Redskins GM right to downplay No. 5 pick Scherff

Washington's GM said its No. 5 overall draft pick Brandon Scherff isn't the most talented player. Our numbers agree.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Redskins GM right to downplay No. 5 pick Scherff

It’s not every day when your general manager comes out and says his top-5 draft pick from four months ago isn’t the most talented player. (He did have complimentary things to say about Scherff, including his toughness and character, which you can read here.) And based on what we saw last year of Brandon Scherff, we couldn’t agree more with Washington GM Scot McCloughan.

Scherff was the No. 54 offensive tackle in our grading last season, and he rarely stood out in the way you’d expect a first-round pick to do so – especially against the level of opposition he regularly faced in the Big Ten. He struggled mightily against unheralded Wisconsin pass-rusher Joe Schobert in Week 13, a game that gave us serious reason to question his ceiling, and his 24 combined allowed sacks, hits and hurries were the 19th-most of all draft-eligible tackles.

In some ways it’s refreshing to hear McCloughan talk about Scherff in these terms. When he calls him tough and speaks to the value he brings in being part of a unit, it’s clear that those are qualities to be valued in a player. Scherff didn’t miss a game despite having midseason surgery (which may very well have affected his performance), and he showed the kind of willingness in the running game to suggest he’d have perhaps more upside at guard (and teams love linemen who can play multiple spots).

But that’s where Scherff’s high draft position comes into play. Are all of those aforementioned qualities worth missing out on a potential difference-maker at No. 5 overall? Based on our data, it appears as though the upside on Scherff is only so high.

  • Aldo

    It was a tough decision as I’m not sure the difference maker was there and early word from camps tend to confirm this. Scherff represents a departure for the Redskins in that he’s been picked to upgrade a line that needs to play in a rougher power system than the finesse of the ZBS.

    His strength, power and tenacity will be accentuated at Guard and make difference for the club.

  • Kyle

    He was hurt in 2014. Watch his 2013 tape to understand the pick, and certainly don’t criticize it before getting all the information.

    • Tim Edell

      Gruden confirmed today that his long term position is definitely guard.