ReFo: Eagles @ Packers, Week 11

Thomas Maney highlights key plays from the Packers' destruction of the Eagles in his Eagles-Packers' ReFo.

| 3 years ago

ReFo: Eagles @ Packers, Week 11

2014-REFO-WK11-PHI@GBFacing a shortened week coming off of a Monday Night game, the Eagles traveled to Green Bay and never threatened as the Packers jumped out to a 17-0 first quarter lead before going into halftime up 24 points. Green Bay eventually won by more than 30 points, aided by two defensive touchdowns.

Although the loss is concerning, the Eagles remain in great position at 7-3 and both games against the Cowboys yet to come, while the Packers look to be peaking after their bye week putting up more than 50 points in consecutive games.

Philadelphia – Performances of Note

Jason Peters, LT: +3.1

Breakdown: Given his attempt to block Clay Matthews at 0:10 of the second quarter, it should tell you how well Peters played otherwise to manage such a positive grade. Allowed just one other pressure in more than 45 snaps in pass protection, while doing some nice work in the run game. LeSean McCoy averaged more than five yards per carry running to either side of Peters.

Signature Stat: Peters hasn’t graded negatively in pass protection since Week 10 of last season.

Bradley Fletcher, CB: -4.2

Breakdown: A rough way to follow up a +5.6 performance in Week 10 as he started off poorly giving up a 64-yard gain to Jordy Nelson on the third offensive play. It was much of the same for the remainder of the game with two touchdowns (Q1, 3:38 and Q2, 10:45) and a pass interference penalty further lowering his grade though he did manage to get his hand on the ball for an impressive pass defense in the end zone.

Signature Play: Q2, 6:16. Allowed a third down conversion on a throw well short of the sticks, missing as he closed on Randall Cobb.

Mark Sanchez, QB: -5.0

Breakdown: Facing pressure on less than a third of his drop-backs, Sanchez made a handful of impressive throws in the game, including at 0:50 of the second quarter, but more often either misread coverage or simply missed open receivers, though he had to deal with some off-target snaps at various points.

Signature Play: Q3, 6:07. This sums up the day for the Eagles’ offense as Sanchez failed to see Julius Peppers drop into the passing lane, throwing it right to him for an easy interception.

Green Bay – Performances of Note

Randall Cobb, WR: +2.4

Breakdown: While Nelson made plays downfield, Cobb was a consistent short and intermediate threat in this game, catching 10 balls – nine of which went for first downs – for 129 yards and against four different defenders in primary coverage. He put his elusiveness on display as well, forcing several missed tackles, including at 12:02 of the second quarter, ducking under Fletcher to pick up extra yards.

Signature Stat: Cobb ran 37 of 43 routes as a slot receiver, most of them coming lined up on the right side of the offense. He leads the league in Yards per Route Run from the slot with 2.16.

Letroy Guion, DL: +0.5

Breakdown: Dominated his matchup against right guard Matt Tobin early in the game, squeezing the point of attack and forcing cuts in run defense, while picking up a sack rushing the passer. His grade would have been higher if not for a handful of negative plays late in the game, including getting sealed on a reach block at 6:37 of the third quarter and a penalty later in the drive.

Signature Play: Q1, 11:13. Guion met little resistance from Tobin as he easily won inside to pick up a sack to force third-and-long.

Eddie Lacy, RB: +2.6

Breakdown: Lacy provided a nice compliment to Green Bay’s downfield passing game, impressing as both a rusher, forcing three missed tackles and picking up more than half of his yards after contact, and a screen receiver. He wasn’t too bad on his eight snaps in pass protection either – through 10 games, no RB has a better Pass Blocking Efficiency rating.

Signature Play: Q3, 0:50. Reeled off a spectacular first down run, breaking a pair of tackles and bursting into the secondary for more than 30 yards.

PFF Game Ball

This one goes to Aaron Rodgers, who followed up a +5.0 day against the Bears with another dominating performance leading the Packers to a blowout victory.


  • Jason Williams

    Tangentially related : Do the Bears get any break at all for giving up 50+ points to two teams that are clearly peaking right now? I feel like maybe they should. There’s no saving their season at this point but maybe that makes it easier to swallow?

    • Dohkay

      It’s the little things, right?

      • Jason Williams

        in THIS season for THAT team? LITTLE things are all I HAVE, man. :)

        • Chris

          Hey things could be worse – you could be a Raiders fan.

          • Jason Williams

            but the raiders are scrappy and work hard and ALMOST win more than not. The Bears have as much talent as some of the best teams in the league and yet can’t put it together and lose in incredibly embarrassing fashion more than not.

          • Tim Edell

            The Raiders are scrappy? They are horrendous!! Ive never heard a Bears fan complain more then you do – No true Bears fan want them to lose to get a better draft pick when theres 7 games left.

          • Jason Williams

            honest bear fans have a lot to complain about.

            This team has had championship talent many times since the SB and has 1 playoff appearance to show for it.

  • mutzki

    I was surprised about some of the grades for Packers defenders. I think they played much better than their grades indicate but given the way the game evolved with GB managing getting such a big lead the second half was more about limiting the big play, thus giving up the short runs resulting in bad grades.

    • Kevin

      Yeah, I was surprised by the grades but I don’t believe the grades are lessened just because they have the giant lead and start playing vanilla. So like you said, I’m assuming the 2nd half definitely hurt the players grades. It was a pretty good performance though so I wasn’t expecting to see no one with a green grade and only 1 player with a green grade in any area(Peppers in coverage which all probably came from his INT/TD resulting in a +1.5 grade.

  • Kevin

    I’m curious why Matthews is being graded purely as an OLB when he is playing other positions quite a bit more now. I know he has been moved all over the field this season but the last two games has seen him play far more on the inside. I really want to see how he is grading inside compared to outside.

    • George C. Brown

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  • Yonatan Bogale

    im very exited to see how the Packers will fare against the Patriots and the Lions. wanna know how good our defense/offense really is against good a offense/defense. The games since the loss against the lions looked like gimmes so Im still nervous when its against really tough teams.

    • Dohkay

      If Rodgers can manage more than 7 points in Week 17 you’ll probably win considering our offense looks like the Oakland Raiders right now. I wouldn’t worry.

  • Indy Pride

    Jason Peters got a good grade?
    Dude kept jumping early (and getting away with those false starts).

    • Jon hill

      He is that good. Best Tackle in football. Has been for years.