Projected Lineups: Washington Redskins

Moving on to the second team in the draft order, Khaled Elsayed looks at the Redskins' current situation.

| 3 years ago

Projected Lineups: Washington Redskins

32-lineups-WASContinuing our dive into how the NFL rosters currently look, we’re turning our attention to the team with the second-worst record in the NFL, the Washington Redskins.

As is the norm, we’re only looking at players who are either currently under contract or are exclusive rights/ restricted free agents, so if you’re team’s lineup is missing your favorite player, you’ll know why. We’re also adding some spiel to look at the cap situation, some possible help from within, and more to go with our graphical representation of the strengths of each team.

For Washington and their new Head Coach Jay Gruden, they’ve got something approaching a blank canvas to work with. With a whole slew of free agents it’s clear they’ll have to make many moves to replenish a depleted roster that was already very weak in certain areas.

–  Player markers are colored per class on a six-step ‘Poor’ to ‘High Quality’ scale based on their overall performance and the league’s elite are marked separately in blue.
–  Colored outlines suggest a potential change in class.
–  Underlined players will be 30+ years old for the 2014 season.
–  Red player names suggest injury risks.
–  Click on the image to enlarge.

Lineup WAS

Roster Notes

There aren’t many teams that feature as much “grey” on their graphic as the Redskins. That speaks volumes to the situation they find themselves in, but also sees them a prime candidate to go big on re-signing some players before they hit the open market. We’re looking chiefly at Brian Orakpo and DeAngelo Hall in that regard.

– It may surprise some to see Ryan Kerrigan earning the ‘average’ marker given his sack production since entering the league. But while he has at times flashed the big play, he too often fails to turn enough of his significant number of snaps into pressure. He’s coming off a year where he was only 18th out of 41 3-4 outside linebackers in terms of Pass Rushing Productivity.

– A more interesting player is Barry Cofield. He earned the ‘solid starter’ marker but that owed much to his subpar work against the run. He’s not your prototypical 2-gap nose tackle, but that doesn’t excuse his lack of impact there as an every down player. That is in stark contrast to the terror he creates rushing the passer. He finished fifth in 2013 and ninth in 2012 of all defensive tackles with his grading there.

– Much like you, we remain in the dark as to the plans of Gruden when it comes to the offensive line. What we do know is they have a stud left tackle in Trent Williams who should flourish anywhere, whereas every other member of the line will take something of a hit if they move away from the zone-based rushing attack Team Shanahan preferred.

2014 Cap Situation

After two years of cap penalties the team find themselves in excellent condition with close to $30m in cap room and a number of big contracts off the books. They were forced to sit on their hands somewhat in last years free agency and this year look set to make a splash while needing to fill a number of holes.

Potential Casualties

They’re not really in a position to be saying goodbye to many more veterans with so many already hitting the road, but if they do decide the smaller more agile linemen aren’t fit for purpose, they could save $8.5m in cap money by releasing all of their starting linemen bar Trent Williams. An unlikely scenario, but Chris Chester ($2.7m cap hit per is a prime contender. They might also say goodbye to a defensive end especially with reports suggesting they are prioritizing the signing of Chris Baker due to his positional versatility. Then it’s a straight fight between the perennially-injured Adam Carriker (who would save about £3M), or free agent disappointment Stephen Bowen (whose release would save £2M).

Opportunities from the Roster

A lot depends on who the team is able to bring back. Your gut tells you to expect DeAngelo Hall, Brian Orakpo and possibly Perry Riley to return on the defense which still leaves a boatload of places in the secondary, and a starting spot at inside linebacker to play for. As you can tell from the guys we’ve put in as currently atop the depth chart, nothing is set in stone. Perhaps one of the more interesting things to watch will be if Jarvis Jenkins can take a leap forward and challenge for a starting spot after a quiet sophomore season, or if 2012 fifth round selection Adam Gettis (+1.8 grade in preseason) might make a linemen expendable.


* If you see anything wrong with the lineup as currently listed, please send feedback to @PFF on Twitter. We won’t promise to change it, but we will have a look.


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  • Jon Fox

    Why wouldn’t Keenan Robinson be the starter at ILB?

    • Jason Barnett

      injury? The other two guys have no injury history, versus Keenan being constantly injured they might just have figured that makes them more likely starters

      • Jon Fox

        Im a redskins fan and I’ve barely heard of the two ILBs listed as the starters. Keenan Robinson might not have been a big pick and has missed a lot of time, but he should be listed as one of the starter right now over either of those two.

  • kyle

    confused as to why Trent Williams isnt in the blue, as he was the number 1 rated tackle..

    • Lelouch vi Britannia

      He hasn’t received grades anywhere near this for previous years. There might be some concern that it’s a fluke season.

    • Thomas Holm

      Same reason as why Duane Brown wasnt rated Elite.

    • Hannah Hayes

      Williams is Dark Green with “probable to be elite” blue circle around him. After one great season, that seems more than fair.

  • jdouble777

    Will this be updated as signing take place? Maybe a designated area we could find these from the home page? Love this concept! If we sign legit CB1 (Davis, Cromartie, Grimes, Harris Jr, Munnerlyn, Verner) then I love the Hall signing. His all or nothing would work great against WR2s where most teams don’t have Jeffery. Dansby would be massive, further mentoring Riley and the only legit MLB on the market…sad he wants to stay in ARZ. If Orakpo wants more than 6M/per then franchise him. If forced to go cheap at ILB then try to grab two of the best safeties (Ward, Whitner, Byrd) or at least one! ha Would love to pair one with Delmas, but doubt he would come… I’m all for cutting Carriker and letting Gattis/Jenkins rotate. Another idea would be grabbing true monster NT and moving Coefield out to his true position. Heck do both and cut Bowen. Most important is getting RGIII some more weapons, he was average until Reed showed up and then went back to that once he got hurt. Garcon cannot do it all and the rest of the corps are not legit, great side pieces but… Decker would be fantastic, but obviously a lot of this is dreaming… Maybe a James Jones and Ginn would cost the same while getting the much needed kick returner to boot? NE has an interesting decision on Edleman as does SEA with Baldwin and Tate, Baldwin deserves a chance to be a true WR2…give the guy 1000 snaps