ReFo: Eagles @ Cowboys, Week 13

The Eagles handed the Cowboys a sizeable setback to their hopes for the NFC East title and Thomas Maney reviews a few key players on both sides for you.

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ReFo: Eagles @ Cowboys, Week 13

2014-REFO-WK13-PHI@DALIn the second of three Thanksgiving games, this looked to be a competitive matchup at the top of the NFC East, but turned out to be a rout as the Eagles scored on their first drive and never relinquished the lead, cruising to a 33-10 victory led by a dominant rushing attack.

The Eagles now sit in first place atop the division, though Dallas will get another chance in Week 15 (with a normal week of preparation), though it will be a tougher task going on the road in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia – Performances of Note

Brandon Graham, LB: +2.9

Breakdown: This was another game where Graham saw limited playing time (less than 25 snaps), yet still managed to make a massive impact rushing the passer and finish as the Eagle’s highest graded defender. He compiled five quarterback disruptions, with most of his work coming in the second half, and added two stops in run defense.

Signature Play: 3Q, 7:13. On one of his three snaps as a down lineman, Graham put his upper body strength on display as he easily shoved aside guard Ronald Leary to get in the backfield for the sack.

Lane Johnson, RT: +3.9

Breakdown: It’s hard to single out one player when the entire offensive line played so well paving the way for a 5.7 yard rushing average, but Johnson had the most balanced game of the group. Surrendered just one pressure in pass protection while in the run game did solid work on double teams and sealing the Dallas tackles inside, with particular success against Henry Melton.

Signature Play: 4Q, 13:50. Doubled Tyrone Crawford before picking up linebacker Bruce Carter at the second level to help spring LeSean McCoy for a nine yard gain.

Fletcher Cox, DL: +2.6

Breakdown: After an early push by Cedrick Thornton, Cox pulled away as the standout on the Eagle defensive line, making life difficult at the point of attack for Dallas’ left guard. A sack and three pressures to go with three stops in run defense made for a good follow up to his +5.7 Week 12 performance.

Signature Play: 3Q, 12:59. This time he victimized LT Tyron Smith, standing him up at the line before shedding inside to get in on the tackle.

Dallas – Performances of Note

Tony Romo, QB: -4.2

Breakdown: With a short week of preparation, it was an off target day for Romo, who seemed out of sync with his receivers and rattled in the pocket at times. He really struggled to find anything intermediate or deep, as he completed just one of eight attempts at intermediate distance and four of his 14 pass thrown more than 10 yards in the air.

Signature Play: 3Q, 10:01. Had some room to climb the pocket, but instead went down at the first sign of pressure as Dallas settled for a field goal inside the red zone.

Tyrone Crawford, DL: +2.8

Breakdown: One of the lone bright spots on Dallas’ defense with a sack-fumble on Mark Sanchez early in the second quarter. Crawford was a general nuisance in run defense for the rest of the game, doing his best to slow the opposing run game when the Eagles ran his way.

Signature Play: 2Q, 14.12. Won outside vs guard Andrew Gardner, before taking advantage of some poor ball security to force the fumble and a 10 yard loss.

Brandon Carr, CB: -3.0

Breakdown: Continuing a rough season, Carr allowed four catches (three first downs) for 80 yards, while showing a penchant for biting on underneath action, leaving space open for the Eagles offense to take advantage of.

Signature Play: 4Q, 14:29. Completely lost track of the ball on the option fake, losing contain and giving Mark Sanchez an easy first down run on the right edge.

PFF Game Ball

With all five starters grading positively, this one goes to the Eagles offensive line.


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  • Football

    We all knew the Cowboys were overrated, and Romo was gonna throw a couple of interceptions on Thanksgiving.

  • David

    Can you explain how kickers are rated on fg/ep? Parkey was perfect yesterday but graded out -.4

    • nogoodnamesleft90210

      They must be grading based on how close to center the kick is, I would surmise (aka “Style Points”). Seems a bit inane.

      • alkdgj

        as are most of their grades.only have my PFF for their sig stats which are great. Grades are misinterpreted by readers here and the grading system itself is… interesting.