ReFo: Bills @ Jets, Week 8

Williams, Watkins, Smith, Vick and more from Sam Monson as he looks back at the Bills-Jets Week 8 matchup.

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ReFo: Bills @ Jets, Week 8

2014-REFO-WK08-BUF@NYJThe Percy Harvin era got underway at the Meadowlands but unfortunately the addition did little to address the underlying problems within that offense. Geno Smith threw three interceptions before being benches for Michael Vick, who threw one himself (and had another dropped) but did at least lead the team to some points.

For Buffalo, this was a game they would have struggled to lose given the turnovers from the Jets, but they did at least take advantage with Sammy Watkins breaking out several big plays (and embarrassing himself at the end of one with an early celebration).

Let’s take a look at who stood out.

Buffalo Bills – Performances of Note

Kyle Williams, DT: +4.3

Breakdown: It’s a constant testament to his ability that Kyle Williams remains the best player on a defensive front with multiple former first round draft picks on it. Notched a pair of sacks, but was also a constant thorn in the side of the Jets beyond those plays.

Signature Stat: Had seven total pressures in this game, two more than any other Buffalo defender.

Eric Wood, C: -5.9

Breakdown: If you’re facing the Jets, the chances are at least somebody on your offensive line is going to have a bad day at the office. This time it was Eric Wood at center who struggled badly trying to control the Jets’ linemen in the run game.

Signature Play: Q4, 12:07. This play was a low point for Wood, being controlled throughout and beaten first one side, then the other before NT Kenrick Ellis made the stop.

Sammy Watkins: WR, +0.6

Breakdown: This is the player the Bills wanted when they selected Sammy Watkins in the draft. His grade would have been higher had he not thrown away a touchdown by celebrating early and being caught from behind.

Signature Stat: Was thrown at five times, and caught just three passes, but those passes went for 157 yards and a touchdown.

New York Jets – Performances of Note

Geno Smith, QB: -5.9

Breakdown: Geno Smith only attempted eight passes. To achieve that kind of grade on just eight passes is some kind of all-time mark for futility at PFF. He was sat down after his third interception of the game or who knows how bad it could have been.

Signature Stat: Completed more passes (three) to Buffalo players than he did to his own teammates (two).

Michael Vick, QB: -4.8

Breakdown: Benching Smith was definitely the right move, but this grade from Vick should caution against too much celebrating from Jets fans. Vick made a couple of plays but made far more mistakes, and barely graded better than the man he replaced, albeit on far more snaps.

Signature Stat: Had a passer rating of just 14.6 when pressured.

Demario Davis, LB: +4.9

Breakdown: There were several fine performances on the Jets’ defense despite the scoreline, but Davis may have been the best. Was excellent against the run, making a team-high five defensive stops and throwing his body against lead blocks and linemen alike.

Signature Play: Q2, 14:10. Here Davis attacked the lead block from the fullback, standing it up in the hole, forcing a cut, and then working across a gap to make the tackle himself.

PFF Game Ball

The Bills had plenty of fine performances to choose from but none better than linebacker Preston Brown, who was excellent against both the run and pass.


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  • Dr. Martin van Nostrand

    -10.7 QB play from the Jets on Sunday. That’s virtually impossible to imagine.

    • Chris

      Josh Freemans -10.5 last year is one of the worst single game grades I can remember.

      • Dr. Martin van Nostrand

        I was just about to sigh about this, but then I remembered that the Freeman game you speak of must have been that MNF disaster against the Giants.

        Oh well. It’s still Josh Freeman. I’ll sigh anyway.

      • Seth Baker

        In his defense, he had a week to learn the offense before being asked to execute it. Geno Smith is on his second year, and Vick had all offseason.

        • Chris

          Oh I’m not defending either of the Jest QBs by any means. Vick has long been terrible with route progression and whoever the broadcaster was yesterday was hammering that home. Ball security is his other issue and he coughed it up twice.

          And Geno just sucks. Unless they’re aiming for draft order I’d be starting Vick. He may not be any good but he’s better than Geno, who makes Mark Sanchez look functional.

          I doubt Freeman was given anything complicated to run that week because of his limited install time, but the lack of prep really highlighted how bad he is at other things.

          • a57se

            Vick actually FUMBLEED 4 times yesterday…only lost two.
            I say put matt Simms behind Center. Let’s see if he can do worse!

          • Chris

            You can tell I didn’t watch much of that train wreck of a game.

            My favorite quote from the game?

            “And it’s like a car accident you slow down to watch as the Jets are back on offense here.” LMAO

          • [email protected]

            I don’t think Vick wants to play, i think he just wants to hold a clipboard for a few years and get a check.

  • Brian

    Whenever I feel bad about my Giants, I can at least look at the Jets and feel a bit better heh. I had the misfortune of watching that game and it was perhaps the most painful thing I saw. Down there with Sanchez vs Tebow years ago lol

    What a sad display. But hey, Geno came from West Virginia, one of those whacky college offenses. He was almost certainly going to struggle badly in the pros, AND he ended up on the Jets with no offensive firepower at all. What on earth were they thinking??

    • [email protected]

      At least they didn’t sacrifice additional draft choices to trade up to pick him like they did with Sanchez.