Redskins: Tom Compton had a bad day

| 3 years ago

Redskins: Tom Compton had a bad day

PFF-headlinesThe right tackle position has been an issue for the Washington Redskins this season. Tyler Polumbus opened the season as the starter, however he lost the job after conceding eight sacks in the first seven games. In those seven starts Polumbus had earned a -13.2 overall grade, 64th out of 71 offensive tackles, and his 20 total pressures gave him a 93.4 Pass Blocking Efficiency (PBE). Tom Compton, a swing tackle who had held his own in limited snaps, was the next man up.

The move seemed to pay off immediately as Compton conceded zero sacks, one QB hit and five total pressures in his first two and a half games, for a respectable 95.3 PBE and a +1.3 grade in pass protection. Then in the Week 11 loss to Tampa Bay it all went horribly wrong for Compton and the Redskins offensive line, as Robert Griffin III was sacked six times and the offensive line conceded 20 total pressures. Compton alone allowed two sacks, both to Jacquies Smith, and five QB hurries, earning a -5.3 grade in pass protection.

With Trent Williams possibly out this week on the other side of the line, it’s important that Compton forgets his bad day and gets back to his best San Francisco Sunday.

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      Pls tell me more :)

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    I miss the “Had a Bad Day” weekly article from PFF