ReFo: Patriots @ Dophins, Week 1

John Maney breaks down key performances from the Patriots second half collapse to the Dolphins.

| 3 years ago

ReFo: Patriots @ Dophins, Week 1

REFO-WK1-NE@MIAIt was a tale of two halves for the Patriots and Dolphins, as New England took a 10-point lead into the half, only to be outscored 23-0 the rest of the way. It’s only one game, but the Patriots have some areas of concern, notably the offensive line, which allowed pressure on 40% of Tom Brady’s dropbacks. As for Brady, he wasn’t his usual sharp self, completing just 51.8% of his passes, and accurate on only 56.6% of his throws – both league-worst marks through 14-of-16 week one games.

The brightside for the Patriots is they won’t have to face a defensive front as strong as Miami’s every week. Ryan Tannehill and the offense weren’t bad either, led by the two-headed ground attack of Lamar Miller and Knowshon Moreno. Though the team will want to convert a few more of FGs into touchdowns in coming weeks.

New England – Performances of Note

Rob Gronkowski, TE, +1.8

Breakdown: Starting with the good for the Patriots, Gronkowski was eased back into action after sitting out the preseason with 38 snaps. Gronk looked his usual self though, catching four passes for 40 yards, one for a TD, and also drawing a defensive holding call.

Signature Stat: Gronkowski was targeted on 44% of his routes.

Jordan Devey, RG, -3.7

Breakdown: Devey struggled early and often against the Miami defensive line, allowing five QB hurries in pass protection, also beaten on two other occasions. He did some decent work in the run game, but with New England passing the ball three times as often as they ran, Devey was in over his head for most of the game.

Signature Play: With 47 seconds left in the third quarter, Devey allowed Jared Odrick into the backfield basically untouched.

Chandler Jones, DE, -4.8

Breakdown: This was a disappointing opener following a stellar game to close the preseason for Jones. Both of his QB hits were negated by roughing the passer calls (though neither hit was particularly bad), while Branden Albert won the matchup between the two in the run game.

Signature Play: Representative of his overall play on the day, Jones just missed a tackle on Knowshon Moreno, who went on for a 13-yard gain at 12:49 of the third.

Miami – Performances of Note

Cameron Wake, +6.7

Breakdown: Wake wreaked havoc on the right side of the Patriot offensive line with two hurries, two hits, and a pair of sack-forced fumbles, all of them coming on outside rushes.

Signature Play: Michael Hoomanawanui never had a chance, as Wake timed the snap and exploded into the backfield for his first sack-fumble at 9:14 of the third quarter. His second sack-fumble on fourth-and-10 at 3:30 of the fourth effectively sealed the win for Miami.

Earl Mitchell, DT, +4.4

Breakdown: Wake wasn’t the only Dolphin defensive lineman with a big game. Mitchell added four QB pressures rushing the passer of his own to go along with three stops in run defense.

Signature Play: Nice pursuit down the line at 2:38 of the third quarter by Mitchell to bring down the Patriot runner for a two-yard loss.

Knowshon Moreno, RB, +2.3

Breakdown: Following a second-quarter fumble by Lamar Miller, the Dolphins turned to Moreno to carry the load on the ground. He didn’t disappoint, rushing for 134 yards on 24 attempts, 72 of those coming after first contact. He did allow a hit in pass protection (negated by penalty), but his work on the ground more than made up for it.

Signature Play: On paper a four-yard TD isn’t necessarily impressive, but on his lone score, Moreno made a great cut to force two missed tackles in the backfield before powering through another defender to get into the end zone.

PFF Game Ball

‘Unblockable’ seems an appropriate adjective for Cameron Wake, whose two big second half plays sparked the Dolphins to victory.

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  • Ryan Hennigan

    Thank you Knowshon for continuing to help the Broncos. We appreciate you.

    • rogue

      Dude, do the Broncos really need any help against the Patriots?

      • vr1000

        The Broncos in the Manning era are 1-2 against the Pats.

  • JC Harris

    As a Dolphin fan, it was encouraging to see this game, but we have been here before (3-0 to start the season in 2013). Tempered enthusiasm at this point. With winnable games against the Bills, the Chiefs, and the Raiders, we SHOULD be 4-0 heading into the bye. Let’s see how we do.

    • Alex

      1) If you beat the Patriots, are not all games “winnable”? Maybe the exception of Seattle. 2) Sounds like you are using “winnable” to describe teams that you assume the Dolphins are better than. What a joke. Buffalo beat Miami both times last year with Thad Fing Lewis. Dolphins will have a tougher time on the road vs a jacked up Bills team with Jim Kelly being recognized at the half than they did vs the Pats at home. 3) Bills will be 2-0 alone in first place after week two.

      • ToXic

        Oh, sorry Alex.
        I didn’t realize last year meant this year.

        • Alex

          Um JC is calling the Bills game “winnable”. JC is basing this off of??….last year?? This year??
          Every game in the NFL is winnable. But by him calling out the Bills specifically and the Chiefs, Raiders, he is implying that they are somehow easier games. My question is why would he think the Bills game is going to be any easier than other games when the Bills OWNED the dolphins last year?

          • DolphinsRuleAll

            Probably because the Bills are hot garbage. Their biggest strength, the d line, happened to match up favorably with our biggest weakness, the o line.. But that was last year. We had zero run game and an OC who called plays scared. Not sure if Bills fans are concerned about losing this weekend, but they should be.

            PS The Ralph is a steaming heap of sh*t- we’ll cool it down for you.

          • Alex

            hahaha Thad Lewis beat you twice. You were SHUTOUT last time you visited the Ralph. Let the games speak for themselves. You sound like an idiot trying to justify why your team got their asses beat vs the Bills last year. My initial point is that there is nothing to go off of besides last year until these teams play again. And until that happens, its laughable for you to think the Bills will lose. You want to go off of week one, that’s fine. I’d say winning on the road vs Chicago, down your best cornerback, down two starting LBs (not including Kiko out for the season), and winning at Soldier Field on opening day vs that offense is more impressive than winning at home vs the aging overrated Patriots. Hell, Ryan Fitzpatrick was able to beat those Pats at home two years ago.

          • corners

            god. You would think Alex was a patriot fan or something, hes so sure….

          • vr1000

            The Pats are the 10th youngest team in the NFL.

          • JC Harris

            Not to join in on your ramble, obviously a Bills fan, but saying a game is winnable doesn’t mean I think they’re weaker. The Bills and Jets always play Miami tough, even win they suck, like last year. Miami is stronger this year, with an offense not mired in old thinking. All three teams upcoming are weaker ON PAPER than Miami. Two lost and one had to go to OT while Miami clobbered the “class of the east”. I stand by my statement. Winnable games.

          • Alex

            JC – that makes sense. A good and defendable rational response that has thought to it. I can see your point. I think it will be a good game. Buffalo is better this year as well. I am most concerned about Miami’s upgraded pass rush and defense. I’d be happy for anyone besides NE to win the division.

      • corners

        weve actually beat Seatle not to long ago.

        Seatle destroy finesse teams imo.which is what the league is aiming for with the pass happy rules.

  • corners

    “Cameron Wake, whose two big second half plays sparked the Dolphins to victory.”

    I completely agree. You could feel it when he had his first strip sack. Wake is our defensive weapon that can win games.He just destroy olines effecting the integrity down the rest of the line.

    • Basedrum

      Like the Cincinnati game last year.

    • Lord Mad

      Like he did yesterday?

  • Jeremy Wong

    The grades here don’t seem to line up with the ones on the Premium Stats page. Am I missing something here?

  • DolphinsRuleAll

    Just one discrepancy- on Moreno’s ‘signature play’ he broke two tackles in the backfield before powering through another THREE defenders to get the ball into the endzone. Watch the tape.

    • corners

      I loved how he kind of tossed wilfork to the side with a hand swipe.

      Doesnt wilfork look even bigger then usual?