ReFo: Eagles @ Giants, Week 17

Both the Eagles and Giants were out of contention, but will have wanted to go into the offseason on the back of a victory. Khaled Elsayed break down the Eagles ...

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ReFo: Eagles @ Giants, Week 17

2014-REFO-WK17-PHI@NYGAt times it was fun. At times it was sloppy. But mostly it was frustrating.

That not only sums up the Philadelphia Eagles visit to the New York Giants yesterday, but also the seasons of both teams who will be sitting at home in January rather than contesting in the postseason.

Still both teams will not just focus on where they can improve this offseason, but also where they have improved. And it’s there that we’ll start with our ReFocusing.

Philadelphia Eagles – Performances of Note

Jason Peters, LT: +3.4

Breakdown: An odd game for Peters. There were times where you wondered if he was phoning it in such was the trouble Jason Pierre-Paul was giving him. But then in the run game he made some of the blocks of a day that are what football is all about. Credit to JPP for giving him his only negative grade in pass protection all year, but credit to Peters for doing so much good work in the run game.

Signature Play:  Jameel McClain won’t like reminding, but with 13.56 left in the game Peters sprints to the second level, drills the linebacker backwards and with such force he ends up on his backside. You don’t see a lot of blocks in space like that.

Mark Sanchez, QB: -3.7

Breakdown: So can we put that experiment to bed? Away from the glaring eye of New York and with a chance to change the perception on him, Sanchez is the player we thought he was. Capable of teasing you into believing he can get it done, before ultimately wilting in the face of pressure. Given the spotty play of Nick Foles, the Eagles quarterback situation becomes one to watch this offseason if the team are to take the next step.

Signature Stat: Ended the year with a +0.1 grade when not pressured, and a -7.5 grade when he was, completing just 47.4% of passes under duress.

Bennie Logan, NT: +3.3

Breakdown: While he hasn’t delivered on a consistent basis, Logan put in a real tour de force in this one. Intent with wrecking the Giants running game, his penetration on zone runs eliminated cutback lanes and slowed down runners at the point of attack. No surprise he finished with four stops as the Giants mustered 18 yards off through the A-gaps.

Signature Play:  With 1.21 to go in Q3 he gets inside John Jerry to make a tackle for no gain.

New York Giants – Performances of Note

Odell Beckham Jr, WR: +3.5

Breakdown: A fantastic end to a fantastic year. Imagine what Beckham Jr. could have done if he hadn’t missed training camp and the first four games of the year. Routinely beat the Eagles defenders, with the fear he instilled in them forcing them to play off coverage for the most part. It didn’t end well when they tried to meet him at the line.

Signature Stat: His 2.74 yards per route run were the third most of all receivers.

Eli Manning, QB: -3.4

Breakdown: 7 grades in the green, five in the red. For all the good he showed at times, there was an awful lot of bad from Eli this year. The stats won’t be too unkind to him given he only threw the one pick but he had a ridiculous four interceptions dropped as he was extremely careless with the ball.

Signature Play:  With Rueben Randle stop-and-going past Jaylen Watkins, Eli saw a sure touchdown passes to be pinged in. But he’d not accounted for the safety, and with 3.10 left in the game Nate Allen’s picked him off to end things.

Antrel Rolle, S: -4.8

Breakdown: A poor end to a poor year. Rolle is one of the guys who will look at 2014 and wonder where his 2013 form went. He added two more missed tackles to his totals and looked ill equipped to cope with the Eagles cutback lanes in the run game.

Signature Play:  Only seven safeties missed more tackles than Rolle this year.

PFF Game Ball

A team effort, but the ability of Bennie Logan to clog up the middle of the line was crucial in the Eagles defense forcing the Giants to go pass heavy.


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  • a57se

    Beckham should be the clear choice for rookie of the year…

    • Cam

      Nope, Mike Evans or Jeremy Hill

      • a57se

        Beckham did more in 12 games then either of these guys in 16…
        don’t get me wrong, they are both terrific but Beckham is on a higher plane.

        • Phillip

          Had Jeremy Hill been the starter the entire year, he might have made a very strong case. He’s had 6 games of single digit carries only starting 8 and turned in 1,339 total yards with 9 TD’s. Had he been the 16 game starter, kid could have been pushing 2,000 yards. But unfortunately for him he didn’t, and Beckham has been on another level as a rookie. He should win it unanimously. It’s amazing how LSU ever lost a game with these 2 kids, plus Landry and Mettenberger who actually didn’t look bad in his little bit of time. That offense should have been completely unstoppable.

          • a57se

            That is a testament to Les Miles…

      • Phillip

        Yeah, you’re high dude. Nothing about Mike Evans season says he deserves ROY over Beckham. They play the same position and Beckham blows Evans away with 3 less games played. Beckham leads the NFL in YPG, 38 more YPG than Evans. 23 more catches than Evans. 250 more total yards. 250 more YAC. More 1st downs catches. A far higher catch percentage. Half as many drops as Evans. Mike Evans had a nice rookie seasons, but there’s absolutely no argument for Evans for ROY anymore, he don’t even have more TD’s than Beckham anymore. Beckham should be unanimous ROY. Hill has been outstanding and should finish 2nd, but he still shouldn’t get any 1st place votes over Beckham. Beckham has probably been the best rookie in the NFL in over a decade, since Randy Moss.

        • Cam

          Wow, did not know Beckham’s fan-boy was commenting also no wonder Evans does not have as much TD as Odell because his quarterback and overall team is trash I mean c’mon man.

          • Phillip

            Well when the delusional Beckham haters blab complete non sense, of course the Beckham “fan-boy” is gonna show up to put you in your place with facts. Anybody who can watch football without any type of biased hater POV, obviously that’s not you, will undoubtedly realize and admit that by the eye test Beckham is miles ahead of every other rookie WR this year. And just so you understand that isn’t in any way whatsoever a knock towards Evans, Watkins or Benjamin, they were all outstanding, Beckham was just on a whole other level. Dude in no way looked like a rookie, he looked like an elite 5 year veteran WR. Only people who would deny that are biased haters. And you mention QB. Well Beckham was a a major part of Eli’s success this year. After losing Cruz, if he didn’t have Beckham his numbers wouldn’t be all that much better than the Bucs QB’s. You act as if Eli is all world. But McCown and Glennon this year have a better passer rating than Eli did last season. And McCown blew Eli away last year with Marshall and Jeffery. It’s just Jackson and Evans aren’t Marshall and Jeffery. PFF ranks WR’s on individual play, not just statistics, and Beckham being ranked 3rd, far higher than Evans clearly says he’s the better WR. And like i said, all it takes is the eye test to see that Beckham is the best rookie WR and the clear cut ROY. Don’t be a hater and just enjoy watching the best rookie WR to come into the NFL since Randy Moss.

          • Cam

            ok I see your point

          • GarryNYG

            I don’t just a cheese head riding one of our players because we whoop on those cheese heads in the playoffs in 2011. I hope the packers are ready to be one and done lol.

  • Chris

    This link is for Colts vs Titans…but shows up as Eagles vs Giants.

  • Jason Williams

    Can I please have more Odell Beckham Jr? Can we get one of the playoff teams to “borrow” him for a month? He is SO much fun to watch.

  • Brian

    When Rolle came over to the Giants I only knew his rep, and stats. So when I first found PFF in 2010 and blasted Rolle, I was offended “I mean look at his stats!!” but you guys got me to start watching, and Rolle’s tenure with the Giants has been dreadful. Dreadful. Aside from the Cowboys game, he finished 2013 well but seems that was just a good run, or perhaps the better secondary around him. I hope Rolle is cut! Guy yaps yaps yaps but is so poor on the field