Q&A with Cris Collinsworth: Weeden, injuries, and more

In this week's PFF Q&A with Cris Collinsworth, Cris answered your questions about Brandon Weeden, Alex Smith's deep ball, Baltimore's chances, and more.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Q&A with Cris Collinsworth: Weeden, injuries, and more

Cris Collinsworth took to Facebook today to answer your NFL questions on the PFF Facebook page. Here are some of his answers:


Matthew Mello asked: Some have opined that the rash of injuries to high-profile players in just the first two games of the series is a product of a lack of contact/ real game conditions in the preseason. However, there was a great hue and cry against preseason games because of high-profile players getting injured in “meaningless” games. Where do you think the balance is?

Cris: I’ve never believed that more than two preseason games are necessary. College football has no preseason games. Money is the answer to most questions, and I think it explains the preseason schedule. But, it’s hard to say that an injury like Tony Romo’s was caused by anything that happened in preseason. It’s a tough game, and there will always be injuries.


Mark Heidelberg asked: Do you think the Ravens can still make the playoffs despite an 0-2 start?

Cris: Yes, but they have to beat the Bengals this week, and they’ll have to find someone to replace the leadership of Terrell Suggs. He is an incredibly dynamic presence in their locker room and cannot be replaced.


Greg Kennedy asked: What do you think is causing the extremely poor play out of all the #Eagles Oline? I understand the guards are new, but we are seeing poor play from Peters, Kelce, and Johnson as well? Has there been a scheme change?

Cris: I thought Evan Mathis had been one of the best guards in the NFL for several years. It’s hard to replace great players and expect everything to stay as it was.


Kevin Nett asked: Will anyone in the NFC prevent the Packers from making it to the Super Bowl?

Cris: The Packers are certainly the favorites, especially now that Tony Romo and Dez Bryant are hurt for Dallas. But, you can’t ignore how Arizona and Atlanta are playing. Also, don’t forget Seattle started 3-3 last year and ended up in the Super Bowl.


Steven Mullenax asked: Can the 2-0 Dallas Cowboys still make the playoffs without Tony Romo under center for eight weeks? Thoughts on Brandon Weeden and if the Cowboys should look elsewhere to find Romo’s fill-in?

CrisI thought Brandon Weeden looked great, though they really won the game with their defense. Because Tony Romo takes days off for his back, Weeden has probably got more practice time in than any QB in the NFL—and it showed.


Neil Modric Mcnally asked: So tell me Cris, just how angry was Tom Brady when you spoke to him last week? Seems like the offseason distraction has made him decide to go after every single season passing record. He looks ANGRY!!!

Cris: He was fired up. You’re right, in 2007 when “Spygate” was going on, he destroyed all the passing records. He seems locked in again.


Phillip Vincent McGruder asked: Cris, we know that Alex Smith is not a deep throwing QB like Rodgers, Romo, & Brees, but do you believe since he has Maclin, Kelce, DAT, Wilson, Avant, Charles, Conley, & Davis that he should consistently take more deep shots vertically for the Chiefs Offense to have success? IMO, they can be this season’s version of the Cowboys from last season! What do you think?

Cris: I think it’s always dangerous to be something you’re not. I’ve seen him make plenty of deep throws (it’s not a question of arm strength), I just think it’s a style he’s comfortable with, and has been successful with.


Kevin Williams asked: What’s your opinion of Blake Bortles? BTW, I sure miss your insightful commentary on “Inside the NFL”!

Cris: I think a lot more of him this year than I did last year.


Mahmoud Volts asked: Cris, after watching Philly drown last night, how short is Sam Bradford’s leash in your opinion?

Cris: I don’t think it’s short at all—Philly doesn’t have a choice.


Thanks to everyone that submitted questions. Be sure to look for another PFF Q&A with Cris Collinsworth soon on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

  • GESBoulder

    Can someone ask Cris why Sunday Night Football drowns out the announcers with blaring music and stadium noise. For much of the game they are just a mumble with the occasional random word comprehensible.

    • Taylor Christian Vance

      Might want to check your volume settings

  • crosseyedlemon

    It’s been a few years since I’ve seen the graphic on how many 0-2 teams reach the playoffs. I think it was in the range of about 25% then. Ravens have lost Suggs and their offense is very anemic so I don’t like their chances at all.

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