ReFo: Giants @ Rams, Week 16

Mike Renner looks at Kenny Britt and Rueben Randle among others in this review of the noteworthy player grades from the Giants-Rams game.

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ReFo: Giants @ Rams, Week 16

2014-REFO-WK16-NYG@STLThat was the Giants offense everyone expected when Ben McAdoo was hired as the offensive coordinator last offseason. Quick passing with the occasional deep shot was the perfect game plan to beat a Rams team that had allowed 12 points the previous three weeks combined. With over 500 total yards of offense, the Giants had the game well in hand midway through the fourth quarter despite the 37-27 final score.

The win moves the Giants to 6-9 with just next week’s matchup against Philadelphia remaining. As they sit currently, they would own the 11th overall pick in the 2015 draft. The loss drops the Rams to 6-9 as well and as it shakes out they would pick just after the Giants at 12th overall. St. Louis gets to play spoiler on the Seahawks’s bid at home field advantage throughout the playoffs next week in Seattle.

New York Giants – Performances of Note

Rueben Randle, WR: +4.6

Breakdown: These are the kinds of games that leave you wondering why the former second-round pick isn’t more consistent. Randle had six catches on six targets, with five going for first downs and one going for a touchdown. He also added in some superb screen blocking on the edge in what was a career day.

Signature Play: On the very first drive of the game, Manning threw up a prayer to the middle of the field and Randle climbed the ladder over Rodney McLeod on a post route for a 49-yard gain.

Jason Pierre-Paul, DE: -5.0

Breakdown: Usually a stalwart in the run game, Pierre-Paul had easily his worst performance against the run of his career. The majority of his downgrades were the result of lack of discipline as he routinely pursued too far upfield and left wide open zone cutback lanes. Add in two missed tackles and you end up with a 4.0 run defense grade.

Signature Play: With 1:39 remaining in the first quarter, the Rams ran a split-zone run to the right and cutting back off left tackle. JPP was lined up on the left tight end’s inside shoulder, tasked with filling the “C” gap to that side. When Tre Mason got back into that gap, though, JPP was two yards upfield and hadn’t crashed down with the left tackle. This left a gaping hole that Mason ran through for a 16-yard gain.

Eli Manning, OLB: +1.8

Breakdown: The stats paint a rosier picture than our grade, but they ignore the two late dropped interceptions that would have changed the complexion of the game entirely. Outside of those throws, though, Manning was nearly flawless, with only two other downgrades for off-target passes.

Signature Stat: Manning was a ridiculous 4-of-5 on passes targeted 20+ yards downfield for 181 yards.

St. Louis Rams – Performances of Note

Kenny Britt, WR: +3.7

Breakdown: A top notch game for wide receiver play, Britt had his best game in a Rams uniform. He hauled in every catchable target and  9-of-10 overall for 103 yards. There wasn’t a highlight reel catch from Britt in this one, he just consistently made the tough contested catches in traffic and at the sideline that all too often fall incomplete

Signature Stat: Sunday was Britt’s highest-graded game since Week 2 of the 2011 season.

Trumaine Johnson, CB: -4.5

Breakdown: With all the wide receivers going off, someone had to be responsible. Johnson had been critical to the defense’s recent turnaround but that all came crashing down on Sunday. He allowed 136 yards and a touchdown on 8-of-9 targets to a mix of Giants receivers. It was one of the uglier performances you’ll see at the position.

Signature Stat: Johnson’s 155.8 passer rating against is the worst he’s allowed in a game since Week 11 of his rookie season.

Greg Robinson, LT: -5.6

Breakdown: Another clunker for Robinson after three weeks of solid play. He was rarely asked to block 1-on-1 in the run game, instead using his strength to double team and down block often. When he was left 1-on-1, the results were poor against both the run and pass. Allowed two hits and a hurry to go along with two holding penalties and a false start.

Signature Play: JPP took Robinson to school on the Ram’s interception called back by pass interference with 2:42 left in the second quarter. The left tackle got over extended and was beaten clean to the outside at the snap. When the left guard dropped quickly to help outside, JPP spun back inside a completely off balance Robinson and Hill was forced to scramble right.

PFF Game Ball

Rueben Randle made the catch of the day and was a driving force behind the Giants offense all game long.


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    Eli Manning is a very good linebacker

    • RaiderTruFan

      Agree Eli Manning is better linebacker than Lawrence Timmons is.

  • Bob

    I’m glad OLB Eli Manning bounced back, he was having trouble rushing the passer last week and his coverage wasn’t very good.

  • drewsg

    So that’s why Reese hasn’t been drafting any quality linebackers until recently. We had Eli Manning all this time!

  • Mike

    He threw up a prayer…really?

    • Tom Coote

      Maybe he was distracted thinking about his extra responsibilities as a LBer!

  • grenadiadrian

    So Ole Miss truly IS a LB factory, with Patrick Willis and Eli Manning repping in the league!

  • Mike B

    -5 is excessive for JPP, there were moments he was abusing the rookie

    I think you dock players too much for penalties, which is why I would imagine beckham is not mentioned