ReFo: Giants @ Jets, Preseason Week 3

A dominant D-line and some worrisome quarterback play are among the mentions as Khaled Elsayed looks at the Giants-Jets preseason matchup.

| 3 years ago

ReFo: Giants @ Jets, Preseason Week 3

REFO-PREWK3-NYG@NYJYou can put the Snoopy Bowl in the books for another year as the New York Giants won the preseason bragging rights with an 11-point victory. That said, the nature of the first half will have arguably left the Jets feeling more confident about their prospects as outside of a late score, the offense sputtered once again.

There are still roster spots to be decided for both teams, but for the starters, preparation now turns to when the wins and losses really matter. Two teams, one city, both with question marks at quarterback. For the Jets it’s whether Geno Smith can build on his late-season form from 2013 and take a leap forward in Year 2. While for Ben McAdoo and the Giants, the question is can Eli Manning put a horrible preseason behind him to get the G-Men back into postseason contention.

Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy performances.

New York Giants – Performances of Note

Damontre Moore, DE, +3.0

Breakdown: Starring in preseason again, Moore has a knack for making plays that catch the attention of anyone watching the game. Two more sacks and a fumble recovery, but showing he might be ready for a bigger part of the rotation, it was actually his work in the run game that earned the highest mark.

Signature Play: Q4, 11:45 to go. More impressive than either of his sacks, he’s simply too quick off the mark for Ben Ijalana and beats him inside for a hit on the quarterback.

Eli Manning, QB, -3.8

Breakdown: Ugly. That was ugly. Manning looks like he’s regressed, resembling that deer in the headlights rookie and not the two-time Super Bowl winner he is. Was incredibly careless with the ball, whether scrambling in the pocket or showing a lack of regard for defenders. You don’t win games playing like that.

Signature Stat: Was pressured on nine of 23 drop-backs. Completed one pass and took two sacks where his poor ball security saw him fumble twice.

Rogers Gaines, RT, +3.2

Breakdown: Gaines has had a nice little preseason, particularly in the last two games where he’s kept a perfect pocket and in this one, really let his run blocking do the talking. Is it enough to earn a roster spot or a place on the practice squad? On this evidence it’s very possible.

Signature Play: Q4, 10:08 to go. He should win inside against T.J. Barnes and does. But it’s that he never lets up with Barnes only able to get off the block when he’s 8 yards from the line of scrimmage that is so impressive.

New York Jets – Performances of Note

Dominant Starting Defensive Line, +8.0

Breakdown: You think Sheldon Richardson, Muhammed Wilkerson and Damon Harrison are ready for the start of the season? They really had their way with the Giants’ offensive line for the most part, with each man scoring positives against the run and adding pressure. Making it look easy.

Signature Stat: On run plays where any of the trio were on the field (16 of them) they were responsible for a defensive stop on 31.3% of plays.

Brian Winters, LG, -2.6

Breakdown: After starting the first preseason game, Winters found himself working with the 2’s a week later. Back with the starters, he once again he was found a little out of his depth. Flagged for a penalty and responsible for a quick-fire pressure, Winters also didn’t impose himself in the run game. The pressure is on if he wants to be a 16-game starter.

Signature: Q3, 9:35 to go. Mike Patterson swats him away with ease to pick up a quick pressure that forces the quarterback to leave the pocket.

Antonio Allen, CB, +0.7

Breakdown: Not bad at all for Allen who is making the most of an opportunity to show he can play cornerback in this league. A would be nice bonus for a Jets team that looked incredibly weak at the spot given injuries that have hit them, only for Allen to be forced from the game with a likely concussion. There’s just no luck in the world for some.

Signature Stat: Thrown at twice on his eight snaps in coverage but didn’t allow a completion and broke one up.

PFF Game Ball

There wasn’t a standout performance, but rather a standout unit. The Jets’ defensive line came to play and that is ominous for any offensive line set to face them this year.


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  • Ck1900

    So Eli has an ugly game and the Jets DLine is +8. Hmmm, gee, wonder what happened here? He looked completely different immediately after Schwartz went down and Richuburg came in at LG. Earlier in the week, Coughlin had moved Schwartz off the 1st first team for Richburg in his place. Will be very interesting to see if this is the starting line they’ve been looking for. Eli hasn’t regressed. Disagree strongly with that.

    • LIMetfan22

      Eli looked horrible. It doesn’t matter who was in at LG; the Jets D-line is just too good for them.

      Then again it is a top 3 unit so what were you expecting? the regular season game next year will be a massacre of the Giants O-line, especially with Richardson in year 3.

      The Jets 1s thoroughly dominated the Giants 1s, and Geno moved the ball much easier than I expected him too against that “vaunted” Giants secondary. There is panic in Giants land, and for good reason.

  • Max20001

    I’ve watched a lot of preseason football this year and it is ugly. 2nd and 3rd stringers are outperforming the 1st stringers all over the place. It doesn’t mean a thing. Andrew Luck looked blah vs the Saints. His backups come in and score. Who cares. If Giants fans are worried about Eli Manning in preseason while installing this new offense, well, what else is new? That fanbase whines more than the Jets, but those SBs Manning has brought home shut up them a bit. They’re starting up again though.

    I thought Manning’s two minute drive was fascinating. I’ve thrown out everything that’s happened before. I’m very interested in this McAdoo/Manning marriage and the OC gave a peek at his creativity on that drive. And Eli looked like something had clicked. Maybe that something was some semblance of a pocket after tree stump for legs Schwartz went down. This will an exciting year for the McAdoo/Manning offense. But Giants fans don’t deserve it.

    Eli is a strong down the field thrower and he makes throws that frankly make your jaw drop (for good and bad). Combine this with the quick strikes designed to efficiently move the chains (and a legit running back), and this offense can be very dangerous. But give Eli a freaking pocket. Jeez.

    • Mehl81

      That drive was only made possible when the Jets 6th CB got hurt and they had to put in number 7. Giants O needs a lot of work.

    • LIMetfan22

      Jets top 4 CB’s were out and Eli still looked horrible.

      Even with the Jets D-line constantly in his face, he still didn’t look good on that 2 minute drill, and like Mehl81 said below, could barely completely passes against the Jets even though they were missing their top FOUR cornerbacks.

      Not to mention he made an awful throw during the 2 minute drill that Kyle Wilson picked and really should have stayed in bounds.