ReFo: Seahawks @ Raiders, Preseason Week 4

The Raiders and Seahawks will have different priorities in the regular season, however in this game they were both looking at the bottom end of their rosters. Sam Monson takes ...

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ReFo: Seahawks @ Raiders, Preseason Week 4

REFO-PREWK4-SEA@OAKIf ever you needed a reminder that this was the depths of the preseason you need only take a glance at the way this game ended up on the scoreboard. Oakland put up a massive points total on the Seahawks thanks largely to some gifted field positions over the course of the game.

To be fair to the Raiders it didn’t all happen with just the reserves on the field. Though the Seahawks starters weren’t kidding around on offense, scoring a TD on a four play opening drive after striking for 44 yards on the first play of the game, the Raiders answered back with a score of their own against the starting Seahawks defense.

Seahawks – Performances of Note

Jordan Hill, DT: +4.7

Breakdown: Disruption is the name of the game for an interior defensive lineman. You don’t need to be making plays all the time, but you do need to be able to disrupt the offense and cause them problems. That’s what Jordan Hill was able to do to the Raiders all day. He notched a sack, three hurries and made four stops in the run game.

Signature Play: Third Quarter 8:06. There’s no better time to get your sack than on 3rd and long deep in the opponent’s half. Here Jordan spins quickly inside the right guard and drives powerfully towards the quarterback, taking him down before he can escape.

Benson Mayowa, DE: +3.6

Breakdown: The Seahawks were definitely winning the battle in the trenches in this game and as good as Hill was inside, Benson Mayowa was matching him on the edge. He also notched himself a sack, and an additional hurry, but it was his work in the run game that particularly impressed, abusing Oakland tight ends to disrupt runs all game.

Signature Play: Second Quarter 14:27. On a run intended to go to his outside, Benson took advantage of the poor set up from the left tackle, slipping off his initial punch and driving into the backfield to torpedo the run for a loss.

Malcolm Smith, LB: -1.7

Breakdown: Things have fallen some way for Smith, a Super Bowl MVP a few months ago to negative grading in the fourth preseason game against the Oakland Raiders. There’s no need to panic, Smith is still a talented player, but this is a game and performance he would like to have back.

Signature Play: First Quarter 4:49. This was a chance for Smith to make a big play, and instead he ended up handing one to the Raiders. Dropping underneath Derek Carr’s intended receiver Smith had the chance to break up the pass but instead managed only to tip it into the hands of the receiver in the end zone for a touchdown.

Raiders – Performances of Note

Derek Carr, QB: +1.5

Breakdown: There was a lot of excitement surrounding Carr’s performance from this game because his raw numbers looked so good, but a +1.5 grade points to some negative as well as the positive. The second score actually earned him a negative grade on the play, tossing it into danger only to have luck bounce it to his receiver. He also asked a lot of his receivers at times. A solid performance, but let’s not get carried away.

Signature Play: Second Quarter 13:49. Carr’s first touchdown was a nice pass, but this is the most impressive given the coverage on the play. He threw a perfectly placed back shoulder ball to Denarius Moore in the end zone well before his receiver was looking for it despite pretty good coverage.

Keith McGill, CB: +3.9

Breakdown: McGill had one of those strange games for a corner where he is targeted relatively frequently and it’s only at the end of it all that you realize none of them were caught by the receiver. He also notched a hurry on the blitz, but his main grade came from an excellent outing in coverage where he picked up a pair of pass breakups.

Signature Stat: On five targets McGill allowed no receptions while breaking up two of them. The passer rating into his coverage was just 39.6

Gabe Jackson, OG: +3.5

Breakdown: Jackson was the standout performer on the Oakland line in this game, including both starters and backups. While the rest of the starters took the night off after a dozen or so plays, Jackson played 32, and only enhanced his grade with the additional playing time, despite some good performances from the Seahawks front he was facing. He was a powerful run blocker, but also held up his end in pass protection.

Signature Stat: In 20 snaps of pass protection he had a perfect game, surrendering no pressure or penalties.

PFF Game Ball 

There were a few stud performers in the game, and I was tempted to go with Denarius Moore despite playing just 11 snaps, but instead Keith McGill earns the nod thanks to fantastic work in coverage.


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  • nogoodnamesleft90210

    Re: Malcolm Smith, I agree he didn’t have a great game, but are you saying he was graded negatively on the tipped pass?? If not for a great adjustment and catch by the receiver, that ball is incomplete. That seems to be a classic case of judging the result and not the play.

    • ColBatGuano

      Yeah, there better be some other evidence of him not playing well than that play. That was a fairly textbook example of a LB dropping into coverage. The TE made a great catch.