Carson Palmer headlines PFF’s midseason All-Pro offense

Cris Collinsworth, Neil Hornsby, and Steve Palazollo break down our midseason All-Pro offense.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Matt York)

(AP Photo/Matt York)

Carson Palmer headlines PFF’s midseason All-Pro offense

Pro Football Focus founder Neil Hornsby and senior analyst Steve Palazzolo join Cris Collinsworth to unveil PFF’s first and second team midseason All-Pro players, which includes a tough decision at quarterback.

  • crosseyedlemon

    Being a QB is fun when you have someone like Larry Fitzgerald to play catch with.

    • Sam Doohan

      It’s pretty fun when you have a guy like Gronk to play catch with too. Or Antonio Brown. Really all the best QBs this year have benefited from at least one pass catcher who seems to be impossible to cover. Dalton has AJ Green, Carr has Amari Cooper.

      It really does make a difference, even in PFFs system. When none of your receivers can get open then even the best QB has nowhere to go. When you have one of these amazing receivers then you don’t have to be perfect to make a completion, just trust them to adjust or break open and that makes an extremely low percentage play into a fairly safe one.

      And that doesn’t even start on how much these high caliber receivers effect the defense. They have to be respected but how do you do that without messing up the rest of your D? You could double team them but that means your a man down on the rest of your coverage. You could bring in nickle and dime coverage to make up for that but now you’re missing a run stopper or pass rusher. You could try bringing a lot of blitzes to get to the QB before he can throw, but that has problems too. If you don’t get there then suddenly you have Gronk or Fitz or Brown deep in your secondary in man coverage. If the QB is smart he can always just dump the ball off and your cornerback is trying to tackle a TE. And of course a good QB should be reading the blitz and checking into a play that beats it; a run or a quick pass.

      WRs aren’t the be all and end all of course not but all the top QBs benefit hugely from the guys they are passing to. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s subtle. Sometimes it’s other receivers who benefit as the stars get double teamed, putting 2nd WRs into more favorable situations, but creating that favorable match up makes for a better graded QBs.

  • Joshua Sebold

    Is there a way to watch this on a phone without half the video being cut off? I can usually figure it out but the full screen button appears to be on the right, the part that’s cut off for me. Can’t scroll over.

  • snoth cambin

    So essentially palmer is number 1 because brady was average against the Redskins and palmer got a bye so his grade didn’t move up or down

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    • Sam Doohan

      Not really – Palmer beats out Brady because he’s throwing deep more often and more effectively. Brady is playing just sublimely but he’s mostly doing that on shorter throws so in a vacuum Palmer’s the guy you’d want running your offense.

      No matter how good Brady is playing this season (and at this point he’s pretty much the consensus MVP) he’s doing it in an offense that’s a bit more limited. I totally believe Brady would still be a top 5 guy in Arizona’s offense but from what we’ve seen him doing this year it’s all short passing. A lot of that is on their line because they can’t protect him longer than 2 seconds but that’s whats on the tape and that’s all that gets graded.

      Again; Brady is an absolute monster this year. He’s playing at another level. But compare him to Rodgers last year or Palmer this year and you see the difference. No matter how good Brady is, and again it can’t be understated just how impressive he is, but he isn’t going down the field and making those long, low percentage throws that we see else where.

      To put it simply; Brady is playing amazingly but he’s playing a very specific style while Palmer is more well rounded.

      • snoth cambin

        Except that when bradyou does throw down field he’s effective this year

        • Sam Doohan

          But he isn’t doing it as much. That was literally my whole point, and their whole point. He’s still effective doing it but he’s mostly taking shorter throws and, in a vacuum, when you have two guy who are playing extremely effectively and one is doing so while making harder throws he’s the one you’d point to as being the best. Not by much, not by a huge margin at all, but by enough.

          Again, look to last year when ARod simply could not be stopped. He was absolutely on fire all year long. What did we see? Incredible deep throws.

          • snoth cambin

            You don’t need to throw down field when your beating everyone short. The patriots aren’t running the ball at all they are not even trying to run the ball in some games Brady is doing much for this offense this year then palmer is and it’s going to take a lot more than just a volume of deep passes for me to say palmer is the MVP

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