Raiders: Mack Moving Forward

| 3 years ago

Raiders: Mack Moving Forward

PFF-headlinesAt one point in lead-up to the 2014 draft, Khalil Mack was considered so promising that whispers circulated regarding his availability by the time the Oakland Raiders were on the clock with the 5th overall pick. Thankfully, fortune favored the silver-and-black and the front-office got their man.

Mack is currently the highest rated 4-3 outside linebacker, out-grading All-Pro level talent such as Von Miller and Lavonte David. Mack’s real strength comes against the run where he has earned a +45.7 grade. This is over twice as much as the next positional player in that same category (DeAndre Levy, +18.4).

In order for the Raiders to capitalise on Mack, they’ll need to develop the other areas of his game. Currently, Mack is rarely asked to provide coverage and instead, he is blitzing 84.9% of the time, the highest rate of anyone at his position. While he’s not producing a ton of box score stats as a pass rusher (only three sacks) he’s definitely having a positive impact.  His +4.3 pass rush grade ranks seventh among his peers.

All told, Mack’s success bodes well for the future of the Raiders defense and warrants strong consideration for Defensive Rookie of the Year honors.

  • Bob

    My understanding was that he’s been playing 3-4 OLB almost exclusively. Every other time I’ve seen him mentioned on PFF this year he’s been listed as such!

  • Dildo Baggins

    Thats weird. Mack was listed among the 3-4 outside linebackers prior to this game. His grade also was around 34, not 56,2

  • Michael Canaan

    It’s difficult to pinpoint but Raiders play a 4-3 over most of the time on early downs, where is usually outside shoulder of tight end. On passing downs he has hand in dirt as DE, and especially yesterday, was rushing from the wide-9 position. Regardless, if you don’t watch every Raider game the only way to describe Khalil is that he plays like a rabid animal. TE’s don’t stand a chance, and only the real savvy OT can get a grip on him. If you go back to when Raiders scrimmaged Cowboys in Training Camp, he was winning his 1v1’s on Tyron Smith.

  • rustymcgrady

    Raiders don’t play 3-4 defense, that’s why they changed the metrics. He lines up as a default 4-3 OLB on running downs and as a DE on passing downs.