ReFo: Seahawks @ 49ers, Week 13

With both teams chasing the Cardinals, the Seahawks dominated the 49ers on the road and Ben Stockwell reviews the aftermath for you here.

| 3 years ago

ReFo: Seahawks @ 49ers, Week 13

2014-REFO-WK13-SEA@SFAnother NFL Thanksgiving feast concluded with what promised to be a feisty encounter from two fierce rivals but turned into a game that was rarely competitive and the scoreline didn’t even reflect that. Though the closest game of the day on the scoreboard the Seahawks had this game in hand for much of the way tacking on a second divisional victory in five days to put the pressure on the Cardinals ahead of them.

For the 49ers this was a limp offensive performance with Colin Kaepernick and company unable to find anything to loosen the shackles of a Seattle defense that is beginning to round towards their form of a year ago. Though this by no means fells the 49ers’ playoff hopes they will need to produce more in the final month if they aren’t to fall short for the first time in Jim Harbaugh’s tenure.

Seattle Seahawks – Performances of Note

Richard Sherman, CB, +3.2

Breakdown: Sherman had plenty to say immediately after these two teams met in last year’s playoffs. He came up with another big game last night, highlighted by a pair of interceptions on ill-advised Colin Kaepernick passes. His five targets were split between Stevie Johnson & Brandon Lloyd with his two interceptions ensuring that Kaepernick had a passer rating of 0.0 when throwing into his coverage. That’s the third time in his career (twice in 2012) that Sherman has achieved that mark.

Signature Stat: For the season Sherman is surrendering one reception for every 17.4 snaps in coverage; only three corners (each with less than 200 snaps in coverage) are stingier to opposing receivers.

Justin Britt, RT, +0.8

Breakdown: The Seahawks’ rookie right tackle turned in another strong game as a run blocker and had one of his better games of the season in pass protection, though he still graded below average in that regard. The Seahawks love cutting back with their runners and Britt added power on both single and double team blocks to help clear a path for Marshawn Lynch to get out to the right side.

Signature Play: Turned Aaron Brooks inside on Lynch’s longest gain of the day (a 33 yarder off right tackle at 10:58 in the third); for the season Lynch is averaging 4.9 yards per carry off right tackle & right end.

Demarcus Dobbs, DE, +1.0

Breakdown: Only 11 snaps for the former 49er on his return to San Francisco but he made his presence felt in the first quarter with a pair of stops on consecutive plays midway through the quarter. Starting the 49ers’ third drive by shedding Jonathan Martin for a tackle on the very next play he registered a tackle for loss to setup Richard Sherman’s 3rd-and-8 interception.

Signature Stat: Those two stops he recorded last night were as many as he recorded in the entire 2013 season with the 49ers.

San Francisco 49ers – Performances of Note

Colin Kaepernick, QB, -5.7

Breakdown: In a rare night where he offered little threat on the ground Kaepernick was only a threat to himself and his teammates when he put the ball in the air forcing throws and coming up with one of the least effective displays of his career. All of his completions came on targets within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage going 0 for 10 with 2 interceptions beyond that mark and a -5.4 passing grade on deep and intermediate targets.

Signature Stat: Since Week 9 Kaepernick has an overall grade of -8.1; only five quarterbacks including Michael Vick (-11.6), Blake Bortles (-12.1) and Jay Cutler (-11.9) can boast a worse grade in the same time span.

Chris Borland, ILB, -1.4

Breakdown: Borland has taken to life as a starter superbly well but this was a performance out of character with his prior displays. Still around the ball as a force of habit (nine more stops to his total) the Seahawks were able to get blocks on him after the first quarter and his three missed tackles matched his effort at home to Washington on Sunday.

Signature Stat: Now up to 43 stops after six starts he lies fifth in the league among inside linebackers and only 17 players at the position topped that mark in the entire 2013 season.

Aaron Lynch, OLB, +1.1

Breakdown: If there’s one thing the 49ers know how to do its find linebackers, to the point of having a surplus of them. With Borland impressing outside, Lynch continues to press a claim for more playing time outside. Another four pressures last night included a sack for a third straight game on a season low 11 pass rushes.

Signature Stat: Among the 49ers’ outside linebackers only Aldon Smith (12.6) tops Lynch (11.9) in terms of Pass Rushing Productivity with Lynch’s 36 pressures (5 Sk, 5 Ht, 26 Hu) coming on 238 pass rushes.

PFF Game Ball

The last time these two teams played the 49ers only targeted Richard Sherman once and came up empty. Four more targets last night drew even less reward as Sherman served a reminder as to why quarterbacks should treat him with greater caution than what Colin Kaepernick showed last night.


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  • Football

    Alex Smith> Colin Kaepernick

    • PetEng

      Career stats:

      Colin Kaepernick: 31-16, YPA: 7.7, TD%: 4.5%, INT% 1.9%, Passer rating: 91.6
      Alex Smith: 63-48-1, YPA: 6.6, TD%: 3.9%, INT% 2.5%, Passer rating: 82.3

      Trade value for Kaepernick is for sure higher (several 1st round picks). He’s a top 3 QB under the age of 30. Smith is older and has a very well defined ceiling.

      • Steven Brown

        I­’v­­­e b­­­ee­­n m­­­aki­­­n­­­g $­­­8­­­­5 ev­­­e­ry h­o­­­­­­u­r s­­­in­­ce i st­­­art­­­ed w­or­­­­­­king onl­­­i­­­ne h­­alf a ye­­­a­r a­­g­o… Wh­­­at i d­­­­o i­­s t­o wor­­­­­­­­k a­­­­­t h­­­­­ome fo­­­­r f­­­­ew hou­­­­rs a d­­­­a­y an­­­d d­­­­o so­­­­me b­a­sic jo­­­bs i g­­­e­t fr­­­om th­­­is c­­­om­­­pa­­ny t­­­ha­­t i di­­sco­­ver­­ed o­­nli­­ne… I a­­­m v­­er­y e­­xc­­it­ed t­­­o s­­­ha­­­re t­­­­h­is j­­­o­b t­­o y­­­ou… I­­­t’­s de­­­fin­­­et­­­ly t­­­h­e be­­­s­t j­o­b i e­­ve­r h­­­a­d…
        -> CH­E­­CK HE­R­E WH­A­T I D­­O… <-

      • MosesZD

        lol. Not even close.

        • Football

          Enjoy losing Harbaugh, and being stuck with a bad QB the next 6-7 years

          • MosesZD

            I’m no Kaepernick fan. He’s just another in a long-line of ‘athlete’ QBs without a feel for pocket passing to come into the NFL. It’s a fad that happens every decade or so when one ‘athletic’ QB has a few good seasons, or even succeeds in becoming a real NFL QB, and opens the flood-gates for the experiment to fail again as teams can’t tell which athlete can actually play QB from those who can’t, but hide it with their athleticism.

            Right now we’re watching Cam Newton regress. Jake Locker is benched, RGIII is benched. And in the meantime Kaepernick has been steadily regressing since the NFL figured out how to shut-down Read-Option. Only Wilson of the vaunted run/pass QBs that’s come in the past few years has progressed as a pocket-passer.

            Not that failing to progress is uncommon. It’s just most of ‘fail to progress’ guys don’t have Ron Jaworski telling us that he’s (Kaepernick) going revolutionize QBing and be the greatest HOF QB ever…

            I’m also not a fan of BS statistical comparisons. Kaepernick had a far, far better coached and supported start to his career. But that’s a dull argument and pointless in having with someone who brings it up…

    • TexanTed

      Kaep owes his entire contract to the Trash Packer’s defense making him look good.

  • Neil

    awful game by Tebownick lol. Typical Seattle destroying the 49ers.

  • nogoodnamesleft90210

    I really don’t understand how PFF is calculating penalty grades. Doug Baldwin gets a -1.0 for a meaningless off sides penalty but Sherman and Maxwell only get -0.1 for penalties that gave automatic first downs??

    Justin Britt – Clipping, -0.7 (15 yard penalty)
    Doug Baldwin – Neutral Zone Infraction, -1.0 (5 yd penalty on a punt)
    Robert Turbin – Offensive PI, -0.5 (10 yards)
    Richard Sherman – Defensive Holding, -0.1 (5 yards, automatic first down)
    Byron Maxwell – Defensive Holding, -0.1 (5 yards, automatic first down)

    • Izach

      I too would actually like some type of clarification on how PFF justifies it’s penalty grades seems odd

    • Guest
    • [email protected]

      Their grades aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. They graded Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas low all year in 2013 and then at the end of the year named them to their all star team. They don’t even believe in their own grading.

  • joe

    Santa Clara is I think starting to regret getting rid of Alex smith

    • [email protected]

      Not really, what they regret is drafting him in the first place. He’s been a bust overall. A few good years don’t cancel out 6 awful years to start your career when you’re the #1 overall pick. If he was an undrafted free agent this would be a cute story.

      Developing eventually into a plucky veteran game manager who gets by with experience isn’t what you expect from the #1 pick.

      • Football

        You seem butthurt that your Seahawks lost to the Chiefs.

        • [email protected]

          Yes i am, if we’d won that game we’d have a better chance at the #1 overall seed in the NFC. But at least we didn’t lose to the Raiders.

  • RadioUranus

    Colon Copernicus seems to be solidifying his reputation as a big game, choke artist.

    • PetEng

      4-2 playoff record. Seems pretty good to me. Played decent in both the losses as well. The Superbowl loss is more on the defense than Kaep.

      • Skol

        2 of those wins against the pathetic packers… lol.

        • PetEng

          He performed well in high stakes games. Shitty QBs would choke in those situations. He didn’t.

          • [email protected]

            I agree, Kap is a good QB i’d take him over any of the pocket passers other than Brees, Brady and Rodgers. This was his worst game, but would Peyton Manning have done any better? Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady also had awful games against this defense.

            The Fail Mary never would have happened if the Packers offense could have done anything at all.

          • Nick

            Yeah running ball but as a passer he is a typical UNR shitty QB lol.

  • Seahawk76

    They’re making Kap play a pocket game and not letting him scramble. Stupid. THAT’S your problem, not Kapernick…

    • PetEng

      Agreed. Kaepernick looked scared in the pocket over the past few weeks. Spread the defense with 4-5 wideouts and scramble if the defense gives the appropriate look.

    • [email protected]

      Seattle was playing a spy most of the game and had the perfect scheme to prevent him from running. That being said i agree with you 100%, he needs to take off with the ball and force the spy to make a play on him in space which is anything but automatic. If you’re a top NFL player you have to beat a scheme designed to stop you with your best attribute. Troy Aikman said it best when he said that Emmit Smith wouldn’t be the all time leading rusher if he never ran into an 8 man box.

      • PetEng

        The 9ers coaching staff seems to want him to not scramble. Additionally it seems that their is a complete lack of designed rollouts in the offense. Why?

        It’s like Roman wants to get fired.

        • [email protected]

          I agree with what you are saying, it is a weird lack of the use of CK’s legs. I have no idea who’s fault it is though.

  • [email protected]

    How bout them Seahawks? I said it when they were 3-3. They had 3 winnable games and they could be 6-3 and get healthier and things would look very different.

  • [email protected]

    You can grade Borland down for this game, but nobody makes a 1 on 1 tackle against Marshawn Lynch consistently. He did as well as anybody has. He got the better of Marshawn Lynch on a few occasions, he was impressive.