ReFo: Jaguars @ Titans, Week 6

The Jaguars and Titans faced off in a basement battle in the AFC South. Michael Mountford takes a look at the notable performances

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ReFo: Jaguars @ Titans, Week 6


With both teams struggling to find wins this season, the Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville Jaguars were not expected to produce a thrilling game. After 50 minutes of action it certainly looked like the Titans where going to win a slow and uneventful game. Then the rookie Blake Bortles started to take over. Bortles managed to give the Jaguars a chance to win the game, after being down 10 points with 2:43 left. Unfortunately for the Jaguars the game winning 55 yard field goal was blocked by Sammie Hill to give the Titans the victory.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Performances of Note

Blake Bortles, QB: +1.3

Breakdown: After three negatively graded games, Bortles showed the reason he was drafted third overall. Bortles was under pressure 38.7% of his dropbacks, but was able to handle himself well in a muddy pocket, as he finished with a +1.8 Grade under pressure.

Signature Play: 3rd Quarter 5:13, 1st and 10. The Jaguars run a play action bootleg, but the Titans are not fooled and Bortles has to evade one defender and throw a downfield wheel route to Jordan Todman while another defender is quickly arriving. Bortles gives Todman an easy catch (that he drops) for what should have been a big gain.

John Cyprien, S: -2.6

Breakdown: John Cyprien had an eventful game. His grade would suggest he had a poor game and while this was true, he was effective in the run game. He struggled in the passing game as he was targeted consistently in coverage. Combined with three missed tackles, Cyprien was around the ball a lot of the time for better and worse.

Signature Stat: In the run game Cyprien had four stops on seven tackles, which gave him the second highest stop % of the week for safeties. In coverage however, he was targeted eight times allowing seven catches.

Ryan Davis, DT: +3.4

Breakdown: In only 12 snaps Ryan Davis was able to be a difference maker for the Jaguars thanks to four total pressures. The plan for Davis this season is to be a pass rushing specialist (only seven snaps in run defense all season) and the Jaguars moved Davis around on defensive line where he recorded pressure against three different offensive linemen.

Signature Stat: Ryan Davis had the highest Pass Rushing Productivity (30.0) of every defensive tackle in Week 6.

Tennessee Titans – Performances of Note

Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB: +1.6

Breakdown: After a slow start to the season, the second year player put together his best game of the season. Blidi Wreh-Wilson was solid in coverage against the Jaguars and started to show a physical nature in run support on the edge.

Signature Stat: Wreh-Wilson led all cornerbacks in Run Stop Percentage with 15.8%, due to three stops on 19 run snaps.

Taylor Lewan, LT: +3.1

Breakdown: The first round rookie was expected to sit and provide depth for the majority of the season, but that all changed last week as Michael Roos was put on IR. In his first start of the season Taylor Lewan performed like a veteran only giving up 1 pressure (a sack) and being solid in the run game.

Signature Stat: After one start and a handful of other plays Lewan is the 19th graded tackle so far this season.

Delaine Walker, TE: +1.6

Breakdown: Delaine Walker is one of the few all around threats at tight end. Against the Jaguars he was able to attack smaller defensive backs, all five of his targets came against Cyprien and Will Blackmon, two players who are unable to match the physical ability of Walker. While Walker is a threat in the passing game, where he stands out is how well he was able to block in the running game. When he is able to get to the second level, most linebackers are at a disadvantage against the strength and athletic ability of Walker. While we have seen him perform well in limited snaps when he was with the 49ers, this is the first prolonged success he has had as a starter.

Signature Play: 2nd Quarter 4:51, 2nd and 13. Walker on a crossing route is able to gain yards after the catch against smaller defensive backs and end up with a 37 yard gain.

PFF Game Ball

The PFF Game Ball goes to the Titans first round rookie Taylor Lewan as he was able to protect Charlie Whitehurst and open holes in the running game.


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