SF-CHI Grades: Despite loss, Bears’ RB duo stands out

The top takeaways and highest-graded players from San Francisco's 26-20 win over Chicago.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

SF-CHI Grades: Despite loss, Bears’ RB duo stands out

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the 49ers’ 26-20 win over the Bears.

San Francisco

– There are few bigger liabilities on the offensive line than 49ers C Marcus Martin (-4.4). He was dreadful against the Bears, allowing three sacks, a hit, and a hurry on 43 dropbacks. Martin’s -3.8 pass protection grade was second-worst on the team, while his -0.8 run blocking grade tied for worst. Overall, he’s our lowest-graded center this season (39th), with a -38.8 grade. Martin’s yet to record a positive grade in 2015, his best performance of the season coming in Week 11 when he recorded a -0.8. In his year and a half since becoming the starter (20 games), he has a -55.7 grade. It didn’t end up costing them in this game, but Martin’s performances are a serious issue.

– QB Blaine Gabbert (0.0) used his legs rather than his arm to steer San Francisco to the win over the Bears. He now has a +5.1 grade when he takes off on the season. Overall, he carried six times for 75 yards, and the 49ers only touchdown in regulation. Gabbert was surprisingly elusive in the open field on his touchdown run, putting a good move on the free safety and showing impressive speed. While the passing game was more of a struggle for him, Gabbert made the play that won the game in overtime. He failed to complete a single pass further than 10 yards downfield, aside from the corner route to Torrey Smith that iced the contest. Gabbert completed just four passes under pressure from eight attempts with four sacks (-1.3), but stayed in the game long enough to come away with the victory. Small steps in the right direction for San Francisco’s new signal caller.

– Second-year corner Kenneth Acker (+2.9) had his best game as a pro against Jay Cutler. Although not spectacular, he’s been solid this season, showing improvement throughout the year. In run defense he made six tackles, including a defensive stop for a team-high +0.8 grade. In coverage he allowed just two completions on six targets for 30 yards and gave nothing up after the catch. After Sunday’s game, Acker now has a positive grade on the season (+1.3). Although he’s given up some plays (four touchdowns allowed), he’s also made some (three interceptions).

Top Performers:

CB Kenneth Acker (+2.9)

RILB Gerald Hodges (+2.4)

SCB Jimmie Ward (+2.4)

LG Alex Boone (+2.4)

RT Erik Pears (+1.0)


Chicago Bears

– Chicago’s guards are playing amongst the best football in the country at the moment. LG Matt Slauson’s excellent season continued against San Francisco. He recorded a season-high +4.3 grade. Overall, he allowed just a solitary pressure on 34 pass snaps, and finished with an impressive +4.1 run blocking grade. Slauson’s performance was overshadowed, however, by teammate Patrick Omameh (+4.8). Omameh also allowed just the solitary pressure and performed as well in the run game (+4.2) as his partner on the other side of the line. He even found a way to contribute in the screen game (+1.0) with a couple of nice blocks. Only a pair of penalties prevented his final grade from being even higher.

– The Bears have a pair of backs they can rely on now in Matt Forte (+2.5) and Jeremy Langford (+0.3). Langford actually finished with the better rushing grade (+1.3) than Forte (+1.1). Langford carried 12 times for 59 yards (35 after contact) and broke a pair of tackles. Forte, meanwhile, carried 21 times for 84 yards (60 after contact), broke six tackles, and scored a touchdown. It was in the other facets of play where Forte set himself apart, however. He caught all five targets for 39 yards while Langford caught just two of three passes for 9 yards and struggled in pass protection, giving up a pair of hurries in just five block attempts.

– One of the most impressive aspects of this Chicago defense is the depth they have in the pass rushing department. Marcus Martin’s struggles were predominantly the responsibility of Eddie Goldman, who recorded two sacks, a hit, and a pair of hurries in just 25 rushes (+3.3 grade). Goldman takes the majority of snaps, however. Others, like OLBs Lamarr Houston (+2.1) and Willie Young (+1.7), must wait for their opportunities off the bench. Houston recorded five hurries in his 25 rushes for a +1.6 pass rushing grade. Young, meanwhile, had two sacks and two hurries from his 24 attempts for a +2.2 grade. When defenses have the luxury of keeping capable pass rushers fresh off the bench, it sets them up well for the future.

Top Performers:

RG Patrick Omameh (+4.8)

LG Matt Slauson (+4.3)

NT Eddie Goldman (+4.0)

SCB Bryce Callahan (+3.3)

CB Kyle Fuller (+2.8)

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  • Jake

    Inexcusable for the coaching staff to keep playing Martin and Pears while leaving massive rookie RT (Brown) on the bench and not playing a rehabilitated Daniel Kilgore at C. If the season is over, why not gets these guys more reps?

    • Jambo

      Kilgore is likely still shaking off the rust. You can’t just be injured for a year and a half and expect a player to play at high level at the pro level. That just doesn’t happen. And Brown is still a rookie, Pears is probably the better player right now. He did just get a +1

      • Jake

        A “+1″ after so many terrible games is not good enough. He is atrocious out there. There’s no sugar coating it. Good coaches make changes when players aren’t cutting it. Pears isn’t good enough to keep Brown on the bench simply because “he’s a rookie.” Get him some game-time reps to make a comparison, just like they did at RG.
        I understand Kilgore getting worked back in but ZERO snaps at Center? What are they waiting for?? Martin is the 39th ranked Center. That means he’s worse than all 31 other starting Centers AND seven other backups! What else do you have to do to lose your job?
        This coaching staff hasn’t a clue of what they’re doing. Tomsula obvi’ feels very secure in his job but is overwhelmed and buoyed by lucky wins like this.

        • octavia

          agreed. how long did it take the CS to replace Devey with Pears, when fans had already been calling for the change for weeks.

          • Ken

            Devey was replaced by Tiller after several weeks of splitting the work between the two. Pears got a few snaps in at RG when Brown got some snaps at RT.

        • kc

          Easy to talk when you don’t see what Brown does in practice…..Crazy thought….MAYBE he just isn’t ready yet he was undrafted maybe he wont be ready till next year…..IT CAN GET WORSE….a different guy doesn’t HAVE to do a better job….And THEY had no choice but to activate Kilgore or put him on IR so just because he is active doesn’t mean he is READY

          • Jake

            Pears, is that you?

          • Jake

            Pears is the 56th worst tackle in the league (as of 12/01) per PFF. If Brown is really that bad on the bench, then we’ve got a GM problem, not a coaching problem. If Brown is so bad that he can’t replace a struggling Pears, then who goes to RT if Pears gets injured? Brown? Devey? It’s either Baalke making bad talent calls in the off-season or the CS not figuring it out.

  • Carl

    “Overall, he carried six times for 75 yards, and the 49ers only touchdown in regulation”. Um, Draughn had a td…

    • the Block

      And what is Jimmie Ward, chopped liver?

  • Tim Edell

    As a Bears fan that was a terrible loss and pretty much ends any playoff chances we had. I am real excited however about the progress Goldman is making and how well Fuller has played since rough start.

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  • Chris

    No grade for Navarro Bowman? 13 Solos on the day!

  • Low Bounty Contact

    The 49es are improving because the team has moved on from toxic personalities Harbaugh, QB7better known as the 7torm, and Marathe. The only anchors left are Baalke and York Inc.

    • Jonathan Seidman

      lol…clearly you have some brain damage…maybe too many concussions?