ReFo: Jets @ Chargers, Week 5

The Chargers handled the Jets in San Diego and Thomas Maney looks at the performances of note, including Geno Smith and his benching.

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The Chargers handled the Jets in San Diego and Thomas Maney looks at the performances of note, including Geno Smith and his benching.

ReFo: Jets @ Chargers, Week 5

2014-REFO-WK05-NYJ@SDIn the least competitive of Sunday’s games, the Jets were shutout for the first time since Week 4 of the 2012 season in San Diego as the Chargers cruised to a 31-0 victory and a 4-1 record. It was much of the same from their first four games with the Jets failing to find NFL-caliber quarterback play to keep their offense on the field, though that meant a lot of work for our highest-graded punter, Ryan Quigley, who didn’t disappoint. New York now sits at 1-4 and there’s not much reason to be optimistic with their next two games against Denver and New England.

Conversely, the Chargers looked like a top team in his one and are in great position in the AFC West with three straight division games coming up.

New York Jets – Performances of Note

Muhammad Wilkerson, DL: +5.4

Breakdown: He didn’t have much impact as a pass rusher, but outside of a 52 yard run, the Chargers averaged just 2.8 yards per carry on the ground, and Wilkerson was incredibly active in slowing down their attack. Each of his six tackles counted as a defensive stop as he made life difficult for the San Diego front, standing up blockers and plugging the point of attack.

Signature Play: 3Q, 8:55. Right guard Chris Watt had no chance on the reach block, as Wilkerson got inside to drop the rusher for a two yard loss.

Geno Smith, QB: -3.1

Breakdown: Went 4-of-9 on aimed passes with a 2.3 YPA, before being benched in favor of Michael Vick to start the second half. He didn’t make any glaringly bad plays – his interception late in the first half wasn’t egregious – but there just wasn’t much positive, as he misfired on a number of plays and failed to keep the Jet offense on the field.

Signature Stat: Smith didn’t attempt a pass at intermediate distance (10-19 yard) and all four of is completions came within 10 yards of or behind the line of scrimmage.

Chris Johnson, RB: -2.8

Breakdown: Didn’t gain anything above expected on his seven carries and coughed up the ball at his own 20 yard line to give the Chargers great field position early in the second quarter.

Signature Play: 2Q, 12:05. After a Phillip Rivers interception, Johnson immediately gave the ball right back, displaying poor ball security as he lost the ball on a tackle from behind.

San Diego Chargers – Performances of Note

Branden Oliver, RB: +2.4

Breakdown: Seeing his snap count doubled from Week 4, the undrafted free agent racked up 182 total yards on 24 touches, finding the end zone as both a rusher and receiver while forcing six missed tackles.

Signature Play: 2Q, 0.51. In his best Darren Sproles impression, Oliver made an impressive cut and burst through the line to give the Chargers a three-score lead heading into halftime.

Jason Verrett, CB:+1.7

Breakdown: San Diego’s first rounder slowed down after a blistering start to the season, but played well in this game, picking up a tackle for short gain in run defense, while getting his hand on a ball for a pass defense in coverage. He allowed a completion on just 2-of-6 targets for 14 yards, though was out of position and benefited from a poor throw on one of those.

Signature Stat: After lining up almost exclusively at LCB in his last two games, Verrett moved around against the Jets, seeing roughly equal time at the left and right outside corner spots.

King Dunlap, LT: -4.6

Breakdown: One of the many Charger o-lineman to struggle in the run game, Dunlap had a rough time against one of the league’s best defensive fronts, whether it was being shed for the tackle or stood up at the point of attack to force the running back elsewhere.

Signature Play: 1Q, 5:11. Whiffed on Calvin Pace at the line, but was bailed out as Donald Brown displayed an impressive stiff arm to avoid the tackle for loss and got outside to pick up 13 yards on the play.

PFF Game Ball

This one goes to Antonio Gates his 60 yards and two touchdown catches, as he remains a reliable target for Phillip Rivers.

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  • MachoMenos

    To not give the game ball to Brandon Oliver just tells me that whomever did the grading for this game has his panties in a bunch over a big bet he laid on the Jets not coming to fruition. #BoltUp

    • a57se

      I don’t think any of the PFF staffers were betting on the Jets…they’re NOT THAT STUPID!

      • MachoMenos

        Well, this is my first year subscribing to the Premium stats and if look at how they graded out the Jets on defense you would think they were the ones who pitched the shutout instead of the Chargers. Absolutely terrible grading!

        • a57se

          You must be referring to the grades for Wilk and Harrison…

          • MachoMenos

            They had 6 Jets players on defense in the green compared to only 4 for the Chargers and they had only one Jet player in the red on defense and 4 Charger players in the red. On offense they had the Chargers with just as many players in the red, 8, as the Jets. But as I said above, Branden Oliver has what may have been the game of his life and they can’t even give him the game ball. Ludicrous.

          • duh

            Unsubscribe and save your money, you could make a better analysis just skimming through the raw stats of ESPN and

          • MachoMenos

            Don’t get me wrong. I love their stats. I’ve just never seen them so skewed to what I saw last Sunday. I guess there’s always a first time for everything.

          • Knucklebear

            I am by no means an expert in PFF’s grading system but I’d guess that since the grading system looks at individual contributions and not the overall outcome it is skewing the grades away from what’s expected.

            I get the value in this but it certainly doesn’t feel right in this case.