Redskins: Quarterbacks following conservative plan

| 3 years ago

Redskins: Quarterbacks following conservative plan

PFF-headlinesThere were rumblings of quarterback controversy in Washington when Robert Griffin III injured his ankle early in week 2. Kirk Cousins started well, faded badly and was benched during the Week 7 game against the Titans, when journeyman Colt McCoy came to the rescue, breaking the Redskins  losing streak. It’s been reported that Griffin will return against the Vikings this week, with McCoy going back to the bench. Regardless of who gets the start, in Jay Gruden’s offensive scheme, all signal-callers have followed a conservative script.

McCoy has played efficiently, with an 85.7 Accuracy Percentage helping him to a team leading 101.22 PFF QB Rating. However 54.7% of his passes beyond the line of scrimmage traveled nine yards or less, particularly to the left side of the field.

All three quarterbacks combined have thrown 45.5% of their passes within the 0-9 yard window, with just 12.5 attempts traveling 20 yards or more through the air. The receivers are expected to turn short passes into large gains through their feet; as Pierre Garcon did for his 70 yard touchdown in Week 8.

Griffin has been more precise than McCoy, with an 88.6 Accuracy Percentage, but like McCoy he has favored shorter passes to the left. It remains to be seen how efficient Griffin will be on his return, but there’s little doubt the game plan will call for a lot of short passes.

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