ReFo: Colts @ Giants, Week 9

Highlighting standout performances, Ben Stockwell shares notes on Vontae Davis, Robert Ayers and more from the Colts' comfortable win over the Giants on Monday Night.

| 3 years ago

ReFo: Colts @ Giants, Week 9

2014-REFO-WK09-IND@NYGThe Indianapolis Colts bounced back quickly from surrendering 50 points in Pittsburgh last week and head into their bye after a comfortable victory over the New York Giants. A sloppy fourth quarter will probably be the source of some annoyance, but they did plenty enough through the first 45 minutes to capitalize on New York miscues and build a big lead that let them coast through the final stanza.

The Giants got some stellar individual performances but there were too many poor displays around that for those players to be anything more than window dressing in a two-score defeat that could so easily have been bigger.

Indianapolis Colts – Performances of Note

Vontae Davis, CB: +4.4

Breakdown: Taking over as our top-graded corner through nine games, Davis was at his very best last night in spite of a busy night in coverage. Targeted 12 times, Davis surrendered only four catches for 49 yards breaking up one pass (that he might have intercepted) and tipping another which Reuben Randle was able to grab on the way down.

Signature Stat: Though nine games Davis is only allowing 42.2% of targets into his coverage to be completed and a 40.2 passer rating; both second best in the league.

Andrew Luck, QB: -1.6

Breakdown: The numbers look extremely impressive from Luck (four touchdowns, no interceptions) and there were certainly some very impressive throws last night but there were also a lot of missed throws which drag his grade down. This was Luck from previous years in a nut shell and not the one we saw earlier in the season, the excellent throws such as his touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne were met in balance and more by inaccurate throws that a quarterback of Luck’s (or any) standing shouldn’t be missing.

Signature Stat: Accounted for 10 incompletions last night through inaccurate passes, more than he had in the first three weeks of the season combined.

Jonathan Newsome, OLB: +2.7

Breakdown: Making plays in both run and pass game Newsome turned in the highest grade of his career to date recording as many stops (five) as he had in the first eight games of his career. Splitting the indecisive pairing of William Beatty and Weston Richburg for his first sack, Newsome simply took to the outside of Beatty late in the third quarter to strip the ball from Eli Manning in his throwing motion for his second to set up Dwayne Allen’s 2-yard score.

Signature Play: More than made his mark as a run defender as well such as at 12:01 in the fourth beating Justin Pugh inside to take Peyton Hillis down deep in the backfield.

New York Giants – Performances of Note

Robert Ayers, DE: +12.9

Breakdown: Continuing to work off the bench, Ayers channeled J.J. Watt last night, destroying the Colts’ interior offensive line in a stunning pass rushing display. A strip sack was paired with half a dozen hits and half a dozen hurries in comfortably the most productive game of his career, he only got nine more pressures in his entire rookie season (5 Ht, 17 Hu) than he did last night.

Signature Play: Spared the Giants any further deficit on the final play of the second quarter, ripping past Lance Louis to take down Andrew Luck who fumbled to close out the first half.

Eli Manning, QB: -4.2

Breakdown: Manning’s performances have yo-yoed either side of the Giants’ bye week as he produced a performance reminiscent of the defeat in Philadelphia rather than the valiant effort in Dallas. The volume of yards and lack of touchdowns hide a performance marred by inaccuracy and forced throws that only really came together with the game all but out of reach in the final quarter.

Signature Stat: Blitzed 16 times last night Manning was sacked as many times (three) as he completed a pass.

Mathias Kiwanuka, DE: -4.1 & Jason Pierre-Paul, DE: -1.6

Breakdown: While Ayers was tearing things up on the inside in sub-packages, the Giants’ starting defensive ends had a pedestrian night rushing off the edge. Their two pressures each came on a combined 90 pass rushes, Damontre Moore matched that production on just 15 pass rushes.

Signature Stat: After nine weeks Pierre-Paul (7.4) and Kiwanuka (5.5) sit 59th and 72nd, respectively, among all edge rushers (with at least 100 pass rushes) in Pass Rushing Productivity.

PFF Game Ball

In a losing effort Robert Ayers was playing on a level that very few defensive linemen reach even in isolated games, this performance might be all too easily overlooked in a heavy home defeat.


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  • mormonrock124

    Its good to see not everyone was as impressed with Luck’s performance than the guys at ESPN. Any chance we can get the NFL to stop allowing ESPN to talk about football?
    Side note: Felt Luck and Manning looked a lot a like in this game. They had to throw balls away, had some drops, and inaccurate at times, but ultimately both players kept going and didn’t try to force the game. The Colts simply made more plays.

  • guest

    Definitely not Luck’s best game, but after the first quarter and a half he was much better and clearly a positive. Also, how can you give ayers a +12.9, acknowledge he was dominating the colts O line, but not cut Luck a break for being under constant pressure??

    • JT

      because he was holding on to the ball for like 4 secs minimum each play….the pressures was his fault. Their offensive line had held up better than the majority of the league in pass blocking despite the fact that they are passing 75% of the time.

      • guest

        wow everything you’re saying is straight not true. Ball was perfectly placed to Hilton…Listen to cris carter(HOF WR not “JT”) on mike and mike talking about how TY just had bettet leverage and it was a perfect throw. He rarely held on to the ball too long, their offensive line was piss poor and maybe the recievers were “so open” because they were blitzing almost every single play. By the way Luck stopped passing at the end of the third quarter and he was on pace for 466 and 5 TDs, so you’re other point also sucks

        • JT

          Actually you are an idiot….the DB clearly had first dibs on the ball. It doesn’t take rocket science to see with your eyes. Cromartie was the first to touch the ball and should have intercepted it. He was in FRONT of Hilton and caught the ball and had it taken away from him and now go ahead look at the replay so you can actually see for yourself.

          • Corey

            DB had “first dibs” because he jumped above T.Y. and grabbed it, not because he was “in front of him”. Hilton had inside position. The ball was slightly underthrown…slightly. DRC just made a great play…at first. But he had to go up and a little bit over T.Y. to grab it

          • Corey

            And if you take this website seriously (just assuming that you do considering you have to pay money to be here), then maybe next time you’ll research said website before talking out of your butthole. It’s all there.

            Indy’s overall Pass Block grade for the game: -9.8. That’s not because of Luck, dude.

            If you just look at the 3 interior O-linemen (the first priority of Pass Pro.), they totalled a -12.8!!!! Yeah, that sucks. Also not Luck’s fault.

            If you just watched the game, you’d know instantly that what you’re saying (him holding onto the ball for “4 seconds minimum each play) is a COMPLETE exaggeration and much, much less to do with the constant pressure.

            Don’t be so lazy next time in your “analysis”.

    • JT

      I also forgot to mention the TD to Hilton was a pretty bad pass that gave Cromartie every opportunity to catch the ball before it touched Hilton’s hands….that was simply the receiver making the QB look good. Can’t even have excuses because if the QB was actually playing good in this game he most likely would of had 5 TDs at least due to the wide open receivers all game.

  • rogue

    I always liked Ayers. I think he played well in Denver. He could be the best FA signing this year. Denver would have been better off keeping him over the aging Ware.

    • Chris

      As a Tennessee fan I’ve always liked Ayers too. He showed a lot of promise last year I have no idea why Denver let him go.

      • Troll Chris

        Your a Tennessee fan too now? Mmmkayyy…

        • Chris

          Lul as in the university of Tennessee, where I went to school.

  • Danny

    Yeah, I don’t get how OBJ graded negative in the passing game. He made some great catches all night and got a lot of YAC. I don’t recall him dropping anything.

    • janef0ster

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  • RobTs20

    Maybe Jerry Reese should have kept his damn mouth shut whining about more big plays. It clearly factored into Eli and his receivers’ pressing and trying to do things that took them off track of their development. Reese deserves to be fired. So sick of him.