ReFo: Raiders @ Broncos, Week 17

The Raiders and Broncos matchup played out as would be expected and Matt Claassen breaks down the blow-out victory for the #2 AFC seed.

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ReFo: Raiders @ Broncos, Week 17

2014-REFO-WK17-OAK@DENWith Denver already clinching the AFC West title, Sunday’s game between the Raiders and Broncos would only have impact upon playoff seeding and draft positioning. Denver bounced back after last week’s loss as the defense had a strong showing by forcing seven three-and-outs and allowing just one scoring drive on 12 Oakland possessions. The Denver offense played nearly as well as they scored on seven of their first ten drives and held a double-digit lead for nearly three full quarters. The win locked up the two-seed and a bye in the first round for the Broncos while the loss for the Raiders secured a top-five draft pick for the second-straight year.

With that, let’s take a look at some notable individual performances in the regular season finale.

Oakland Raiders — Performances of Note

Latavius Murray, HB: +1.5

Breakdown: The stat sheet show an average performance on the ground, but his best run of the day was called back due to a holding penalty. Add in the four catches for 60 yards and Murray had a nice day on limited touches. He has shown enough over the last few games that fans should feel good about him returning next year.

Signature Stat: Murray finished the year with eight runs of 15-plus yards on 82 attempts. All other Oakland backs combined for four such runs on 220 carries.

Chance Casey, CB: +2.1

Breakdown: In just his second game on the active rosters, Casey played his first career regular season snaps on defense (61 of 78 plays) as he worked primarily in the slot. He was targeted six times in coverage and allowed five catches, but he did not allow a first down and two receptions were stops on third down.

Signature Stat: Casey allowed 0.88 Yards per Cover Snap, best among Raiders defensive backs that played a least one-quarter of passing plays.

Donald Penn, LT: +2.4

Breakdown: Penn earned his 10th ‘green’ grade of the season as he was sound in pass protection as usual (one hurry on 41 dropbacks). Outside of a poor Week 15 versus the Chiefs, the free agent pickup has been solid all year for what has otherwise been a shaky offensive line.

Signature Stat: Penn finished the season with the eighth-highest overall grade among tackles, and fifth-highest in pass protection.

Denver Broncos — Performances of Note

Chris Harris, CB: +2.4

Breakdown: Harris finished his impressive season strong as he allowed just two receptions for 14 yards on four targets as well as a pass defense coming against Andre Holmes. His 0.48 Yards allowed per Cover Snap was the 14th time this season in which he allowed less than one yard per cover snap.

Signature Stat: Harris finished the season as the only cornerback to play at least half of his teams’ snaps and not have a negative grade in coverage or overall in any single game.

Malik Jackson, DE: +2.7

Breakdown: Not his most impressive day rushing the passer with just one hit and one hurry on 18 pass rushes, but he also batted down a pass and picked up a rare pass defense when dropping into coverage.

Signature Play: (Q3 12:53) Jackson showed off his athleticism as he drops into coverage and makes a pass defense against Marcel Reece that rivals one you would expect to see from a defensive back.

C.J. Anderson, HB: +0.7

Breakdown: His fumble that came on one of his receptions brought down his overall grade, but Anderson earned his fifth ‘green’ grade as a rusher in his last eight games. Ronnie Hillman actually saw more carries (15 to Anderson’s 13), but Anderson was the superior back once again as he forced seven missed tackles and found the end zone three times.

Signature Stat: Anderson earned a +14.4 run grade and +18.4 overall grade over the final eight weeks of the season, highest by any running back over that time span.

PFF Game Ball

C.J. Anderson has been the focal point and the best player of the Broncos’ offense over the second half of the season, and Sunday was no different.


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  • Jason Williams

    Weird that the recipe for winning in Denver has become running and defense. Manning does not look right at all.

    • Football


      • siouxinmn

        Thank you ‘Football’. Your very biased and uneducated opinions have been noted.

        • Football

          Shut up, asshole

          • siouxinmn

            There’s no way I can top that. ‘Football’, you are officially the smartest person posting.

          • Football

            I know

          • eYeDEF

            Actually he wasn’t serious when he wrote that. It was intentional satire designed to mock you. And that it did.

    • OutOfYourElement

      The problem isn’t Manning, it is the terrible pass protection he’s getting from the shuffled and injured o line.

      • Jason Williams

        see I don’t buy that – Manning has legendary quick decision making skills – he’s never needed 5 seconds to deliver the pass. What I do see is that those passes are increasingly off target, slow to arrive and generally not very sharp.

        He’s never been the hardest throwing QB but his arm strength is clearly been an issue during his tenure at Denver and it seems to be getting worse.

        • OutOfYourElement

          He’s never had a strong arm. When he has time to step into his throws properly, he looks like the usual Peyton.

          Appears to me, most of the bad throws and INTs have come with pressure coming almost immediately. Peyton’s avg release is one of the fastest in the league, but it’s still in the 2-3 second range. The oline has repeatedly received negative grades from PFF in pass protection. Manning, not being a scrambler, either makes a rushed throw (not stepping into it), or he curls up like a pill bug at the first brush of contact.

          I look at our loss in the Super Bowl as the first game where our o line was exposed, and the impact it had on Manning. They’ve been shifting players around since then trying to find an answer. I think they’re still looking for one.

          One last thing. Manning is still ranked fourth in the league in QB rating, sixth in completion %, second in TDs, fourth in AYPA. If that’s his decline, I guess I’ll take it?

          • eYeDEF

            But Manning has still looked out of sorts the past month. You can quote his stats for the year but it doesn’t really represent how poorly he’s played lately.

            Manning’s release time has always been tops in the league, this year leading all quarterbacks again averaging 2.24 seconds to throw. His line gave him time but he’s been generally more inaccurate lately.

      • Malachi

        what problem? lol. we’re the most complete team in football, DEN was the only team in the NFL’s top half in total off. (4th), rushing (15th), passing (4th), total D (3rd), rush D (2nd) & pass D (9th).

  • Football

    Good ol’ Raiders.

    Still, Broncos will be one-and-done in the playoffs

  • Bob

    Mack was clearly not entirely healthy this week. Did he manage to grade out positively?