Top 5 NFL secondaries in pass coverage

Cris Collinsworth, Steve Palazzolo, and Neil Hornsby list the best coverage secondaries in the NFL through Week 14.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

(AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Top 5 NFL secondaries in pass coverage

Cris Collinsworth is joined by Steve Palazzolo and Neil Hornsby as they take a look at the top five NFL secondaries in the league this season, solely in terms of pass coverage.

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  • JT

    Meh Pats secondary isn’t even top 5 IMO they really let too many guys get behind them only for them to drop the ball or have a QB under throw the receiver. They’ll get exposed pretty hard in the playoffs.

    • geo2209

      Agreed, especially without McCourty (not sure when he’ll be back). Also, was it me or did Ryan Griffin get open about 5 times last game against NE? lol

  • Forrest

    I wish you guys would post this stuff as written articles and not videos. None of you have any onscreen charisma. Especially Collinsworth… that guy is awful.

    • Blackfive


    • Pete

      Collinworth is trying to make a name for himself as cynical sports critic but looks more like an a-hole doing it…..he’s no John Madden

    • Vitor

      Nothing against any of the guys, but I really don’t like the video format. At least they could do both things and let the readers/viewers choose

    • Backinmd

      Me three – even if John madden was in front of the camera …A list would be better with NO video … Seen-one-video-seen-them all …

  • Oj Simpson


    • Pete

      Not even close…Oj

  • Phil

    For anyone that doesn’t want to waste their time with this video here is the list

    1. New England Patriots 2. Arizona Cardinals 3. Denver Broncos 4. Carolina Panthers 5. Cincinnati Bengals