ReFo: Lions @ Jets, Week 4

The Jets and Lions faced off in what turned out to be a battle of field position as both punters earned their pay check. Kiernan Hogan looks at the performances ...

| 3 years ago

ReFo: Lions @ Jets, Week 4

2014-REFO-WK04-DET@NYJThe Detroit Lions traveled to New York yesterday for a rare matchup with the Jets. The game ended up being a battle for field position, as each team punted on six of their 12 possessions. Here are the key performances.

Three Performances of Note – Detroit Lions

James Ihedigbo, SS: +2.1

Breakdown: Ihedigbo, the former Jet, earned positive marks both in coverage (+1.5) and as a pass rusher. On just five blitzes, Ihedigbo recorded a sack and two hurries.

Signature Play: With 10:41 left in the 4th quarter, Ihedigbo sacked Geno Smith and forced a fumble as the Jets were driving in Lions territory. Detroit recovered the fumble, ending a promising drive.

Matthew Stafford, QB: +1.7

Breakdown: Stafford had an efficient day overall, completing 24-of-30 aimed passes, not including four passes that were thrown away. Stafford was 15-of-17 on passes over the middle of the field and thrown less than 10 yards, and was at his best when blitzed (+1.0).

Signature Play: Stafford took advantage of an excellent play call that completely fooled the Jets defense, taking a QB bootleg 7 yards for a first down at the 2:00 warning, allowing the Lions to run out the clock.

Darius Slay, CB: -1.6

Breakdown: Outside of his interception of an overthrown Geno Smith pass, Slay had a tough game. The second year corner allowed seven completions on eight targets for 109 yards and a touchdown, and also missed a tackle.

Signature Stat: Geno Smith had a QB rating of 118.8 when targeting Slay.

Three Performances of Note – New York Jets

Geno Smith, QB: -5.4

Breakdown: Smith struggled while under pressure, earning a -2.5 grade on 13 such plays, including both 4th quarter turnovers. He was 2-of-6 for 39 yards on passes thrown more than 10 yards.

Signature Stat: Smith earned a QB Rating of 8.8 under pressure.

Breno Giacomini, RT: -5.1

Breakdown: Giacomini finished the game with red grades in penalties, pass protection and run blocking after allowing a hit and two hurries and struggling in the run game. Two false start penalties did not help his cause either.

Signature Stat: Giacomini’s worst grade was -2.1 in run blocking, as he struggled with a talented Lions front seven.

Muhammad Wilkerson, DE: +3.1

Breakdown: Wilkerson finished with two sacks, a hit and a hurry, but did his best work in the run game. Wilkerson’s +3.2 run defense grade was a game-best.

Signature Stat: All five of Wilkerson’s tackles were Run Stops.

PFF Game Ball

James Ihedigbo earns the game ball for a solid all-around performance, highlighted by his forced fumble as the Jets were driving in Lions territory in the fourth quarter.


  • Dohkay

    Tough to blame Slay on the Decker TD. It looked like Whitehead was responsible for him in zone coverage (by the way Whitehead was awful in coverage all day). Still, Slay didn’t look very good yesterday and was also allowed some YAC with a few missed tackles.

  • Matthew Malek

    Yes Slay went from amazing against Green Bay to awful against the Jets. The Lions are one Corner and a healthy Tulloch from being a great defense and one WR and a healthy RT from being a truly complete offense.

    • Chris

      Detroits D is one of the biggest surprises of the year so far.

      • Dohkay

        Not really. They were surprisingly good last season despite everyone blaming them for the collapse. The defense managed to be above average in yards ands points allowed despite the offense turning the ball over 2+ times per game and never eating up clock with long drives.

        • Chris

          Yea but above average doesn’t mean top 5 or best in the league.

          • Dohkay

            Right I just meant that they had the pieces in place but the offense wasn’t doing them any favors. The defensive personnel is largely the same with the only changes being Jason Jones (injured last year), James Ihedigbo (although he missed the first 3 games anyways), and Darius Slay (missed half of last season).

            I think Teryl Austin is a massive upgrade over Gunther Cunningham, though so that has obviously helped, too.

      • Kent Lee Platte

        Amazing what happens when you hire a DC that can do that…oh…what’s it called…that thing you do when a team does stuff and then you make changes…

        Oh yeah, make adjustments. Having a DC that can make adjustments both week to week and quarter to quarter is HUGE for Detroit. The talent was mostly there, was just being squandered.

        • Chris

          I can agree with this. Most teams have pretty good talent. The great teams are able to get that talent to translate to the field by way of effective gameplans and adjustments. Seems Detroit might finally be figuring this out with the recent coaching changes.

  • Ryan

    I can’t get down on Slay, he’s been a top CB so far this year, just a few bad plays vs the Jets.

    • Kent Lee Platte

      Austin switched to a lot of zone in this one. Kept Geno guessing, but didn’t work to Slay’s strengths.