ReFo: Buccaneers @ Saints, Week 5

The Buccaneers and Saints played into a fifth quarter in their NFC South matchup. Michael Renner runs down the top performers including a game ball for a RB.

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The Buccaneers and Saints played into a fifth quarter in their NFC South matchup. Michael Renner runs down the top performers including a game ball for a RB.

ReFo: Buccaneers @ Saints, Week 5

2014-REFO-WK05-TB@NOStarting the season 1-4 doesn’t preclude making the playoffs, but only 5 teams have made the playoffs in their current format after such a start. With the Saints and Buccaneers both at 1-3 heading into this one, it was about as must win as it gets for two teams with playoff aspirations. In the end it was the heavily favored Saints that came out on top in overtime 37-31, but regulation ended with both teams kicking themselves for wasting golden opportunities to put the game away.

Drew Brees started off the mishaps by running into the back of left tackle Terron Armstead before flailing a ball into Danny Lansanah’s hands for a pick-six. The Bucs would counter with one of the worst drives in NFL history. After a touchback Tampa Bay managed to lose 20 yards by executing the following sequence: holding, fumbled snap, delay of game, false start, run for no gain, sack for a safety.

The Saints would blow one final chance when Marques Colston couldn’t hold onto an easy catch with 35 seconds left in Bucs territory after contact from Major Wright. In the end though, the Buccaneers futility against the run proved to be their Achilles heel. The Saints marched down the field on the lone overtime possession and kept their playoff hopes alive.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Performances of Note

Gerald McCoy, DT: +8.4

Breakdown: Going through the analysis of the game it felt like the Buccaneers were consistently getting pressure on Brees when he was forced to move to his second and third reads. It wasn’t until after the game that it hit me that it wasn’t the Bucs getting consistent pressure, it was Gerald McCoy. Clinton McDonald’s +1.0 was the only other positive pass rushing grade on the entire Tampa Bay defense. McCoy totaled three hits and seven hurries in 57 pass rushes with Brees averaging a swift 2.47 seconds per attempt. It was a truly dominant pass rushing display.

Signature Play: McCoy’s +16.9 pass rushing grade this season is over twice as high as the second best grade for a defensive tackle.

Michael Johnson, DE: -7.0

Breakdown: This is the exact opposite of what the Buccaneers had in mind when they signed Johnson over the summer. The hard edge that Johnson routinely set in Cincinnati looked more like tissue paper on Sunday in New Orleans. The Saints tight ends had their way with the defensive end all day long on runs designed to get to the boundary. Johnson didn’t make a single tackle, but instead missed three.

Signature Play: At 11:28 in the overtime period, Johnson appeared to quit on the play after Josh Hill got a solid initial punch on a pin-and-pull play.

Vincent Jackson, WR: +3.5

Breakdown: There’s the Vincent Jackson we’ve come to know and love. After five drops in his first four games, Jackson hauled in all eight catchable targets Sunday and broke a career high four tackles. It’s clear that when things break down, Mike Glennon likes to give Jackson a chance to make a play and Jackson rewarded that faith against the Saints.

Signature Play: On the first play of the fourth quarter, Jackson saw his quarterback scrambling to his left and in trouble. The wide out turned tail and ran straight down the middle of the field and Glennon hit him over the outstretched arms of Rafael Bush for a 34 yard gain.

New Orleans Saints – Performances of Note

Patrick Robinson, CB: +2.9

Breakdown: After losing his starting job to Corey White (-3.5), Patrick Robinson spent Sunday manning the slot for the first time in his entire career. The former first round pick looked like a natural in his 26 snaps allowing a single catch for nine yards on three targets with an interception and a pass breakup. Robinson certainly played well enough to retake his old spot, but with the results he produced it might be wise to continue to get him snaps in the slot.

Signature Play: With 8:47 left in the second quarter Robinson was matched up with Louis Murphy in man coverage. The Saints brought a six-man rush leaving Robinson on an island against Murphy running a go route. Robinson turned and located the ball perfectly, leveraging Murphy against the sideline and making a diving catch for an interception.

Jahri Evans, RG: -6.0

Breakdown: The complement to McCoy’s monster day is unfortunately the former all-pro right guard. Evans was powerless against the defensive tackle’s array of pass rushing moves. Of Evans seven pressures allowed, two came within two seconds of the snap. You can’t chalk it all up to McCoy, though. Evans worst pass blocking attempt came on Clinton McDonald with 10:19 left in the fourth quarter when a simple swim move put McDonald into Drew Brees’ lap.

Signature Stat: Evans now has the third worst pass blocking efficiency of all guards.

Pierre Thomas, RB: +3.9

Breakdown: Routinely underrated because of his lack of fantasy production, Thomas showed us Sunday what a quality tailback looks like. He caught all eight targets for 77 yards and broke four tackles on four carries for 35 more yards on the ground. His performance is all the more impressive when you consider he played just one third of the Saints 93 offensive snaps in the game.

Signature Stat: Thomas averaged 4.25 yards after contact and broke six tackles for an elusive rating of 212.5.

PFF Game Ball

It was a nearly flawless day for game ball recipient Pierre Thomas who had his highest grade since Week 2 of the 2012 season.

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  • Derrick

    The game ball makes no sense. The writer says that McCoy was “truly dominant” against a very good guard, and then gives the game ball to a running back?

    • Hannah Hayes

      Don’t get a game ball when you lose I guess.

      • Tim Edell

        They give game balls all the time to players on losing teams.

        • Hannah Hayes

          Then I guess to spread it around. If not, GMC might get every game ball every week lol

    • Mike Renner

      Although I didn’t say it, Thomas’ performance could also have been classified as ‘truly dominant’. He only played 1/3 of the snaps and was the highest graded RB this week. With McCoy’s one-dimensional performance, I thought it appropriate to go with Thomas.

  • Izach

    The saints need to start relying on Peirre Thomas the man is a good RB and is only being hurt with his lack of touches. Saints would be better with Thomas playing more IMO, also wouldn’t hirt my PPR fantasy team haha but seriously Saints need to play Thomas more

  • Metabolic-Man

    Saints OL seems fairly good on some run plays BUT has looks to be in decline on pass blocking except for the young LT. Maybe it’s a loss of quickness with the 3 to 4 aging starters?