RB Efficiency, Zero RB, and Vision Yards: Part 2

Shawn Siegele looks at the RB situation on every team and finds trade targets and undervalued runners.

| 3 years ago
Lamar Miller

RB Efficiency, Zero RB, and Vision Yards: Part 2

LamarMillerI introduced the column a week ago in Part 1.

With nine weeks in the books this been one of the best years in memory for Zero RB. Ahmad Bradshaw, Lamar Miller, and Justin Forsett have all taken up residency in the Top 10. Mark Ingram, Ronnie Hillman, and Fred Jackson have been elite plays on a per game basis. Jeremy Hill, Bobby Rainey, and Branden Oliver have all been good for big games when in the starting lineup.

But this isn’t a good time to rest on your laurels. With playoff spots on the line over the next four weeks – and a championship to win after that – it’s time to check back in with our RB situations across the NFL and try to discover if there are any exploitable plays. This is also a good time to make dynasty moves aimed at the future.

This is Part 2.

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