Who will represent the AFC in Super Bowl 50?

Which AFC team is headed to Levi Stadium in February? Neil Hornsby, Nathan Jahnke, and Jeff Dooley make their picks.

| 1 year ago
(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Who will represent the AFC in Super Bowl 50?

Neil Hornsby, Jeff Dooley, and Nathan Jahnke take a look down the road to predict which AFC team will punch a ticket to Levi Stadium for Super Bowl 50.

Be sure to check out the PFF staff picks from the NFC, as well.

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  • crosseyedlemon

    I guess the staffers decided not to wear their Steeler uniforms for this segment.

  • aaronaperson

    Apparently they forgot the part where McCourty, Chung, Edelman, Vollmer et al will be suiting up for the second round? And seriously the Chiefs?


    KC over HOU- The “gimme” game of the playoffs. The only team the Chiefs can beat in the field without a def. TD. KC 24, HOU 10.

    PIT over CIN- The Bengals really, really wish they had that bye week. I see a whole lot of Antonio Brown getting over the top of the secondary. PIT 35, CIN 17.

    DEN over KC- I actually could see the Chiefs putting up a couple 12-16 play drives on this Denver D- but field goals at the end of ’em won’t be enough. DEN 24, KC 13.

    NE over PIT- Contrary to the all the hype coming out of PA, this is exactly the team Brady & Co. want to face in the playoffs. Pats get the offense back in rhythm against a swiss cheese secondary. NE 41, PIT 28.

    NE over DEN- Epic game, but Peyton walks off into the sunset doing what he does best- losing to Tom Brady. NE 24, DEN 21.


    SEA over MINN- The Vikings did themselves no favors taking the NFC crown from the Packers, as they go one-and-done in brutal fashion. SEA 34, MINN 10

    WASH over GB- Feels weird typing that. However, if the Kirk Cousins of the last half season shows up, we have our upset of the playoffs over the dysfunctional Pack. WASH 27, GB 21 (with a hail-mary falling incomplete as time expires, of course!)

    SEA over CAR- Going off records or seeding, this would qualify as an upset, right? Not if you’ve been paying attention lately. Panther’s WR deficiency is huge here, and the ‘Hawks front 7 is fast enough to keep Cam mostly in the pocket. SEA 34, CAR 27

    ARI over WASH- Cousins has come a long way from preseason expectations. Palmer has come a long way, period. ARI puts up big points in a rout. ARI 42, WASH 10.

    SEA over ARI- Yes, yes, yes. Let’s have a Super Bowl do-over! It’s a closer than WK 17 (I think the Cards had nothing to play for, and played like it…) but close only counts in… SEA 24, ARI 17.

    Super Bowl 50- NE vs. SEA, big-time rematch of one of the best super bowls in recent memory (or ever!) and I’m not about to call it. I will be looking forward to an epic battle. Whoever makes the last play wins the game. Let’s go!