ReFo: Chargers @ Raiders, Week 6

The Chargers continue their good start to the season, while even a new coach can't push the Raiders to their first win of the season. Thomas Maney runs through the ...

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ReFo: Chargers @ Raiders, Week 6

2014-REFO-WK06-SD@OAKWhile a bye week and a coaching change sparked Oakland’s best game of the year, it still wasn’t enough to get their elusive first victory as the Raiders squandered a fourth quarter lead at home to fall to 0-5 on the season, while San Diego moved to 5-1 and remain ahead in the AFC West.

The Raiders remained competitive throughout the game and were in good position in Charger territory with over a minute remaining in the game before their quarterback had a rookie moment, making an ill-advised decision to go for the home run instead of playing it safe.

San Diego Chargers – Performances of Note

Malcolm Floyd, WR: +2.1

Breakdown: Floyd was a consistent target as usual, catching five passes for 103 yards and a touchdown, more or less allowing Phillip Rivers to throw it up and let his receiver make a play in contested situations.

Signature Play: 1Q, 1:35. Made the adjustment to haul in a 20 yard reception despite defensive pass interference and face guarding by T.J Carrie on the play.

Jason Verrett, CB: +3.1

Breakdown: Playing more than 50 of his 58 snaps at the right cornerback spot, San Diego’s first-rounder played well with his second straight game in the green. Targeted seven times, Verrett allowed just two receptions and pulled in the game-sealing interception late in the fourth quarter.

Signature Stat: Throwing into Verrett’s coverage yielded a meager 8.9 QB rating for Oakland.

DJ Fluker, RT: -2.4

Breakdown: While he had a pretty good day in pass protection, Fluker struggled run blocking, both at the point of attack and moving to the second level, which has been a team-wide trend this season as the Chargers again failed fell short of averaging four yards per carry on the ground.

Signature Play: 2Q, 12:41. Was easily shed inside by Lamarr Woodley, who had a shot at bringing down the running back for a short gain.

Oakland Raiders – Performances of Note

Derek Carr, QB: +0.1

Breakdown: Had a rough end to the game with a fumble and interception on the team’s final drive, but otherwise took care of the ball and played his best game of the season, completing 18 of his 30 aimed passes for 282 yards and four touchdowns, the first of which was about as good a throw as you’ll see.

Signature Play: 1Q, 14:18. Tough to throw it better than Carr did on the third offensive play of the game as he hit receiver Andre Holmes in stride for a 77 yard touchdown.

Menelik Watson, RT: +3.3

Breakdown: Nothing spectacular here, just a solid display in both phases in his first full game of the season. Allowed just a pair of hurries in 38 snaps pass blocking, with several nice blocks against Kendall Reyes in the run game.

Signature Stat: This was the first time in his career (two seasons) that Watson played every offensive snap.

Miles Burris, LB: -4.4

Breakdown: While the Raiders largely contained the San Diego rushing attack, Burris wasn’t much help as he consistently failed to get off blocks, particularly against center Rich Ohrnberger at the second level. He did manage several positive plays, including two defensive stops, but otherwise had a forgettable day.

Signature Play: 1Q, 0:43. Burris was unblocked on the play, but failed to bring down Branden Oliver in the backfield as the RB picked up four of the five yards needed on the play.

PFF Game Ball

Jason Verrett gets this one for his work in coverage and ensuring a San Diego victory with his interception late in the fourth quarter.

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  • Benito Carmelo

    Chargers have always struggle against the Raiders power runners

    That has always been a problem for the chargers, Games are always close against Raiders, Raiders play hard and though ball, becouse they build their team to beat the Chargers.
    It doesnt matter for Raiders if they lose to the rest of the NFL, they are built to play against the Chargers, Broncos and Chiefs.

    Raiders are built to exploit same weakeneses that all 3 teams have in common.

    Chargers Broncos and Chiefs defenses are balanced defenses to attack the QB and defend passes with speed over power.
    Raiders are build to Explit the Power Run Only and use pases as a decoy.
    That makes defenses to modify their scheme.
    In a pass happy League Raiders play oldstyle but almost effective.

    On Defense Raiders are also build to play agains AFC West rivals only.
    All teams use speed runners and not power runners.

    Raiders use bigger lineman to stop runs through the middle.
    Only way to run over the raiders is to go through sides.

    But this Raiders are good at defending with Speed LB who can tackle Runners or
    go against the QB in case of pass.
    Offcourse, bigger linemen, means slower to get to the QB if not Speed LB.
    Raiders are very bad against the short pass.
    That is the reason they cannot win games.
    NFL is a Pass happy league. Bigger linemen are good against run or long passes.
    But weak against speed passes.

    Problem with the Chargers is that they dont like to change their playing style.
    and even if they know Running is not a good option they keep pounding the ball.
    on 1st down and 2nd down making it 3rd and long pass.
    Broncos just go pass happy to cruise against raiders.

  • MachoMenos

    If you were to look solely at your team vs. team Premium statistics you would think that the Chargers were 0-6 not 5-1. Although I love statistics I suppose there’s just no way to measure heart.