Williams speaks on Kirk Cousins’ contract situation

Washington's new senior VP of player personnel addressed the quarterback's play and his contract status.

| 1 week ago
(Dan Mullan, Getty Images)

(Dan Mullan, Getty Images)

Williams speaks on Kirk Cousins’ contract situation

  • Following Doug Williams’ appointment as the Washington Redskins senior vice president of player personnel, Williams spoke to NFL Network’s Steve Wyche on Friday and addressed quarterback Kirk Cousins’ contract situation ahead of the July 15 franchise tag deadline.
  • Williams implored Cousins to see the big picture, and said “with the weapons that he has and the offensive line that he has… quite naturally you want Kirk Cousins as quarterback.” The Redskins offensive line is coming off a strong year, in which they allowed just 13 sacks all season, the second-fewest behind the Oakland Raiders. Their overall pass-blocking efficiency of 80.9 ranked 12th of 32 teams in the NFL.
  • In Cousins’ last two years as starter, he has earned passing grades of 81.9 and 85.6, ranking 14th and eighth in the league, respectively. His overall grade of 85.9 in 2016 ranked him eighth at the position.
  • Cousins’ adjusted accuracy percentage of 78.5 percent in 2015 ranked second in the league, and his 2016 percentage of 76.3 percent ranked eighth. He finished the 2016 season with a passer rating of 97.2, ranking seventh of 29 quarterbacks with at least 400 dropbacks.
  • Since becoming starter in 2015, Cousins starts games strongly, but his production slightly drops off after the third quarter. Cousins can improve by finishing games as strong as he starts them.

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  • Pullit

    If I was him I’d wouldn’t sign a long term deal. He can franchise tag himself to unbelievable riches. It’ll go up every year exponentially. If he plays well and stays healthy he could make even the best long term deal look pathetic.