The highs and the lows: reflecting on Jay Cutler’s career

The 11-year pro has taken to a new profession, in the broadcast booth.

| 3 weeks ago
(Anthony Souffle/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images)

(Anthony Souffle/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images)

The highs and the lows: reflecting on Jay Cutler’s career

  • After being released by the Bears and subsequently not being signed by another team, QB Jay Cutler has chosen to go into a career in broadcasting. While he is still technically a free agent, the career move essentially indicates his retirement from the NFL.
  • Not including seasons where he played less than 400 snaps (2006 and 2016), Cutler’s average grade per season was 78.1. Twice he finished in the top-ten for quarterback grades on the season, once each with the Broncos (2008) and Bears (2013).
  • There are ten quarterbacks who have taken more snaps than Cutler since 2006. Of the ten, Cutler has the most negatively graded seasons overall, with five.
  • Despite average play, Cutler did have a general positive effect on his receivers. A ‘Jay Cutler receiver’ graded among the top 15 wide receivers seven times throughout his career. In the same span, Tom Brady had six such occasions.
  • In his highest graded season (2013), Jay achieved a PFF passer rating (accounting for dropped passes, throw aways, spikes, yards in the air) of 91.47, good for sixth best in the league.
  • Having always been known for his arm strength, Jay Cutler likely finishes his 11-year career with a deep passing percentage of 38.5 percent.


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