Projected Lineups: Oakland Raiders

Rick Drummond runs through the Raiders' roster and has a look at the current state of the starting lineup.

| 3 years ago

Projected Lineups: Oakland Raiders

32-lineups-OAKOne look at this current view of the Raiders’ lineup puts into perspective the state of things as Phase 3 of the roster demolition/rebuild gets underway. Last season’s slew of ‘let’s just field a full team’ one-year deals are set to expire and the dead money from past misgivings is melting away, so that clean-slate fresh start Reggie McKenzie’s regime has maneuvered for is finally here.

Needless to say there are scarce few locked-in solutions already on board, so the additions we see this offseason – via the draft and in using their massive cap space to keep a couple of their own and add through free agency — will be critical as the foundation is set down.

–  Player markers are colored per class on a five-step ‘Poor’ to ‘High Quality’ scale based on their overall performance and the league’s elite are marked separately in blue.
–  Colored outlines suggest a potential change in class.
–  Underlined players will be 30+ years old for the 2014 season.
–  Red player names suggest injury risks.
–  Click on the image to enlarge.

Lineup OAK

Roster Notes

– First off, it’s a good clue that if the cornerstone talent of your lineup is a hybrid fullback, you might have larger roster issues. But using that player on just 48% of your offensive snaps only helps to compound things. Reece is a great piece in danger of being wasted.

– Faced with the key rebuild question: do you get the roster in place and then secure the QB to run it or get the QB first and add around him? Oakland can go either way at this point with the QB answer not yet found. The signal-callers available at No. 5 on draft day could show their hand in this regard.

– 353 snaps of unimpressive play from last year’s first-round pick didn’t take the CB position forward as it should have. Perhaps there’s a huge step coming in the second season for a hopefully healthy Hayden, but regardless, the CB roster is once again stripped down and in need of more than a rented talent infusion.

– Contracts are up for seven of the nine O-linemen/ D-linemen who started the final game in 2013. Left in their place are an unhealthy mix of players proven short of the task and those who’ve not logged enough time to tell. Jared Veldheer and Lamarr Houston have been the headline free agents of the group, but the Pat Sims/Vance Walker interior D-Line duo put in work deserving of new deals and Tony Pashos was a stabilizing factor in his 12 games after joining the team at the end of camp.

– A healthy Tyvon Branch and the re-signing of an out-of-options Charles Woodson or under-utilized Usama Young would send Brandian Ross back to a reserve role and remove one of the secondary’s weakest links, but the spot needs attention in the form of a long-term answer soon.

2014 Cap Situation

Carrying a cap space number that looks to be the highest in the league (near $60M per, the Raiders find themselves in unfamiliar territory. The cap dance of days past will look a little different as dollars aren’t being shuffled around in deadline-beating desperation, but rather as part of a plan to spend wisely, hoping for a lot of bang from a lot of bucks.

Potential Casualties

If the team is not satisfied with the bankroll they’ve positioned for already, the largest potential for additional savings would be in the form of 31-year-old linebacker, Kevin Burnett. His value as a veteran presence and his work done as a run defender last season would point to him being retained, but that $3.5M savings has to be attractive to a team now addicted to trimming every bit of cap fat.

Perhaps a more likely move would be seeing 30-year-old guard Mike Brisiel sent off a year after he restructured to stay aboard. His 2013 was a step better than the season before, but both guard spots could use upgrades and the $1.4M savings he represents would be one more reason for the team to part ways.

Opportunities from the Roster

Grabbing hold of a starting spot late in 2013, wide receiver Andre Holmes flashed the chops to have an impact on the outside. His +3.9 receiving grade and quality work as a blocker may have given him grip on a secondary role in this receiving corps that still lacks a top dog.

Matt McCants served in most games as an overload tackle, but showed well when thrust in as an emergency starter on the right side. The three hurries he gave up on 118 pass-blocking snaps produced an impressive Pass Blocking Efficiency score of 98.1 and his run blocking was no worse than league average. With both Jared Veldheer and Tony Pashos looking for deals, McCants could push 2013 pick Menelik Watson for consideration on the right or maybe even get a look at guard.


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  • MrBoo

    Lets hope they dont make the same mistakes and spend all their money on free agents… Teams like Seattle and Green Bay are the way to go.

    • Thomas James

      Agreed they need to keep developing the young group they are around, but the best GMs know how to acquire players both ways.

      • MrBoo

        true, but still most of those free agents are free for a reason 😉 u can pick up 1 or 2 each year but u have to overpay them so hard (Wallace or Ellerbe of Miami, Carr of Dallas, Williams Bills). They wont be a factor next year anyway so just keep building a strong team and be patient

  • David Cutaia

    They’re going to sign Terrell owens to a 5 year 300 million dollar deal….

  • chucker

    Wow….Crawford is an adequate starter?

    • RickDrummond

      My bad. Flubbed the coloring job on that one. Fixed now.

      • Lawrence Jahn

        Dude, you flubbed the whole list, This isnt even close. If you think this is a “Projected 2014 Starting Lineup” you are clueless when it comes to the Raiders.

        • RickDrummond

          Appreciate the kind words Lawrence. :) What changes would you suggest from the current roster with UFAs counted out?

          • Lawrence Jahn

            Whats the point of making the list without UFA’s when it is nothing resembling what their starting lineup will actually be. Look at it now. Does it look anything remotely like this? No. So the only kind words I can offer is this is mental masterbation and thats the best I can give ya as I do the depth chart @ Thanks.

          • Lawrence Jahn

            Furthermore the fact you dont have Reece as Elite is a mistake. Roach, Holmes and Streater are also under-ranked as far as talent.

          • Lawrence Jahn

            McCants who we resigned today did better than Adequate/Below Adequate also last year. Im gonna jump to a conclusion, something I hate to do and say that you didnt watch all the games last year. If I missed a dozen games since 1970, Id be surprised. Win, lose or tie, Raider till I die.

        • souldogdave .

          these guys are turds, someone didn’t do their job.

        • souldogdave .

          second that, who is this idiot writer, what are his credentials?

    • souldogdave .

      you are an idiot

  • Jeff

    For teams like Oakland and Jacksonville with an abyss of cap space to fill, don’t they have to spend close to around 90% as the new collective bargaining agreement has dictated? (They can’t just coast around and not spend up to the cap like the small market teams of old that collected on the shared profits)

  • Alan

    This is a terribly depressing graphic

    • Lawrence Jahn

      The 3 worst players are not starting. IN fact only 7 of the players listed on this chart are.

  • toec

    Why eliminate UFAs? The chart would be more interesting if the UFAs were listed. Nearly all of the grays are unlikely to start where they are listed.

  • souldogdave .

    wow, stupid attention, Raiders are on the up.The retarded lack of attention to reality makes your writers look REALLY STUPID.Your whole lineup is wrong, do you actually pay these fools to write for you?

  • Derek Long

    I think it is time to update the projected lineups now that the major wave of FA is over.

  • Derek Long

    Andre Holmes was graded higher than Streater in 2013, but he is below average to Streater’s average?