ReFo: Titans @ Bengals, Week 3

A comprehensive win for the impressive Bengals. Nobody is talking about them yet, but the Titans know all too well their talents as Mike Mountford explains.

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A comprehensive win for the impressive Bengals. Nobody is talking about them yet, but the Titans know all too well their talents as Mike Mountford explains.

ReFo: Titans @ Bengals, Week 3

2014-REFO-WK03-TEN@CINThe Cincinnati Bengals continued their winning ways with a convincing victory over the Tennessee Titans. The final score paints the picture of a routine victory for the Bengals, a picture accurate on the whole as they capitalized on an erratic display from Tennessee.

As for the the Titans they managed to allow Andy Dalton to record a receiving touchdown and gave up a safety thanks to a holding call in the endzone. That pretty much summed up a day that leaves them searching for a way to get back above .500.

Let’s take a look at some of the key performances.

Tennessee Titans – Performances of Note

Jake Locker, QB: -7.2

Breakdown: After a solid start to the season, Locker has struggled in the past two weeks. The Titans QB put in one of the weaker efforts of any passer we’ve seen this season, struggling especially when the Bengals got pressure on him.

Signature Stat: Locker was blitzed 11 times; he finished with a QB Rating of 0.5 and a PFF Grade of -2.9.

Derrick Morgan, OLB: -3.8

Breakdown: After a hot start to the year there were hopes that Morgan could thrive as an outside linebacker. Those hopes took a blow with his effort this week as he registered just one pressure and was handled in the run game.

Signature Stat: Derrick Morgan had a Pass Rushing Productivity of 5.0 this week. 29 outside linebackers had better ratings.

Delanie Walker, TE: +2.2

Breakdown: Walker was one of the few positives for the Titans, finding ways to take advantage of a mismatch against the Bengals defensive backs. He didn’t have a huge day stat wise, but did register three first downs.

Signature Play: 1Q 11:30 3rd-and-4. Walker runs a post route, with Kendell Wright running a slant and out route underneath to freeze Leon Hall in coverage. Once the ball is thrown to Walker he is able to absorb the hit from Iloka and gain 8 extra yards after the catch.

Cincinnati Bengals – Performances of Note

Andy Dalton, QB: +0.4

Breakdown: As ever, the Bengals planned to get the ball out of the hands of their quarterback quickly with 82.6% his drop-backs seeing him throw the ball in under 2.5 seconds. This fits in with the offensive ideology to pick up yards with the ball in hand and after the catch, rather than through the air.

Signature Stat: Dalton had 39.1% of his yards through the air (66 out of 169 yards)

Margus Hunt, DE: +1.9

Breakdown: Hunt was only on the field for 27 of the 71 snaps, but he was still able to make an impact on the game with three hurries and one stop in the run game. The team doesn’t have any reason to force more playing time on him but it’s encouraging he’s holding up.

Signature Plays: 2Q 8:32 and 7:56. With the Titans pinned back on their own 2 yard line Hunt first is able to push back Michael Roos and get the tackle on Shonn Greene for a short gain. Then he is able to help stretch Greene out wide allowing Leon Hall to come up and make the tackle for no gain

Reggie Nelson, S: +1.0

Breakdown: Nelson had mixed day against the Titans, strong in coverage but less so against the run. His lowlight of the game was a poor angle when Locker was able to convert a third scramble to a first down. But on a brighter note when in coverage Nelson was only beaten once on an overthrown ball to Taylor Thompson.

Signature Play: 2nd Q 0:27 Nelson was able to under cut a pass intended for Hunter in the endzone and make the interception to stop a possible scoring drive at the end of the half.

PFF Game Ball

With no outstanding player in this game the PFF Game Ball is going to the Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Line. As a group they all graded positive and allowed only one QB hurry all game.


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