5 highest-graded NFL defenses

The Denver Broncos own PFF's highest-graded defense so far in 2015. Neil Hornsby and Nathan Jahnke break down the top five.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

(AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

5 highest-graded NFL defenses

Which defense owns the top PFF grade this season? PFF founder Neil Hornsby and Senior Analyst Nathan Jahnke answer that question, and dive into some of the more compelling defensive performances we’ve seen this season.

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  • geo2209

    While the Rams may be graded high, they aren’t a viable play for fantasy purposes because their offense is getting the box stacked against them. This means the defense is getting worn out. Also, PFF’s high grades for St.L were accumulated when Robert Quinn was healthy. So this #2 ranking is highly misleading.

    • Scott Kohler

      Can you tell us the rankings? The video isn’t working.

      • Ben S.

        #1 Denver Broncos
        #2 St. Louis Rams
        #3 Kansas City Chiefs
        #4 Carolina Panthers
        #5 Houston Texans

  • larry mckinney

    Would love to see this video. Can’t. Support from Ohio Film Office falling apart?

  • Luke

    Wish I could see the video but Ohio film office is falling apart I assume

  • Thomas Bell

    Why not write it up as an article — I don’t come to this site for video.

  • Mark

    This is ridiculous. The Panthers lead the league in turnovers, #2 rush defense, quickly becoming #1 with Luke Kuechly being healthy after missing several games this season, (best linebacker, in fact, best PLAYER in the NFL (back to back interceptions against the Cowboys last game by the way), and Star Lotulelei knocking off the rust, Charles Johnson just got healthy so the Panthers passrush just got a HUGE boost, Panthers rotate their defensive ends and defenive tackles so they have a fresh passrush all game, Kawann Short is one of the best defensive tackles in the game, Josh Norman is the best cornerback in the league, Kurt Coleman is playing like a top 5 safety, Charles Tillman has been injured once he comes back. The Panthers defense is a monstrosity. Broncos D is good but not comparable, Panthers are 11-0 with or without our Quarterback having a good game, in every bad game hes had this season the defense took over the game. The numbers might not show it but this is the best secondary and best front seven in the game, bar none. If you don’t believe me, just watch.

    • Brian Bigger

      Blah, blah, blah… They just gave up 38. The best defenses don’t give up 38

      • Shawn Boyett

        Denver Broncos gave up 29 against the Chiefs. They aren’t the best defense.

        St. Louis Rams gave up 31 against the Bengals. They aren’t the best defense.

        Houston Texans gave up 41 points against the Dolphins. They aren’t the best defense.

        See I can cherry pick too. You have to look at the overall body of work rather than one single game against one of the best QB’s in the NFL in their own home stadium.

        • Brian Bigger

          And the overall body of work points directly at Denver.

          • Shawn Boyett

            Of course it does with their cupcake schedule. Cleveland? Indianapolis twice? Oakland? Chicago? Chargers? Baltimore? Nearly every one of the teams on your schedule are below .500. We’ll see how you guys fare after you get Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. That’ll bring those numbers more to where they ought to be.

          • Bryan Baluga

            Indianapolis twice? Did Denver change divisions or something?

            In reality, Cincinnati has the best defense in the league when you account for opponents. Denver and KC are 2 & 3 followed by Houston, Seattle, and GB.

            Then you get to Carolina at #7.

          • Shawn Boyett

            The same Green Bay who ranks 20th in both run and pass defense respectively as well as #19th defense overall in yardage? Are you kidding me? Lol

          • Brayn Baluga

            Grading defenses and offenses on yardage is stupid. Scoring is a much better indicator of quality, especially when that scoring is adjusted for opponents.

            So yes, Green Bays defense (which is giving up fewer points per game than Carolina while facing a tougher schedule) is better.

          • Shawn Boyett

            Lol. So ignore the stats as long as they fit your argument. Ok buddy. Ok.