Top 10 Rookie of the Year candidates entering Week 11

Bills CB Ronald Darby remains atop the rankings for another week after a big performance on TNF.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Bill Wippert)

(AP Photo/Bill Wippert)

Top 10 Rookie of the Year candidates entering Week 11

Last week, we saw Todd Gurley close the gap on weekly clubhouse leader Ronald Darby in our race for Rookie of the Year. But as the Rams struggled against the Bears, could Gurley do enough to keep applying pressure on Darby? Or would the Bills standout cornerback widen the gap?

Let’s find out in the PFF race for Rookie of the Year.

1. Ronald Darby, CB, Bills (90.5)

It was another excellent effort from Darby on Thursday Night Football against the Jets. Thrown at five times, he broke up two passes and allowed just the one catch—for a loss of 2 yards.

2. Leonard Williams, DE, Jets (84.6)

Williams was better against the Bills than he has been in recent weeks, with a strong showing against Buffalo’s rushing attack, pushing him up to the second spot.

3. Todd Gurley, RB, Rams (81.9)

Somewhat of a lackluster display against the Bears drops Gurley down to third. The freakish galloping back couldn’t get anything going and didn’t break a single tackle.

4. Damarious Randall, CB, Packers (81.2)

We saw an up-and-down day for Randall as the Packers lost, again, their third straight defeat. The first-round pick allowed 80 percent of balls thrown his way to be complete, but nothing longer than 15 yards. He did end up snaring a pass defense to take him to eight on the year.

5. Amari Cooper, WR, Raiders (79.6)

Cooper has added another dimension to the Raiders’ passing attack, and the feeling is he’s only going to get better when he irons out some of the inconsistencies.

6. Stefon Diggs, WR, Vikings (84.8)

Questions are being raised about whether Diggs peaked too soon following a relatively quiet afternoon against Oakland with just two catches.

7. Jamison Crowder, WR, Redskins (80.9)

Crowder is becoming a weapon with the ball in his hands, but also showed up more surprisingly with some nice blocks against the Saints. Not exactly what you expected out of him.

8. Adrian Amos, S, Bears (79.7)

Amos didn’t make much of an impact against the Rams, and the result is less him falling behind others, and more them just leaping ahead of him.

9. T.J. Yeldon, RB, Jaguars (80.6)

His numbers didn’t look all that pretty against Baltimore, but Yeldon really squeezed more out of his line than it indicates. The strong running keeps him in the top 10.

10. Karlos Williams, RB, Bills (79.8)

Williams is barely staying in the pack, and he can blame teammate LeSean McCoy for that. Though he is struggling for playing time (just 13 snaps this week) Williams is making his opportunities count when he’s on the turf.


Dropping out

Mitch Morse, C, Chiefs: He didn’t play poorly by any stretch of the imagination against the Broncos, but in a good week for rookies, he wasn’t quite good enough.

Five to watch

Rob Havenstein, RT, Rams: If he keeps blocking in the run game like he has been, he’ll crack the list.

Marcus Mariota, QB, Titans: Two games in a row with a +1.0 grade or higher. If Mariota can make it a third, he won’t just be one we’re watching.

Jameis Winston, QB, Buccaneers: There’s a lot to like about Winston. There’s also a lot to be frustrated with.

Mario Edwards, DE, Raiders: Has been on fire the last two weeks with some excellent efforts. Can he keep it up?

Markus Golden, OLB, Cardinals: His playing time was cut this week, but if Golden can find the field more, he’s been the most productive rookie edge rusher.

  • crashby89

    Good races on both offense and defense this year. IMO it’s refreshing to not have a runaway winner.

  • Tim Edell

    Stefon Diggs.. “Questions are being raised whether he peaked too soon”

  • Bob Barker

    Two Bills in the Top 10. Not bad for a draft that the experts called the worst in the league.

  • Kelby Barnes

    Where is Marcus Peters? His stats are just as good, if not better than Darby. How does he not even make the list if Darby is at the top? Both have 15 tackles, both have 2 interceptions Marcus with 55 return yards and a TD, Darby has 48 return yards, no TD

    • highlander1229

      Shut up, Meg.

    • Bills

      You forgot to mention peters seven TDs he’s given up compared to Darby’s zero. Or Darby’s league leading pass breakups. Or the amount of yards darby has given up compared to Peters. Or opposing qb ratings vs the two. Or just how they actually play, where stats can’t tell anything. Like in the amount of times Darby locks down his receiver where it’s impossible for the Qb to throw to the receiver. He can’t increase his stats in those, plentiful, situations.

      • Brandon

        He’s gave up that many because KC made him number one on the depth chart since Sean Smith was suspended the first three games. A lot of those TD’s he has great position on the ball just got out played by the games top receivers like Deansre Hopkins,AJ green,Calvin Johnson. Of course its gonna be hard for Peters(who sat out the last year of career because of attitude problems) to come straight out and cover the games top wide outs.

        • Steve

          Darby gave up zero td’s to AJ Green. IDK how you can even attempt to compare the two. Darby has shut down OBJ, Green, Brandon marshal(Gave up -2 yards… havnt seen peters do that yet) TY Hilton. Peters didn’t even have to play against Alshon Jeffrey and got burned by Marquees Wilson multiple times… also for a TD…

        • Eric Micheal Stein

          Darby is having a 100 times more impressive year in every facet of the game except for interceptions lol.

          • Brandon

            Idk the exact stats of Ronald Darby perhaps u can convince a local writer to watch every game over and break it down. Peters has had a successful coverage on 75 percent of his plays. That’s impressive considering Richard Shermans best season was 81 percent. Peters all around has tougher match UPS. And it doesn’t get easier considering we’ve got Oakland (Amari Cooper should be offensive MVP) well see if.Darby Covers the number one receivers when he comes to KC I want to see him covering Maclin all game like Peters will be doing to Sammy Watkins. Peters also had a Interception on his first play first snap first second in the game. I’m predicting he leads the NFL in interceptions after next week.

          • Conservativeanarchist

            Yes we know the answer: Sammy will have his way and Maclin will all but disappear against Darby.

          • Brandon

            I ain’t about all that jaw jacking well see in week 12. Seeing how KC has owned Buffalo the last two years( in close games) we will be taking that win for a third year in a row.

          • Nunya

            You realize Darby had an interception on the first throw towards him right?

          • Brandon

            I did not that’s impressive he’s a great player just not as good as Peters. Take into consideration Peters sat a whole year because he was kicked off his team for attitude problems and is still athletic that he came straight in and was number one on the depth chart.

        • Jeff Goldman

          The Bills leave their cornerbacks on sides and they take whoever lines up against them. Many teams have been attempting to take advantage of Darby and some maintain he has been better than Stephon Gilmore who is having a huge breakout season himself.

    • Cam Gray

      15 Tackles? Where are you getting these numbers, week 4? Darby has 47 and Peters has 40. Darby also has 5 more passes defended which is a much more important stat for a CB. Nobody cares about return yards or TDs

    • Brandon

      Ya your stats are horribly wrong he has 4 interceptions as well. Peters deserves to be up there not Darby. Peters is Kc’s number one Corner. He’s had to cover Hopkins, Thomas(Broncos),Cobb,AJ Green,Antonio Brown,Calvin Johnson all the games best ride receiver and he had his best game yet at Denver.

    • Eric Micheal Stein

      Peters has been burned for like 8 tds to Darby’s 0 and has 5 less passes defended? Also he is only good for 2 more ints than Darby.

      • Brandon

        A lot of the TD’s are gained in garbage time against the Texans and the Lions when he could of been taken out. Hr plays better when he is in press and if the chiefs have a great lead they force him into zone which he struggles in. I’m making the case for this kid because I’ve watched every game. This kid is like a future Sherman where Roby might be like Revis so its pretty much us arguing about two great corners. Pass deflections can be also misleading because the QB makes a poor throw. Peters is so good that his last two interceptions are where he’s in man to man coverage and he has to leave his man after the ball is thrown and get the pick. That shows great awareness. When a CB has that you can tell its a special thing.

        • Conservativeanarchist

          You’re wack, dude. Darby is not just all-rookie, he is All-Pro. There is a new island and its called Darby island.

    • Doug

      Darby leads the league in pass breakups and is top three in QBR against. He’s rates #3 CB overall in the entire NFL on the season. Peters may have comparable stats in some areas, but not the most important

    • Jeff Goldman

      You forget that Peters has given up 7 TD passes – those are kind of a big deal.

    • mark

      Peters has allowed 8 tds also ints only dont make you good

  • X-raiderd 1

    This list is a joke! how can u have a list and not put Marcus peters on it? I am no way a chef fan by the way quite opposite Raiders! The kid Marcus peters can play and has been definitely one of the top rookies this year. Amari Cooper needs to be in the top 3 leads all rookie wrs in stats that matter and has better numbers than all first round rookie wrs combined! List is a joke! JUST WIN BABY!

    • Brandon

      Lol this might be a first history where a chiefs fan agrees with a Raiders fan. I can’t wait for that Peters Vs Cooper match up it will be a tough match up for years to come. The way I look at it let the Buffalo fans have the win this week but after MNF against the patriot’s and then traveling to the loudest stadium in the NFL Darby’s stock will drop.

      • Nunya

        You obviously haven’t watched Darby play much. He’s easily the best DB out of this past draft. In fact he’s a top DB across the entire league, rookie or not.

  • Matt

    Chiefs fan here. Peters is good and belongs on the list, but I think Darby is having the better year. Not that Peters doesn’t have a shot at being one of the better corners in the league soon

  • Jay B

    Since coming in for the injured Lych, Thomas Rawls has been an unstoppable force in this league. He’s led the league in yards per game and a mind-blowing 5.9 yards per carry. This just shows the illiteracy coming from this article. I realize he went undrafted and doesn’t have that name recognition that New Yorkers crave, but Rawls deserves a mention.

  • Jay B

    Yes, Darby is good, but Peters has single handily changed games on his own. He’d get my vote for DPOY.