ReFo: Bucs @ Steelers, Week 4

Against all odds the Bucs fought back to overcome a shell shocked Steelers outfit. Sam Monson breaks down some key performers.

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ReFo: Bucs @ Steelers, Week 4

2014-REFO-WK04-TB@PITIt took two attempts to get it done, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers eventually succeeded in mounting a comeback against the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road. Mike Glennon had tried and failed to get his team into the lead late in the 4th quarter but was awarded a second attempt at it late in the game when the Steelers were unable to gain a first down and then set the Bucs up in favorable field position with an ugly punt.

At this second time of asking Glennon was able to get the ball into the end zone and put his team in the lead with too little time left on the clock for Pittsburgh to do anything other than play backyard rugby for the final play before fumbling as time expired.

Buccaneers – Performances of Note

Gerald McCoy, DT, +3.3

Breakdown: This wasn’t quite the most dominant game McCoy has ever had but he was still clearly the best player on the Tampa Bay defense and made a nuisance of himself in the backfield all throughout the game.

Signature Stat: Earned a +3.3 grade despite missing two tackles in the game. That speaks to the dominance he had in other facets.

Mike Glennon, QB, -0.7

Breakdown: Glennon was up and down in this game. He made several very nice throws, but managed to screw up just snapping the ball in time three times in the game, including on back to back plays. Couldn’t complete the comeback at the first time of asking, but made a couple of nice throws to get it done at the second time.

Signature Stat: Suffered five dropped passes in the game. Add those to his completions and his accuracy percentage jumps from 50% to 61.9%. If you remove spikes, passes thrown away and incompletions where he was hit as threw his accuracy percentage was 68.4%.

Logan Mankins, LG, +1.3

Breakdown: Logan Mankins posted his first positive grade in a Tampa Bay uniform while also surrendering his first sack since moving on from the Patriots. The sack was the only bit of pressure he allowed in the game however and his run blocking was respectable.

Signature Stat: Surrendered one total pressure (a sack) on 45 snaps in pass protection

Steelers – Performances of Note

Marcus Gilbert, OT, +3.6

Breakdown: This wasn’t quite a perfect game from Gilbert, but it wasn’t far off. He was perfect in pass protection and run blocked well on the edge for the Steelers. Only a false start penalty blighted even his advanced statistics.

Signature Stat: Surrendered no pressure at all from 50 snaps in pass protection.

Troy Polamalu, S, +1.7

Breakdown: This was a throwback game from Polamalu who was at his roaming best, making plays all across the field in both coverage and against the run. Missed a pair of tackles or his grade would have been even higher.

Signature Play: Q3, 13:06. Polamalu almost recreated some of his best career plays by timing the snap and bursting through the line to force a fumble from QB Mike Glennon only to be flagged for being a split second early across.

Brett Keisel, DE, -3.0

Breakdown: It wasn’t just Keisel, the entire Steelers defensive line was struggling throughout this game (with the exception of Steve McLendon) but Keisel ended with the worst grade. Wasn’t making an impact against the run or the pass.

Signature Stat: Notched just one single pressure from 32 snaps rushing the passer.

PFF Game Ball

This wasn’t a game with too many standout performances, but Gerald McCoy was as big a player as there was, earning himself a game ball.


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  • Josh Knepshield

    What about the play where Gilbert was pushed back into Ben and Ben hit his hand on Gilbert’s helmet?

  • Sharat

    Worth noting that McCoy was playing with a plastered hand or “club” hand as they call it. A 100% McCoy would have probably destroyed the Steelers’ interior.

  • Barron Buc

    Go Bucs!