Race for Rookie of the Year, Week 6

This race is looking a little one-sided at the moment as Jet ace Sheldon Richardson continues to dominate. Can anyone stop him?

| 4 years ago
ROY wk6

Race for Rookie of the Year, Week 6

ROY wk6This was supposed to be a week where Sheldon Richardson was challenged by all those around him. Instead, his rivals failed to make the kind of plays that would prevent him opening up a bigger gap as the Jet cements himself the top rookie from 2013.

Outside of him we saw a running back make plays in space, a center continue to prove the doubters wrong, and a safety justify a teams offseason moves. Just another week for the first year guys in our Race for Rookie of the Year.


1. Sheldon Richardson, DE, Jets: +13.1

While others struggled, Richardson once again delivered the goods. He’s our third-ranked 3-4 defensive end on the year with a healthy 18 defensive stops thrown in for good measure. His play against Pittsburgh saw him grade above +2.2 for the fifth time this year.

2. Kiko Alonso, LB, Bills: +5.4

Rewarded by a hometown scorer who gave him an assist for being in the general vicinity of a downed runner, Alonso actually had his lowest grade of the year versus the Bengals. Still, he was excellent before this game and has proved a real find so far.

3. Giovanni Bernard, RB, Bengals: +7.9

In the modern NFL it’s not just about what running backs can do taking hand-offs. Bernard has a healthy 4 yards per carry but it’s his work catching the ball out of the backfield that has pushed him to third overall in our running back rankings.

4. Larry Warford, RG, Lions: +8.6

We’d like to see a little more in the running game from Warford, who has peaked with some fine performances (see Week 4) with a lot of average ones. That’s still a great return and an upgrade for the Lions, but won’t help him move up from here.

5. Travis Frederick, C, Cowboys: +4.9

For the fourth game in a row Frederick graded in the green, even if his Week 6 showing wasn’t as impressive as his other outings in that period. Some rookie linemen seem like they’re in the lineup as much for where they were drafted as anything. Frederick is not one of them.

6. Star Lotulelei, DT, Panthers: +5.2

Has been very quiet since his first two games of the year and it has culminated with his worst grade of the year against the Vikings. Trending downwards right now.

7. D.J. Fluker, RT, Chargers: +5.1

After the tough 2012 the Chargers line endured it’s been refreshing to see how stable Fluker has been at right tackle, especially given the play of some of the other rookie linemen.

8. Eric Reid, S, 49ers: +4.9

Have the 49ers felt the loss of Dashon Goldson? Not so much with how Reid is developing. Our eighth-ranked safety on the year has cut back on the early-season missed tackles and making plays when the team needed him to.

9. Tyrann Mathieu, DB, Cardinals: +4.3

The versatile Mathieu let himself down with a silly penalty but continues to make plays and show a nose for the ball. Proven well worth the third-round pick already after a much scrutinized process from draft prospect to NFL starter.

10. Keenan Allen, WR, Chargers: +4.7

Two games on the bounce over 100 yards as Allen establishes himself as the kind of receiver Philip Rivers desperately needs. 12 targets were his most of the year as his role and impact continues to grow.


Dropping Out

Akeem Spence, DT, Buccaneers: Everything that could go wrong against the Eagles for Spence seemed to.

John Jenkins, DT, Saints: Drew a blank on his 19 snaps against the Patriots, with their fast tempo and three receiver sets not built to get the best out of him.


Five to Watch

Andre Ellington, RB, Cardinals: Only playing time prevents the playmaking Ellington make the list.

Kawann Short, DT, Panthers: Added four more quarterback disruptions to his season total as he creeps closer to making the main section.

Eddie Lacy, RB, Packers: The more he plays the harder it is to leave him off the Top 10. Added something to the Packers’ offense.

Corey Lemonier, LB, 49ers: With Aldon Smith potentially out for the year is taking advantage of the playing time to make a name for himself.

Marcus Cooper, CB, Chiefs: Is really impressing right now and stood up to the challenge of filling in for Brandon Flowers with very little dropoff.


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  • corners

    2 bad sturgis K Dolphins,missed his kick against the ravens. Was Mr.Automatic with some big kicks for a rookie

  • EarnLikeAPro.com

    Wow, Big Shel dominating. Saw this at times with Mizzou, but still a little surprising.

    With Geno’s bad game I wonder if Gio has moved closer in the OROY race.

  • Antonio Lee

    No Kayvon Webster?

  • Jon

    Why the low grade for Alonso? 22 tackles and the Bengels TEs were a non factor. Alonso is great in coverage and is not getting a lot of credit for it in this grading system.

    • kuhydb

      The Bills inflate tackle stats like no other team

      • Toby

        I just complained about that to our commissioner for our IDP. half a point per assisted tackle and he had “13” when it is not even an official NFL stat. Its just some Bills stat guy giving him extra credit.

    • Norbot

      Agreed. Kiko has played like a man possessed this year. With stats like his, I don’t know how the ROY isn’t an open and shut case.

    • Bob

      Kiko was all over the field, but out of position on occasion. I don’t fully blame him for the long screens by Bernard, but overall this was his worst showing so far (still better than anything Kelvin Sheppard ever did). 1/4 of the teams tackles is still impressive though, just wish they weren’t so far down field.

    • Anthony Kreinbrink

      Bengals’ TEs a non-factor? Did you happen to notice that the Bengals racked up 165 yards rushing against the very well-regarded front 7 of the Bills? Good blocking by TEs has a close relationship with such production. Learn the game better, Jon.

    • Bilal

      You realize he’s the number 1 coverage ILB in this grading system?

  • Kleiny

    Alec Ogletree not even in the “Five to Watch?”

    • #9458248

      You must be a Rams fan.

  • Kevin

    All 4 games Lacy has a positive grade. I have to imagine(like you mentioned) if he performs like he has the last 2 games he will crack the top 10 and work his way up from there.

    He should have a good chance to win OROY the way he is playing. Not only on PFF but for the Associated Press also.

    • #9458248

      $100 you’re a Packers fan.

      • Kevin

        What does that have to do with anything? Do you disagree with my statement? Why not add something to a conversation instead of making a stupid comment..

        • #9458248

          What does you being a Packer fan have to do with a statement talking up the virtues of a Packer RB for ROY?

          Are you serious?

          It’s kinda like me, after Ziggy had 2.5 sacks in his first 2 games, screaming out like a retard, ‘If Ziggy keeps this up, he’ll have around 40 sacks on the season and will win lots of awards and stuff.’

          I don’t disagree with you statement, I just think it’s obvious, stupid and biased to point to 2 games and say, ‘if he plays every game like this, he’ll be ROY!.’

          It’s a form a self masturbation in the mirror from a homer fan, isn’t it?

          • Kevin

            I pointed to 4 games and if you don’t disagree with my statement, why go through all the trouble?

            The Packers are going through injuries and are only going to rely on Lacy more now. I have no doubt he will keep up his pace barring injury so whats wrong with me saying he will be in OROY contention? Nothing.

            BTW Ansah didn’t have 2.5 sacks in his first 2 games 😉 I’m a biased Packers fan and know that.

            I just think its stupid to comment on every1’s opinion the way you did. You might as well not comment at all if you’re not going to add anything of value to the conversation. Especially if you’re going to say you don’t disagree after the fact.

      • Jon

        have you watched Lacy play in the past few games? Hes on fire

        • #9458248

          Hey, no argument. I’m a Lions fan, I know very well how he’s playing. He’s got a burst to him, that’s for sure.

          I was more making a joke how whenever people fire up for a guy, 99% chance it’s not because of the player and that they think he’s good, it’s because he plays for their team.

  • Defiancy

    Curious. Why is Travis Frederick ranked above two other guys with a higher grade (one of which is an Olineman)? Same question about Alonso?

    • Guest

      He also makes the line calls. He’s responsible for a lot more than the physical side of the game.

  • deep throat

    Robert Lester being overlooked here.

  • David Harte

    Eric Reid is much too low here–playing at a very high level in games that matter, etc., which you just can’t say about many above him on your list. In other words, if Reid screws up, the 49ers are in trouble; Richardson and Alonso are not worried about playoff implications….