Why new Miami coach Adam Gase and QB Ryan Tannehill are a good match

The hiring of new Dolphins head coach Adam Gase should have a positive impact on quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

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(AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

(AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

Why new Miami coach Adam Gase and QB Ryan Tannehill are a good match

Adam Gase was a hot commodity this offseason, with interviews planned for most teams in the NFL with a head-coaching vacancy. He opted to join the Miami Dolphins, however, and while his motivations for doing so are known only to him, it’s fair to assume that the team having a settled quarterback situation played a part.

Here’s why Gase and QB Ryan Tannehill appear to be a perfect match:

Tannehill has lots of ability: This season was a rough one for Tannehill, as he ranked just 24th in the NFL in PFF’s passing grades – a huge drop-off from his previous performances. He put together an excellent season in 2013, finishing as our fifth-ranked QB. He ranked in the top 10 of our grades in 2014, as well, a sign that this past season may have been more of an aberration than an indication that he isn’t capable of high-level play. And there is reason to believe that Gase could be the perfect coach to get the best out of him.

Gase’s track record with QBs is excellent: It’s hard to quantify just how much of Peyton Manning’s success in Denver had to do with Gase, as Manning’s Hall of Fame resume existed well before the two worked together, but Manning certainly speaks highly of his former coach. And John Fox clearly acknowledges Gase’s ability, taking him to Chicago with him to lead the Bears’ offense under Jay Cutler.

Cutler was coming off a dreadful season in 2014 during which he ranked as our 35th overall QB. Gase certainly seemed to have a positive impact, as Cutler ended the year as our 17th overall QB. There are a number of similarities between the offense Gase ran in Chicago and some elements of Tannehill’s offense under offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. Both have a preference for the no-huddle and use the read-option in the run game to hold the backside defender. Gase is likely to keep those features, suggesting an overhaul isn’t required in Miami.

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  • Sifter

    Gase seems good for Ryan Tannehill, but is Ryan Tannehill good for the Dolphins? I suppose it’s worth giving him another year given they extended his contract only last May. They couldn’t grab a good QB this year anyway. All in on Tannehill!

  • JTDeth

    Tannehill is unbelievably tough, as good a runner as any QB in the NFL, has a strong arm, good short and mid-range accuracy and decent long throw ability (but no more than decent), works hard, is somewhat of a football scholar. He could probably improve on speed of reading defenses and reacting. But as was seen in the last Dolphins-Patriots game where even Tom Brady was ineffective when his offensive line was porous, Tannehill has spent the last three seasons buried with no offensive line. The best thing Gase can do is to fix the OL, let Tannehill use his brain and and audible, and have a less predictable, offense with a real running game that lets him actually have the time to be a QB. If Gase pulls that off Tannehill will be fine and with three excellent wide receivers and two good RB and probably a potential pro-bowl TE if he gets the chance to be a receiver instead of always being held back to block – Miami could actually have a potent offense. Miami needs two guards and a backup LT and a first-rate offensive line coach and they will be fine.