Refocused: All Games, Week 1

All of the week's action boiled down to the standouts -- good and bad -- as PFF analysts share grades and stats.

| 3 years ago

Refocused: All Games, Week 1

2014-REFO-WK01-ALLGAMESAll of the week’s action boiled down to the standouts — good and bad — that we saw while pouring over the tape during our analysis process. Our most popular pieces every year, these “Refo’s” give you a glimpse of the grades, a start into the stats and, as always, we invite you to sign up and enjoy digging around the data yourself.

A PFF Premium Stats subscription is a must-have for football fans everywhere who not only want to know a little more about their favorite team but also want to see where their favorite players stack up league-wide at every position.

To kick off the season, here are our Refocused pieces for 2014’s first set of games, linked as they post:

Week 1 

Packers @ Seahawks
Saints @ Falcons
Bills @ Bears
Redskins @ Texans 
Titans @ Chiefs
Patriots @ Dolphins 
Raiders @ Jets 
Jaguars @ Eagles 
Browns @ Steelers 
Vikings @ Rams 
Bengals @ Ravens 
49ers @ Cowboys 
Panthers @ Buccaneers  Colts @ Broncos 
Chargers @ Cardinals Giants @ Lions



  • Nick

    Falcons Saints still isn’t active.

  • #83_Algie_2CrystalClear

    I have been coming to this site for almost three years and it never fails…who ever is assigned to the Falcons games is forever late…WHYYYY????

    • Nick

      I, too, have noticed this trend.

    • JT

      Colts @ Broncos comes before the Panthers @ Bucs too.

      • #83_Algie_2CrystalClear

        Yea, and that’s when I want to slap someone…also you notice how at least in the past everyone took at least the next day or later that night, but we got meaning full reviews.

        Some of these new reFo are kinda ESPNy, just saying

  • Rdmurphy42

    Hiding the falcons game is pretty lame folks …