Top 5 NFL receiving corps this season

Cris Collinsworth, Neil Hornsby, and Steve Palazzolo break down the list of the best receiving corps this season.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Don Wright)

(AP Photo/Don Wright)

Top 5 NFL receiving corps this season

PFF’s Neil Hornsby and Steve Palazzolo join Cris Collinsworth to break down our list of the top five receiving corps in football. For this ranking, we’ve included tight ends in the receiving corps.

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  • Joe

    I wasted 3 minutes of my life watching this, Steelers and Cards are the only debate for 1 and 2, Bengals easily have #3. Panthers don’t deserve to be on here, not top 5, not top 10. I think I’d rather have the Browns receiving core than the Panthers, Panthers WRs ONLY benefit the Panther’s running game and PA. They are not good. Plain and simple.

    • Joe

      Hell, I’d rather have the Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Broncos, Browns, Lions, Packers, or Raiders cores based on talent

      • gary

        Still think so after watching the last Eagles game?

  • JT

    Really….as a Panthers fan there is no way the Receivers are even close to top 5 in the league.

  • Donti T Cook

    It says “corps”. Which in turn mean “unit”. So the segment is about WR units that work well for their team. And it includes tight ends. There’s only one team with an elite tight end on the list. Enough said. The panthers have a top 5 unit because of the way Cam distributes the ball. Any one of them can emerge as a break through target at any time. Some of you don’t watch Panthers games and don’t see how receivers like Cotchery and Brown catch balls in very clutch situations. They’re a top 5 unit because of the efficiency of their work. For example: in second down and long situations, the ball could go anywhere. That alone will keep a defense honest. If you’re looking at numbers instead of Xs&Os then you won’t understand this video. Period. #ThatIsAll

    • Izach

      I think the point is cam makes them, not the other way, while I agree as a unit they are doing well and making up for a lot, they aren’t a top 5 unit alone, Cam makes them what they are.