few years, however, that designation has come under threat with the excellent rookie seasons of the likes of Jake Long and Joe Thomas long in the rear view mirror.

Rookie tackles still tend to play a lot early, but the standard of that early play is slipping and tagging high picks on tackles as “safe” may soon become a thing of the past.


Rookie OTs - Click to Enlarge

Rookie OTs – Click to Enlarge

2014 Class Review

• Five rookie tackles played more than 500 snaps.
• Justin Britt was the only one of those five to earn an overall grade above -20.0.
• Top pick Greg Robinson started three times at left guard before sliding outside, he struggled badly in pass protection (-16.0).
• The sole bright spot was Taylor Lewan who earned a +2.2 overall grade but injury cut his season short after 359 snaps.

Best Class

• Highest Combined Grade: 2009 (+52.4 overall)
• Led by Michael Oher (+17.1) and Sebastian Vollmer (+25.3), only Eben Britton earned a negative overall grade (-0.5) as a rookie.
• Most Snaps Played: 2012 (7,749 snaps)
• Four tackles in that class (Matt Kalil, Mitchell Schwartz, Jonathan Martin, Bobby Massie) played in excess of 1,000 snaps.

First Round Outlook

• Average Playing Time: 731 snaps
• Average Overall Grade: -2.8
• 500+ Snap Seasons: 27 of 36 selections
• Best Rookie Season: Jake Long (2008), 1,001 snaps, +26.9 overall
• Worst Rookie Season: Jake Matthews (2014), 962 snaps, -36.8 overall

Mid Round (2nd and 3rd) Outlook

• Average Playing Time: 427 snaps
• Average Overall Grade: -2.1
• 500+ Snap Seasons: 13 of 33 selections
• Best Rookie Season: Sebastian Vollmer (2009), 616 snaps, +25.3 overall
• Worst Rookie Season: Tony Ugoh (2007), 661 snaps, -37.9 overall

Late Round (4th to 7th) Outlook

• Average Playing Time: 114 snaps
• Average Overall Grade: -2.2
• 500+ Snap Seasons: eight of 82 selections
• Best Rookie Season: Michael Bowie (2013), 539 snaps, +5.6 overall
• Worst Rookie Season: Jordan Mills (2013), 1,022 snaps, -36.2 overall


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