MIN-CAR grades: Vikings defense continues to shine in win over Panthers

Minnesota has now allowed only 40 total points in three games. Grades and takeaways from Sunday's victory.

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(Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

(Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

MIN-CAR grades: Vikings defense continues to shine in win over Panthers

Minnesota Vikings 22, Carolina Panthers 10

Here are the top-graded players and biggest takeaways from the Vikings’ Week 3 win over the Panthers:

Carolina Panthers

Quarterback grade: Cam Newton, 51.4

Vikings secondary shouts down Newton

Newton was under duress for most of the afternoon as the Vikings defense continues to wreak havoc for opposing offenses in the passing game. A combination of pressures given up by the offensive line and coverage down the field forcing Newton to hold the ball made it difficult for Newton all day. He made several poor decisions with guys around his feet, throwing three interceptions. On the day Newton was sacked eight times, with three of those being pinned on Newton. The Vikings showed various blitz looks all day, holding Newton to 6-for-11 for 61 yards and 3 sacks on plays they blitzed.

Top offensive grades:

RT Mike Remmers, 85.7
RG Trai Turner, 81.2
FB Mike Tolbert, 79.7
LG Andrew Norell, 76.1
WR Corey Brown, 73.3

Panthers unable to get Benjamin involved

The most glaring problem for the offense was the lack of involvement from its biggest playmaker, Kelvin Benjamin. Coverage was tight throughout the day and Benjamin was targeted just once and couldn’t haul it in. While there were a lot of sacks given up on the day, none of those were coming from Mike Remmers’ side. Remmers gave up two hurries but was relatively stout in protection and in the run game. The majority of the trouble on the offensive line came from Michael Oher, who gave up 2 sacks and 5 quarterback hurries getting beat consistently on Cam Newton’s blind side.

Top defensive grades:

LB Luke Kuechly, 90.0
CB James Bradberry, 80.8
DE Mario Addison, 80.2
DT Kawann Short, 79.5
DE Charles Johnson, 78.4

Kuechly shines yet again

LB Luke Kuechly is currently our highest-graded linebacker for the second season in a row, and turned in an excellent performance against the Vikings. Seven of his 12 tackles resulted in a defensive stop, and he led the team with an 88.6 run-defense grade. Kuechly was beaten in coverage for a couple of first downs by TE Kyle Rudolph, but earned a positive coverage grade after allowing six receptions for 56 yards on eight targets, with a pass defended. Rookie cornerback James Bradberry did an excellent job on emerging WR Stefon Diggs, limiting him to three catches for 34 yards on six attempts, and adding a pass defense of his own. All four of Carolina’s starting defensive linemen earned positive run defense grades, led by DT Kawann Short (83.3) and DE Charles Johnson (83.1).

Minnesota Vikings

Quarterback grade: Sam Bradford, 74.4

Bradford wins through conservative attack

Minnesota’s passing attack was conservative in this game, despite their inability to move the ball on the ground. Bradford attempted just seven passes that traveled more than 10 yards in the air, finishing 5-for-7 for 78 yards and a touchdown on those plays. TE Kyle Rudolph was Bradford’s top target in the game, catching seven passes for 70 yards and a touchdown on eight targets. Bradford was not afraid to target Kuechly, completing 4-of-5 passes for 45 yards to Rudolph with Kuechly in primary coverage. Carolina sent extra rushers at Bradford just six times, but were able to generate pressure on twelve snaps, sacking him twice. Bradford finished 4-of-10 for 31 yards under pressure.


Top offensive grades:

TE Kyle Rudolph, 83.3
FB Zach Line, 80.1
C Joe Berger, 75.3
QB Sam Bradford, 74.4
WR Adam Thielen, 74.4

Offense doesn’t get much going against Carolina D

The Vikings had a tough time opening running lanes against a stout Carolina defense, finishing with just 58 rushing yards on 24 carries. Tackles Andre Smith and T.J. Clemmings struggled in the run game, earning run-blocking grades of 38.6 and 35.1, respectively. The offensive line was solid in pass protection, allowing just one sack and zero hits on their 30 snaps in pass protection as a group. Minnesota’s offense finished 3-for-12 on third down and produced 211 yards of total offense, but did not turn the ball over and allowed their defense to produce a win on the road.

Top defensive grades:

CB Trae Waynes, 85.8
S Harrison Smith, 84
CB Terence Newman, 82.7
DE Everson Griffen, 81.9
LB Eric Kendricks, 79.4

Defense continues to look elite

The Viking defense’ showed again it is a top NFL unit with another stellar performance against an elite-level quarterback. Many of the eight sacks can be attributed to the secondary, which was sticky in coverage all day. Waynes and Newman allowed a combined 4 catches for 40 yards and held Kelvin Benjamin to zero catches. Griffen got after the passer, consistently beating Michael Oher on the edge totaling three sacks on the day. Harrison Smith was flying around making tackles all day and posted the top run-defense grade for the Vikings, totaling six solo tackles on the day.

PFF Game-Ball Winner: Vikings CB Trae Waynes, 85.8

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  • Thinkaboutit

    Hey remember how everyone said GB was better than Minnesota?
    Hey remember when everyone thought the panthers were better?
    Hey remember when everyone was waxing poetic about the Texans and Steelers?

    Pepperidge Farms remembers.

    • Rodrigo Campos Pedro

      Same happened to the Broncos last year.
      At least it keep happening

    • crosseyedlemon

      I realize that Viking fans aren’t the smartest in the league but even they should be aware that the SB won’t be played at Pepperidge Farms this year.

      • Thinkaboutit

        I mean, theres no team in Connecticut soooo….

  • Chazz Tha Viking

    Wow this guy is blowing Kuechly what a joke. He gives him a 90 grade overall with an 88 in run D then admits he got burned to the tune of 6 catches for 56 yards which is 33% of Sam Bradford’s yards and they give him a high enough coverage grade to even out at 90. What a joke this is nothing more then Robinson picking one of his favorite players and giving them a higher grade then they deserve.

    • JudoPrince

      I was particularly unimpressed with Kuechly on several critical 3rd down situations, where Bradford was able to make easy completions over the middle of the field. This is Luke’s territory where he normally steps up and shines in pass defense. Not a bad game for Kuechly but a 90 is certainly a stretch here.

      • Chazz Tha Viking

        That is what I was eluding to but didn’t want to write a book. I think I am done with PFF it picks favorites like all the others only everyone believes it to be end all.

        • Doc-man

          FYI Chazz, it’s “alluding to.” But all hail the Vikes, anyway!

          • Chazz Tha Viking

            Haha my bad have a nice day

    • Scott

      As a Vikings fan watching last game, Kuechly was incredible and the only reason it wasn’t a complete blowout. He shut down the entire middle of the field and then made sideline-to sideline tackles out of his zones. If you think he was overrated you didn’t watch the game that he just dominated

  • Mnstorm99

    What about Xavier Rhodes? Seems Newton wasn’t even trying to throw his way. He seemed to be the main shutdown on Benjamin.

    • JudoPrince

      If you watched the game, Benjamin shut himself down. He just mentally wasn’t in it.

  • Eirik C

    Is there a typo with Trae Waynes? Is that Supposed to be Rhodes? I see comments about Benjamin in there and Rhodes was shadowing him all game, had him shut down. Hes #29 tho, not #26.

    • Kevin Hall

      I think people think Rhodes was still injured and they were looking at Waynes lol. I saw another article with Rhodes being out for the game.

    • Chazz Tha Viking

      Screw PFF it is over rated

      • Eirik C

        It’s actually really good, but I mean they are only human right? You couldn’t find a better site at grading players right now, there’s a reason atleast half the league employs their services….

        • Chazz Tha Viking

          This isn’t abouthe grading college players, it is about giving guys higher grades in the NFL because who they are and not what they earned

  • WL- Minneapolis

    How is it that Michael Oher, who gave up 2 sacks (I counted 4- 3 to Griffen and 1 sack/safety to Hunter) and 5 hurries, got a better rating than TJ Clemmings, who only gave up 3 hurries?

  • WL- Minneapolis

    And how is it that Luke Kuechly scored a 90.0, despite giving up 4 completions in 5 targets to Kyle Rudolph when he has the primary guy in coverage?