ReFo: Bills @ Raiders, Week 16

Mack, Penn, Jackson, and Robey are among the mentions in Thomas Maney's reviews of the player grades from the Raiders' Week 16 win over Buffalo.

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ReFo: Bills @ Raiders, Week 16

2014-REFO-WK16-BUF@OAKA big letdown for the Bills, who still had a shot at the playoffs coming into the game, a week after taking down the Packers at home. After taking an early seven-point lead on a 42-yard touchdown pass, Buffalo stalled on offense. They managed only a field goal in the second and third quarters before heating up again late, but it was too late to complete the comeback as they fell 24-26 in Oakland.

The tough loss was their seventh on the season and eliminated Buffalo from playoff contention and they can’t even affect playoff seeding in their matchup against the Patriots in Week 17. Conversely, the Raiders picked up their third win of the season and travel to Denver for the final week.

Buffalo Bills – Performances of Note

Fred Jackson, RB: +0.2

Breakdown: One of the bright spots on Buffalo’s offense, Jackson had a rough game in pass protection and on the ground gaining just 10 yards on his six carries. As a receiver, though, he was incredibly effective, gaining 93 yards coming out of the backfield and forcing six missed tackles, including a pair at 11:59 of the fourth.

Signature Play: 4Q, 1:48. Keeping the Bills in contention late in the game, Jackson broke another couple of tackles on his way for a 34-yard gain, getting out of bounds to stop the clock in the process.

Scott Chandler, TE: -2.4

Breakdown: Only asked to block a handful of times in his 57 snaps, Chandler stood out negatively on those plays both in pass protection and run blocking. Gave up a hit, allowing Justin Tuck outside in the second quarter, and whiffed on Khalil Mack on a quick pass at 8:26 of the fourth. Chandler had a solid game otherwise, catching four passes and an impressive touchdown to start the fourth quarter, though was also the intended WR on one of Kyle Orton’s interceptions.

Signature Play: 4Q, 15:00. Beat linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong on the post, fighting through a tackle attempt by the safety to reach the end zone and cut Oakland’s lead to two.

Nickell Robey, CB: +2.0

Breakdown: Played just 34 snaps, but covered well and didn’t allow a single catch in three targets. Maintained close coverage on Kenbrell Thompkins’ double move at 8:19 of the second, forcing a field goal. He denied Oakland on third down again later in the quarter (1:18), breaking up the slant to James Jones. Also added a tackle in kickoff coverage, showing value on special teams.

Signature Stat: Robey has allowed a reception on average once out of every 10 snaps in coverage in the slot. Only seven slot corners have given up a reception less frequently.

Oakland Raiders – Performances of Note

Khalil Mack, LB: +5.8

Breakdown: Another dominant performance from Mack, who had one of his best games of the season rushing the passer. Collected seven total disruptions, getting to Orton during his throwing motion on multiple occasions (e.g. 2Q, 12:25), with much of his success coming via an inside move against tackle Seantrel Henderson. Add to that three stops in run defense and it was a well-rounded performance from the rookie.

Signature Play: 2Q, 4:27. Mack faced little resistance from Henderson, using the threat of an outside rush to win inside and get to the quarterback, forcing an incompletion on third down.

Donald Penn, OT: +5.8

Breakdown: Bouncing back from a rough game against Justin Houston and the Chiefs, Penn played well in both pass protection and run blocking, where he wasn’t spectacular, but had few negative plays and consistently sealed his man inside, while also making several good blocks at the second level.

Signature Play: 1Q, 4:59. Nice job opening the gap and taking Kyle Williams inside, though the blocking wasn’t quite as good elsewhere as the Buffalo defense stopped the rusher for no gain.

Miles Burris, LB: +1.5

Breakdown: Overcame two missed tackles to have one of his better games this season. In on 10 tackles, including five defensive stops, looking more able shedding blockers than we’ve seen at times. Also played decently in coverage, allowing just 35 yards in five targets.

Signature Play: 2Q, 5:09. Beat guard Erik Pears inside to take down the runner at the line of scrimmage.

PFF Game Ball

Khalil Mack gets this one for another ridiculous performance, this time doing it more as a pass rusher than we’re used to seeing.


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  • Bob

    Kahlil Mack is already a star. Dude deserves to play in primetime!

  • Riffle,Rod&Fly

    It is unbelievable that the Bills, coming off a big win against GB; couldn’t beat the Raiders to save their playoff hopes.

    • James Whitener

      The Raiders are a better team.

      • D Boi

        Very false.

      • RaiderTruFan

        Stop smoking crack Raiders got lucky win just like all their win this season lol.

      • Close_the_door

        It all starts at the QB position and the Bills simply don’t have one.

        Who are we kidding though, even if they did, they’re still the Buffalo Bills and they always will be.

        Wide right.

  • Dildo Baggins

    Mike Mayock was right AGAIN. Mack was the top defensive player in the draft and the Texans should have taken him over Clowney.

    • James Whitener

      Why? Clowney is still the best player in his own mind.

    • Oluseyi Shay Adesulu

      Well if were taking score Mayock also said that Blane Gabert was going to be better than Cam Newton

      • DrAWNiloc

        There may be a pattern there. I like Mayock but I find he is much more accurate in judging defensive talent than offensive.

      • Close_the_door

        Well, there’s not a lot of difference.

  • It depends on what fails

    Bills were my “rooting for the underdog” pick in the AFC, why do they keep doing this? Now back to no meaningful games in december until they find a QB.

    Oakland needs to give Mack some help, after one decade of draft futility they got a top 5 player at his position and he is just a rookie.

  • rustymcgrady

    According to PFF Premium Stat points, Khalil Mack is the second best player in the NFL behind JJ Watt. The best overall outside linebacker in the league.