ReFo: Patriots @ Bills, Week 6

The Patriots took sole possession of the lead in the AFC East with victory over the Bills. Kiernan Hogan looks at the big performances, both good and bad.

| 3 years ago

ReFo: Patriots @ Bills, Week 6

2014-REFO-WK06-NE@BUFThe 3-2 New England Patriots traveled to Buffalo yesterday to face the 3-2 Bills in an early battle for AFC East supremacy. The Bills kept it close, but were unable to slow down the Patriots’ passing offense. The win proved costly for the Patriots, who lost starters Jerod Mayo and Stevan Ridley to serious-looking knee injuries.  Here are the notable performances from the game.

New England Patriots – Performances of Note

Tom Brady, QB: +4.7

Breakdown: Brady’s season-best +4.7 overall grade was even more impressive given the Patriots’ complete inability to run the ball. He finished 7-of-11 for 201 yards on passes thrown 10+ yards, and had a QB Rating of 151.3 when not pressured.

Signature Stat: After starting the season 2-of-19 on deep passes (20+ yards in the air), Brady went 3-of-4 for 132 yards and two touchdowns yesterday. His perfectly thrown strike to Brian Tyms at 12:30 of the 2nd quarter beat triple coverage for a 43 yard touchdown.

Rob Gronkowski, TE: +3.9


Breakdown: Gronkowski also had a season-best grade in this game, earning a +3.7 receiving grade and a respectable -0.1 run blocking grade. He caught 7-of-9 passes against four different defenders, and was tough to bring down after the catch.

Signature Play: At 9:34 of the 4th quarter, Gronkowski used his size to beat Duke Williams for a touchdown, only for the play to be nullified by a Jordan Devey holding penalty.

Josh Kline, RG: -2.7

Breakdown:  The Patriots line has been improved in recent weeks, but it’s not without fault. Second-year guard Josh Kline had only appeared in nine snaps before starting this week as the team put forward another different combination, and registered the lowest grade of his peers for his troubles.  Kline played all 75 snaps in first game as a starter since last season, and may see more time after the team lost G/C Dan Connolly to a head injury.

Signature Stat: The Kent State product allowed 2 hits and a hurry, earning a -2.2 pass blocking grade.

Buffalo Bills – Performances of Note

Duke Williams, FS: -2.9

Breakdown: Williams’ -3.3 coverage grade was a game worst, and his stats would look even worse if the holding penalty on New England had not bailed him out on the Gronkowski touchdown.

Signature Stat: Gronkowski caught 4-of-5 passes for 60 yards when covered by Williams.

Jerry Hughes, DE: 0.0

Breakdown: Hughes had an excellent game effectively nullified by penalties. Hughes earned a +3.1 run defense grade after recording stops on all four tackles, and added a sack, hit and two hurries as a pass rusher. His 3 penalties for a -2.8 penalty grade resulted in his overall grade coming out to an even 0.0.

Signature Play: After stopping Stevan Ridley short on a 3rd-and-1 at 3:22 of the first quarter, Hughes’ unsportsmanlike conduct penalty gave the Patriots a free first down that extended their drive.

Seantreal Henderson, RT: -2.1

Breakdown: Henderson had trouble with Rob Ninkovich all game long. Henderson allowed two sacks, a hit and three hurries in pass protection, and was ineffective in the run game as well. The Bills struggled to run the ball as a team, gaining 68 yards on 23 carries, and Henderson was a big part of the problem.

Signature Stat: Henderson’s -1.7 run blocking grade trailed only Eric Wood for the worst of the game.

PFF Game Ball

Tom Brady earns the game ball after proving that he can still throw the deep ball. The Patriots ran for just 50 yards on 27 carries, making his performance even more impressive.

  • EarthRickC137

    Is Hughes actually being penalized for a penalty which consisted of him patting a teammate on the head?

    • Randy0101

      The penalty was called in the game. Wrong call, but the refs still counted it. I don’t think they give DBs breaks for bad PI calls.

    • chickenhed

      The worst thing about that call was that even if he DID pat the opponent on the head, it STILL shouldn’t have been a penalty!

    • AK

      It was a makeup call. On the previous play in which a sort-of play action, boot-leg pass from Brady to Hoomanawanui, Hughes came around trying to rush Brady, missed him completely and was blocked by Gronk. Well after Brady threw the ball and was caught by Hoomanawanui, Hughes comes trotting back up field, coming up behind Brady on his right side, and shoves Brady to the ground with a full extension of his left arm. The camera angle firmly gets this very belated hit on Brady from the back side of the field, but no flag was called. Was it an egregious hit? No. But it was a punk move by Hughes who was probably more pissed off by the fact that he didn’t get to Brady in time and that the pass was complete for a first down.

    • Marima

      By patting his teammate on the head, he was effectively keeping Ridley from getting up off the field. That’s unsportsmanlike conduct.

  • Daniel

    Can someone please explain to me how Darelle Revis got a negative grade in this game? He had a positive run defense grade and for pass coverage shadowed Watkins the entire game. Thrown at a total of 3 times, yielding 27 yards on 2 receptions. I dont understand how a performance like such earns negative grading

    • Lord Mad

      They won’t be able to explain it away..they always have at least 2-3 grades that are just nonsensical per game.

    • Barb UMihai Mar

      Maybe they graded him badly for the long pass which should have been a TD if not for the bad throw.
      They should grade somehow a CB that plays near all snaps and has few throws against them. Kind of reward the shot down corners or something like that. The most blatant example is having Sherman with a negative grade against GB because he made 2 tackles, but missed one.

      • Lord Mad

        More than “slightly debatable”. They gave Desean Jackson a negative grade in the Seahawks game after he had a pretty outstanding stat line. There is inconsistencies in this all over. The grading is heavily flawed.

        Agree with the first part of your statement.

  • Dan Goshin

    1. We really like Eric Wood here in Buffalo but we have a tendency to like players despite their on field performances being avg or sub par. So what is it. Do we like him for no good reason?

    2. You guys watch a ton of footage. My opinion on pass interference is that it should be treated like a penalty kick in soccer. Unless it is blatantly obvious a la the Duke Williams call it simply shouldn’t be called. Just like in soccer, players do a little acting, a bunch of complaining and more often than not both players are pulling at the jersey pushing and grabbing arms to gain an advantage. I’d love to see a PFF analysis open to the public and published that analyzes every PI and DH call this season and grades each one.

    • Chris from the Cape

      Not that the game’s outcome would change, but as a Pats fan I was even disgusted with a few of the gift PI’s they were getting in the 2nd half.
      I love the game, but the league itself has turned into such a bloated PC corporate entity..

      • Marima

        What gift PIs in the second half are you referring to?