Ranking the 2013 Offensive Lines: First Quarter

With each team having played a quarter of their games, Khaled Elsayed ranks each offensive line by how they've done thus far in 2013.

| 4 years ago

Ranking the 2013 Offensive Lines: First Quarter

oline-insets-kelce16. Philadelphia Eagles: -0.6

Stud: That monster again, Evan Mathis (+14.9). His work in pass protection has dropped off a tad but he’s really enjoying the Chip Kelly offense.

Dud: He’s a rookie so you have to take your lumps, but you’d like to see fewer than the 21 quarterback disruptions Lane Johnson (-8.9) has allowed.

Summary: They’d be higher but for the meltdown endured by Jason Kelce against the Giants in the run game. He was our top-ranked center until that abomination. Still, a good athletic line that is a big part of the success of LeSean McCoy.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers: -0.5

Stud: It’s the right guard David DeCastro (+4.8) who is the one to keep an eye on.

Dud: He’s been benched for now and it’s not really a surprise. Mike Adams (-9.7) was struggling out there.

Summary: From snap to whistle there’s be no real drop off with Fernando Velasco on the field as the interior of this line has done a nice job. It’s as good a Steelers line as we’ve seen in a while, which admittedly isn’t saying much.

14. San Francisco 49ers: +1.3

Stud: He’s not reached the heights of last year but Joe Staley (+5.2) is still playing well.

Dud: You have to wonder if the team will re-sign Jonathan Goodwin (-3.9) after the year. He’s serviceable, but do they think they can do better?

Summary: The best line in the league last year hasn’t been the best in 2013. They’ve not got the same level of play out of Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis and it’s hurting their production on offense.

13. New Orleans Saints: +3.5

Stud: You rarely notice Zach Strief (+9.1), who is the model of consistency in pass protection with just a sack, hit and five hurries allowed on the year.

Dud: The right guard spot has been troubling. It was worse when Tim Lelito had to stand in, but it has to be worrying how much Jahri Evans (-4.9) has struggled.

Summary: A line that just keeps getting the job done. They haven’t been let down by Ben Grubbs since he joined, and Brian De La Puente has been a very nice find. Would be higher but for the massive downgrade Lelito earned in his start.

12. San Diego Chargers: +4.7

Stud: It looks like Nick Hardwick (+6.8) is somewhere near back to being his best.

Dud: The idea to move Jeromey Clary (-7.6) to guard has gone about as well as expected. As in to say, it has not gone well.

Summary: They’ve made moves to get better and the proof is in the pudding. Philip Rivers is happier and his pocket is a lot cleaner. The tackles are doing a nice job and they’ve got better than expected play out of fill-in Johnnie Troutman. They’re young and on the rise.

11. Minnesota Vikings: +5.9

Stud: Last year he was the weak link but Brandon Fusco (+6.0) has turned it around exceptionally well.

Dud: The strength in this line this year isn’t so much that they have stars, but that nobody has been that bad. The worst of the bunch is Charlie Johnson (-1.5).

Summary: A drop off from last year but they’ve avoided the kind of catastrophic performance that can cripple. They just need to take things to the next level, and a lot of that is down to players like John Sullivan and Matt Kalil moving up a gear.

10. Detroit Lions: +6.3

Stud: It’s the rookie revelation Larry Warford (+8.3) who could stand with being more consistent in the run game, but has had a fine start to his NFL life.

Dud: We’ve been a little bit disappointed by Rob Sims (-3.7) and his poor work in the run game.

Summary: They’ve taken a step forward this year even after losing their top tackles from last year. That largely comes down to some better play from the inside, but the tackles have held their own.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +6.6

Stud: It’s gone unnoticed largely, but Donald Penn (+9.1) is playing rather well. He’s mauling people in the run game like few tackles can.

Dud: He never looked great before the injury, but Davin Joseph (-9.2) looks worse now.

Summary: You expect more given how much the team has invested in the line. As it is, their star players (the tackles) are both undrafted free agents, though the team will be better for getting Carl Nicks up to speed.

8. Carolina Panthers: +9.9

Stud: This could be his last year with the team and in the league, so it’s good to see Jordan Gross (+8.7) playing so well. As reliable as ever.

Dud: The team probably didn’t expect Chris Scott (-7.1) to have to play 248 snaps. He has and it has not gone well.

Summary: The good news is this line was getting good performances from its key players. The bad news is that one of those, Amini Silatolu, just went down and is out for the year and that’s a big blow. They need every advantage they can get.

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  • [email protected]

    Khaled, in your analysis, did NYJ grade out bad for both run blocking and pass protection?

  • osoviejo

    Be fun to see what Marshawn Lynch could do with a replacement level line. Expect the Seahawks to focus the bulk of their attention on offensive line upgrades in the offseason.

    • Darnell

      Might not even have to wait for the offseason. Maybe just late November early December they’ll be starting Okung-Carpenter-Unger-Giacomini maybe with Sweezy/Bowie/Bailey/Mcquistan for a guard spot.

  • Baron Zbimg

    Great piece, number 6 is missing though.

  • gabe

    Impressive that the Ravens and Seahawks are playing as well as they are despite horrific OL play.

    • Max

      They have real good OC’s that mask a lot of the garbage

    • [email protected]

      Russell Wilson has played exceptionally well. Especially on the 98 yard drive at houston. He had a 40 yard touchdown pass negated by PI and other penalties so he really took the team more like 200 yards.

  • Guest

    I guess they forgot #6?

  • ravensnhokies

    As a Ravens fan, you have no argument with those rankings from me. Their run blocking flat out sucks and its truly amazing that Joe hasn’t gotten injured with that eyesore they call pass pro.

  • LightsOut85

    I never thought I’d see the Chargers rise up this much anytime soon, even if it’s only on a small sample size.

    That said, I think it’s unfair to say that the move of Clary to guard was EXPECTED to go poorly. His weakness at OT was speed-rushers & a move to G should have played to his strength (his physical strength). Sure, the technique is different (better leverage usually), but I think that means it’s too early to call (ie: needing time to learn a new position).

    THAT said (lol), I hope Troutman can play RG (or Reinhart RG & Troutman LG) because if he averages out like he has been (granted, tiny sample) – I’d rather have him starting over Clary.

  • Ellicottraven

    I have no argument at all with this list. I think it is an accurate depiction of how bad our O-line is! Hopefully it will improve with Monroe, but we’ll see.

    I only hope Joe had a good O-line protecting him and create run lanes for Rice, but it’ll improve. Also, one needs to admire Flacco’s guts and durability to stand in the pocket and take that pounding and still make those throws. Amazing! I don’t believe any other QB would last a game with our O-line protecting him.

    And all these commentators crib about Roethlisberger, Rodgers and Ryan having no protection. Idiotic!

    Now when Flacco had a good O-line (even it was for only 5-6 games last season, he killed the competition and won the SB MVP. I only hope the front office brings in more help to protect him so we can repeat without question!

    • [email protected]

      You make a good point with Flacco. Unfortunately, you should look at Eli Manning, and the NYG. Why? Well, because it’s likely this is what Baltimore is going to look like…soon.
      Flacco has proven he’s good enough to win a SB, just like Jim Plunkett, Doug Williams, Jay Schroeder, Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Ben Roethlisberger (arguably had one the worst QB performance, in a SB of any who ever played in one, even the losers) and the aforementioned Eli Manning. All these guided overall talented teams to championships, they just aren’t capable of taking sub-standard talent to that level (Eli and Ben are showing us that right now).
      Baltimore’s decision to overpay Flacco is going t hurt their ability-see A Boldin- to provide adequate pieces around him. I mean they just traded for a middling LT, and he’s an upgrade. So, maybe Newsome will ace some drafts, but odds are against that. Flacco is trying to do his best P Manning/T Brady/A Rogers/D Brees imitation-win with lesser talent, and he’s struggling. As his cap number increases, this situation will get worse and his play level is likely to get even worse. Get used to this…..

      • [email protected]

        Oh, and I’m not talking about this year’s Broncos with Manning (though I don’t think they’d be 5-0, or breaking records, weekly, with Flacco). I’m talking about the 2010 version, that went 10-6 and then went 2-14 the next year when he was out. Brady is 4-1 with WR who couldn’t make the Ravens. Rogers won a SB with 15 guys on season ending IR.

      • Guest

        I think you mean Mark Rypien, not Jay Schroeder. Still agree with the point you’re making though.

        • [email protected]

          You’re right. Schroeder was actually the starter on the Williams SB champ (he injured his shoulder).

    • Chris Pool

      “Killed the competition”? Lol Baltimore fans. Ravens wouldn’t have even made it to the AFC Championship had it not been for completely horrible clock management and playcalling by Denver’s coaching staff. And it also required a prayer hail mary. Baltimore didn’t kill the competition, you don’t know what that word means.

      • lol

        good thing there was zero guarantee the Broncos would score again, you fucking idiot. yeah they made a horrible decision to run the clock out and take it into OT, but you cannot sit there and tell me the Broncos would get close enough for a FG AND make it with any certainty. that’s just making excuses and trying to rain on another team’s parade for whatever reason (butthurt, salty etc)

        can people who have no idea what they’re talking about stop posting on the internet?

        • Guest

          That would mean you stop posting faggot but here you are.

  • Raul BC

    Hi… I would have thought Dolphins OL would be ranked to the bottom 3. The sacks they allowed on the last two series of the BALT game were decisive, with a tie game in the final 5min of the 4th Quarter: on the next to last one drive 2 sacks killed the drive that potentially would have taken a lead and it force them to gave the ball back to BALT in good field position, so BALT got a 3-point lead and on the last drive, the final sack contributed to try a harder 57-yard FG to tie, which obviously was not good. Not to mention the 20-something yards rushing. I can definitively say their poor play cost them the game.

    • mike jones

      I’m a dolphins fan. I figure tannehill is responsible for about 40% of those sacks. He needs to get the ball out quicker, even if it just needs to be thrown out of bounds. Part of this is on scheme, because they rarely is an outlet receiver and if there is a back he’s blocking, but a pig part of it is on tannehill – and I love tannehill.

      • [email protected]

        Wait, according to ‘gllmiaspr’ (just above) “Tannehill is 5th fastest in average time to throw.” I don’t watch Miami, but the stats would suggest, you’re just highlighting a few plays, because the numbers don’t back you up.

  • Jeff

    I still think some Offensive lines should be graded on a curve based on the quarterbacks. Just look at the Broncos, you knew they would be either 1 or 2, when you have Peyton Manning back there throwing the ball. The guy takes less then 2.5 seconds to get rid of the ball. Whereas if you look at the Jets and their quarterback who takes about an extra second to release the ball. Plus he fails to recognize potential blitzers and adjust his blocking accordingly.

    • http://letterboxd.com/still_in_bruges/ Steve James

      Yes, Manning gets the ball out quickly, but if his offensive line was not so good his season wouldn’t even be in the same ballpark as it is now. OLine is the #1 most important thing to winning, throwing the ball, really anything. Besides the Seahawks, where R Wilson is running all over the p[lace to make up for a bad line, it already shows in the QB’s.

    • bonairsfavoriteson

      pretty easy to get rid of the ball fast when most of your throws are only 10 yds. or less up field. basically long hand offs.

    • Chris Pool

      Ah yes, adjust for stupidity. That’s the kind of thing we need in stats, handicaps!

  • gllmiaspr

    You are giving the Dolphins OL a break at the expense of Tannehill and in cotradiction to your Signature Stats by attributing their 24 sacks to the time Thill spends in the pocket.
    According to your Signature Stats Tannehill is 5th fastest in average time to throw. He is completing about 70% of his throws in 2.5 seconds or less (second only to Stafford and ahead of Brees and Manning.
    How do you reconcile this statement with your published stats?

  • UpStateMike

    You Steelers fans are an angry lot this season, no?

  • Jimmy Hoffa

    Its too bad PFF hasn’t been around longer because this would be the first time since 1966 that the Detroit Lions had a top 10 offensive line.

  • Abdallah Awwad

    aaron rodgers gets sacked 14 times in 5 games and apparently the packers have a top ten oline, i mean what a joke, steelers don’t have a good oline, caroline doesn’t have a good oline. wow, and the bears who are top ten in terms of giving up sacks are 18th. wow just wow. i would love to see a team made up by PFF, vs a team made by regular people and we would see the results.

  • richardfg7

    Sweezy and Carpenter are horrible guards for Seattle. Pete Carroll better find help now while he still has a healthy Russell Wilson.